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  1. berkeleybee

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    • We have members at each stage of the process: labor certification backlog, retrogression backlog, USCIS backlog. Some of our most active members have not got their labor certification.
    • Members who are further along have not forgotten the length of delay and pain of the previous step. We are ALL really in the same boat.

    • The most devastating problem for EB green card applicants is the cumulative effect of delays at each stage. Each delay in isolation may even be bearable (only in theory) but when you pile one on top of the other it is unconscionable. We emphasize this in our new presentation (out shortly).
    • When we meet with lawmakers or talk with other organizations in the coalition we give personal examples and it is this fact of delay piling on top of delay that most of them are shocked by.

    • DOL-BECs were created as a result of considerable protest and intervention by Congress.
    • USCIS Backlog Processing is also subject to Presidential mandate – for 6 months processing by September 2006. Congressional hearing transcripts show that members of Congress are well aware of these issues, even the problems with repeat fingerprinting etc.
    • So both DOL-BEC and USCIS Backlog Processing are at the stage of implementing bureaucratic changes, implementing Congressional and Presidential mandates.
    • We *are* pressing for transparency and better implementation at both these stages, as well as for 3 year extensions of H-1Bs, EADs and Advance Paroles for those who are stuck in the Green Card process instead of the current one year.

    • In contrast to DOL-BEC and USCIS Backlog Processing, Congress has never addressed the issue of Retrogression.
    • So the Retrogression problem is a systemic, policy problem.
    • It will affect all of us eventually, no matter what stage we are at. And it is only going to get worse, and the delay at this stage is the longest of all. Even if cutoff dates move forward, there is nothing to stop them from moving back again once USCIS starts processing visas faster (see posts on how visa cutoff dates are determined).
    • It took a tremendous amount of effort to get Congressional and Presidential mandates to do something about DOL and USCIS backlogs and it will take a tremendous amount of effort to get Congressional action on Retrogression.

    In summary, we urge you to get involved with Immigration Voice no matter at what stage of the green card process you are. We are all in the same boat. Immigration Voice is getting your issues heard wherever it goes. We are totally committed to getting the job done - this is not a half-hearted group of people. Look at what we have done in just 40 days.

    With Comprehensive Immigration on the anvil and with PACE bringing the issue of American Competitiveness and the need for skilled and qualified immigrants, there can be no better time to highlight our problems. Legislative changes are necessary for us and the only way that can happen is if you get involved.

    • Signing with Quinn Gillespie & Associates who will work with us to (a) get corporate sponsorship
    (b) get access to key policymakers
    (c) craft an effective legislative strategy
    (d) design a media strategy

    • Meeting Lawmakers
    • Coordinating with other groups like Compete America
    • Getting the word out in the community
    • Setting up of the organizational and resource infrastructure including the website and forums for discussion
    • A tremendous amount of behind the scenes efforts to improve the quality of our materials and message.

    Visit our website at and get involved.
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  2. berkeleybee

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    IV is Not Just a Forum It is an Activist Organization


    For those who are new to all this, I want to reiterate, Immigration Voice is NOT just another forum to get information! Don't think of it as a portal like this site. It is an activist, voluntary organization, working to bring change.

    Join Immigration Voice, get involved!

  3. BoxOfChocs

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    Second and third & nth that!

    It is truly something whose time had come! As the AARP commercial goes, you cannot do everything alone!
    The only way we will be heard is - if we are organized, and raise our hands to be counted!
    AND, PLEASE VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS - money runs everything as we know only too well!
  4. kaveh2006

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    Is IV an Indian organization?

    Is IV an Indian thread? The reason I'm asking is that whatever you guys are doing, you 're doing a great job getting visa numbers for the people of Indian National. Indian visa number has moved up by three years in the past couple of month versus the world wide EB3 in which hasn't moved forward a bit. How do we the world wide applicants can be assured that our right is protected by IV if we join the IV organization?
    Thanks :D :confused: :eek: :D :cool:
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  5. gc_bronco

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    As successful as we have been in getting lobbyists, members and money, we cannot claim that the EB3 movement was because of IV. It is more because of misjudgement of USCIS in moving back the dates by so much in October.

    If you look at our goals, it is clearly about faster processing of EB Green Cards at all levels and for all nationals.
  6. BoxOfChocs

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    There is nothing Indian about IV's goals!

    Somebody else has answered this and you could have actually answered it even yourself.
    Retrogression does not discriminate amongst national origin at certain levels (EB 3), and does so at certain levels (EB 1 & 2). Unless we all come together and force changes, we will all be stuck at the same place! And, guess who will be happy in this situation! While we think about our differences and not our common interests & goals - they will always succeed in keeping us down!
    Hope you think this through, and decide to join IV for all of our common futures!
  7. berkeleybee

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    IV Not Indian: Its For Everyone

    Since I wrote the first post, I feel obliged to respond.

    IV IS (as the header in the post says) FOR EVERYONE STUCK IN THE EB GREENCARD PROCESS!

    We are doing a lot, but we can claim no credit for the current movements in Visa cutoff dates -- remember -- they can easily move right back if there is no legislative action to increase EB numbers.

    We had a meeting with Dianne Feinstein's staffers today (read about it at IV) -- and the message we are getting at each lawmaker is TILL WE SHOWED UP THEY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT OUR ISSUES OR THE LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS NEEDED TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS, they have meeting after meeting with groups interested in the issues of illegal immigration.

    So, Indian, Chinese, Papua New Guinean, French, Irish whatever, JOIN IV, MEET A LAWMAKER AND TELL THEM OUR COLLECTIVE STORY.
  8. kaveh2006

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    Thanks berkeley bee

    I'd like to thank everyone's positive response to my question. I'll be joining IV as soon as I get my next paycheck as I am broke due to recent tax filing.
    I'd like to thank whoever responded to my question.

    Best Regards, :)
  9. GCin-waitng

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    Join IV even if you're broke now! The next week is crucial to meet lawmakers. You can always contribute later:)
  10. BoxOfChocs

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    That's the spirit!

    Something will get done this summer on retrogression, everyone says so. But, only if we speak in one voice, we will get all that we want, and maybe even prevent Retrogression in the future!
    And, the important point is we need everybody to be counted together, so the lawmakers see our numbers!
    Good Luck to all of us in the days to come!
  11. GCin-waitng

    GCin-waitng Registered Users (C)

    CA folks please sign up at IV

    Here is some of whats happening in CA. Please sign up!

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  12. BoxOfChocs

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    It is time to join together at IV NOW!!!

    We nearly tasted success at S.1932, but we only lost because AILA & business leaders had their own agenda.

    Everyone, everyone - including the anti-immigrationists agree that something is bound to happen with immigration (they want to just restrict themselves to border security / enforcement). Most people think the bills will get a hearing end-March 2006.

    Imagine if we had IV up & running, and QGA speaking for us during S. 1932! Just imagine, just imagine, friends :cool: !
    BTW I am just a victim of retrogression, and do not personally know anyone at IV.

    Well, we can only move forward! Some smart people (I was not one of them, of course)have gotten together to start IV ! It can be brought to fruition only if we all act & join together! We owe it to ourselves and our families to have our voices heard!

    Contacting senators / Congressmen, sending faxes & emails and all of the other stuff is important. But, all legislation is actually a collection of deals made behind the scenes. Those of you who know the S. 1932 stories, and I just heard whatever was posted here & there and do not personally have any special inside info, know that the anti-retro provisions were there only because of AILA / business lobbying.

    How does lobbying work? Let me recount a recent story about a contact with a Dem Senator by some people just like us and posted on IV.
    These people were told that not many people were aware of retrogression, and the staffer appeared very surprised.
    It is possible that only the staffer was unaware / uninformed, and yet, both the CA Senators had voted against the Byrd amendment!
    Quite possible (a)the staffer was unaware - (one of the CA Senators is actually fighting for re-election, and Cindy Sheehan has actually thought of opposing her - so she may be hiring more/new staff). But,(b) maybe the Senator is indeed unaware.
    Yet she voted for us when it was needed!
    It was the lobbying that made it possible.


    Please do the math for yourself everybody, vote with your wallet now, and hope to be successful soon!

    Or, wait years on the death row version of Immigration, with no end in sight in the normal course!

    JOIN IV NOW! Get everybody else, who can, to join with you! But, at least do it yourself!
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  13. ankitkiko

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    i ave to wait for over 4 years, my uncle filed for my mum, and my mys country of birth is india, and we filed from kenya, so for which country should we follow the dates?????????? i think the category is F-4, if ayone can help me with this then ill appreciate it. also whats going on with the pd's??? r they getting slower n slower for all visa kinds???
  14. Michan

    Michan New Member

    EB3 Retrogression

    I applied labor cert in Sept 2003 and got approval in October 2005. Then I learned that priority date is only May 2001 as of now for I-485 and does not move forward enough quickly to go to my date. Anybody know if there is any measurement goverment is going to take for this delay? or we have no hope but long wait?? :( sorry, I am new to this site.. I might have mess your conversation asking this question. If so, please advice me where I should go.
  15. sbabunle

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    Hello Michan
    Nobody knows the answer. There is a bill is in progress, but chances are slim. I've been looking for PD to current so my 485 gets approved. Last sept it came to mid 2002 and then on OCt went all the way to 1998.

    To be honest with you nobody knows exactly when. My guesstimate for my case is that
    I've to wait 8-10 years to get my 485 approval with no change in present condition of law. My PD is Apr2003 and
    I'm eb3 India.

    Join and take part of the activities and help yourself.

  16. purplehazea

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    I have contributed. Have you?

    I am trying to contribute in everyway I can. I made a monetary contribution. I also am trying to get some media contacts to IV. Everyone has to contribute now. Please do not wait and postpone contribution. Washingtonpost, CNN, US News are all writing about our issues all of a sudden. Further, the Brown Amendment is finally an amendment that is very specifically and clearly supporting the problems faced by employment based visa applicants. Steps to hire a lobbying firm to speak our voice is an absolute winner. These are all the right steps that people have recognized after last year's unfavorable immigration reform attempts.

    Please please visit and contribute every way you can!

    God bless you all!
  17. p_aluri

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    I have contributed $100.00

    I have contributed $100.00
  18. eager_immi

    eager_immi Registered Users (C)

    I contributed 100 bucks as well
  19. WaldenPond

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  20. npnkumar

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    Hi All,

    It is a VERY GOOD NEWS


    Senator Arlen Specter bill is accepted in Senate, some of the provisions are

    1. Lets everyone file 485, if their labor is approved even if their priority date is not current.

    2. Remove the hard limit on countries so that over-subscribed countries like India and China are allowed to use visa numbers that ARE NOT USED by other countries with low number of applicants.

    3. STEM applicants would be allowed to be exempt from cap even if they have not been working in exactly the same discipline as their STEM master’s degree. This will be a huge relief for many in EB3 and majority of EB2 applicants as they would become exempt from cap.

    Friends, Immigration Voice ( has delivered what it promised.

    This achieves the goal of IV, for the time being as far as Senate proceedings go. There is a lot more to do, as the House-Senate conference proceedings are going to be on final consequence to this bill. We have our work cut out in front of us.

    We need more volunteers and funding to further our cause.

    Please join Immigration Voice and contribute.

    Can't you spare few dollars for an effort that is going to change your life forever in the US ?

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