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    Sorry, will keep this in mind from now on. :)

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    Do please understand that the organizational goal is what we must look at. What IV has achieved till now is phenomenal. If you want and wish to support, you need not worry about what few people say. IV deals with tonnes and tonnes of anonymous members and do remember that IV is an organization with a purpose and not like other immigration websites which are oriented towards business.
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    I just posted the link to Form 990 of IV ( ) not to go against anyone, but to inform people here that they have the ability to look at IVs finances for themselves for free without leaving their computer. This will help them decide if they want to contribute or not.

    I have seen lots of posts here and on IV where people who want to contribute ask for simple financial information. They are usually immediately banned or bullied by IV core. IV needs to remember that as a non-profit, people are entitled to look at its finances. Now anyone can do so at the above link without IV bullying them or asking them to fly to their offices in New Jersey.
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    Give me a HIGH FIVE Campaign. NICE!

    Hi Guys,

    I was just on the Immigration Voice website and I see a new cool concept on there.

    They have what they call a "Give me a High Five" campaign.

    The object of this campaign is nice and simple. Every member so far contributes JUST $5.00 ONE TIME. Based on the number of members they have and if each of us, who is intetested in getting out of this retrogression mess, contributes JUST $5.00 ONE TIME, we can raise $40-50K EASY!

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