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    gcwhenever.......its hard to believe what you are though those guys touted as the smartest kids on the block.....have no brain on how to manage a ORG.....or maybe they have burned themselves out by all the extra hard work and out of pocket expenses......and now they realise that getting a legislation is a near impossible task...

    your story has definitely added a new twist......too bad, they were the only ones working for our cause.....i hope all is not lost..
  2. gc_retrogress

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    Dude, we do not know who you are whether IV member or not. If someone is pointing out some facts about IV, that too politely, we would like to hear.

    This is not IV site. Thankfully we can still hear the truth via this portal.

    So please do not waste your time policing us just like IV is trying to do on their site. If a lot of immigrants are getting frustrated because IV behaviour we would like to hear the truth.

    Thanks for not responding.

  3. qplearn

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    gcwhenever: I am sorry, I had missed somthing in your post.
    Thuggish behavior is certainly not acceptable in the US; the law actually works here. If anyone has made threats --- even if they are veiled --- I would urge you to call law enforcement.
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  4. gravitation

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    That's not exactly true. Here're the facts without any sugarcoating (I'm not an official IV voice, btw):

    • IV is a moderated forum. It's not for free speech.
    • Messages that bring down people's morale are censored.
    • People who persist in posting such messages are banned.
    • Many people don't intend to harm IV's cause, but post such messages out of sheer frustration with the process and let it out on IV.
    • Many people who'd like IV to fail, are present as well and post messages to incite people against IV.
    • Many people are just not informed enough about the complexity of lawmaking and expect results under a deadline like a software project.
    • People censoring the IV forum have no way of knowing whether a person crossing the line and b**ching about state of affairs is just frustrated, uninformed or an intentional troublemaker. However, the result on the morale of the group is still -ve.
    • A person consistently bringing down the morale of the group is banned not for punishment but for sake of the cause.
    • All constructive criticism, that'll improve functioning of IV is welcome.
    • If you don't believe retrogression can be removed by lobbying or if it should be removed for all, with all due respect, IV is not for you.
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  5. gc_retrogress

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    Ok sorry if you are not a member of IV.

    I thought you were one of those. I do not care what you think about IV. A lot of us have seen the IV supporters jump in here and abuse others, at the same time those who want to ask or comment about IV in a professional manner they respond back by blocking IPs on their site and abuse people here on this forum.

    I never paid a dime to IV, but was going to check out the org, after reading this thread I decided not to, thank God I did so.

    I hope my comment here is helping others rather than wasting of disk space.

    I am not a spy and I am a retrogressed applicant from EB-3.

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  6. gravitation

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    gc_retrogress and everyone,
    Please take things here with a pinch of salt. It's difficult to tell what's the intention of somebody who abuses others either as supporter or opposer of IV. They could be either genuinely incompetent in putting forward their views or may intentionally want to turn you off against IV or even just threadjack to keep people from a genuine discussion. Please don't go by one or two individual. Please gather your own facts and make up your own mind. It's not just a few people who're here only to turn off people against IV and damage your cause.
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  7. PBECIsKillingMe

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    I humbly sent private messages to core team for months. Then asked about plan and account of contribution. They started using roadside language and bad words that you can not hear (or read rather). Then they banned me from IV. Is this sufficient?
  8. gravitation

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    Here's a video on IV's policy on accounts disclosure:

    I refuse to believe that IV core group used roadside language in response to a humble PM.
  9. PBECIsKillingMe

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    This video was published in response of hot discussion started after 2 months I kept asking them. More, this video shows account of only 60K. May be you are not aware of complete discussion thread but ask this portal's moderators like LaborDrags (who has to delete their posts because of language) - he can tell you the roadside language used including four letter words.

    Just do me a favor, put one posting asking them about financial plan and see their reactions (if you are not part of core team)

    I am and was never against the idea and concept IV was working on. Asking about money made them MAD. Specially Logiclife. WaldenPond was still better answering and talking. But whatever video you are watching and if any other information comes out, trust me, I had to fight a lot to get that information out.

    Simple question: why are they hiding?
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  10. gravitation

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    No, I'm not part of the core group. I only met 3 of them once in a seminar. My experience with IV core group has been different from yours. I've found them very motivated, intelligent and devoted to the cause. I was a non-contributing member then; not once did they ask me if I had contributed or not.

    I understand how revealing inner workings in public can harm the cause of IV. There are groups who oppose IV and will use this information to the detriment of IV and its cause. When annual filings is made, everybody will know.
  11. PBECIsKillingMe

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    I believe you and may be I believe them too. Think about it. They way you answered that revealing can harm the cause due to opposition - agreed. Can't they tell me when asked. Rather they started calling me idiot and ffff.

    Thats exactly what I was talking about.
  12. gravitation

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    PBEC, it's very very sad and regrettable that you had this terrible experience.
  13. PBECIsKillingMe

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    Anyways, I am not against the group because they are fighting for good. But I strongly oppose their language and way of working.

    If we are working in a group, we need to listen to others. If someone is not agreed to your idea or opinion, doesn't mean he is duffer, loser, idiot and ffff b****.

    I don't think Subhashchandra Bose has ever called Gandhiji as idiot or loser or ffff just because they had difference of opinion
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    Update on IV.

    Dear supporters and opponents:

    There is some breaking news on IV. If you are not banned from that site, you can check it out at :

    If you are banned because of your heckling and undermining of IV, then sorry, you can read tommorow's newspapers for this breaking news.

    Oh yeah, dont bother googling it. Its not anywhere yet except IV.

    Those wondering how come I am able to post here after getting banned by my friend labordrags... yes I was banned from here for defending IV and Rajiv has removed that ban after I talked to him. So dont bother banning me again.

  15. qplearn

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    So this guy does not like to be banned after all the banning and abusing he himself has done. :D

    Dear logiclife: we won't ban you again... don't you worry:) Regardless of what news you have on IV, I am not going there to check it out. Best of luck!
  16. qplearn

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    There is news about a STRIVE act on

    Honestly, I don't want to fight, alterego (or dixie), although the fights erupted because of the banning and abusing and you know who started that. But anyway with the kind of language he used once again (about people being banned on IV), I could not resist :) Sorry, I went back on my word.
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  17. PBECIsKillingMe

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  18. techy2468

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    it sounds like IV is on a personal agenda.............or maybe IV has become a personal platform for its core members.......

    but i still wish IV best of luck.......since everyone stands to gain from their efforts..
  19. gcwhenever

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    just surprised that iv didn't claim that Strive was because of them!

    The "humble" tone was probably because of a conditional lifting of the ban - if abusive language starts again, probably the ban would be reinstated, to be permanent this time!

    first begging rajiv to lift the ban, then back to immature ranting.

    I guess a fool is a fool forever
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  20. IVsucks

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    Well, you can see him here babbling away.... it fits the profile of dada-like immaturity.... See who you send your hard earned money. Thank god IV is not the government.... demand money and show no results. The CIR and other bills are DEFINITELY not due to IV lobbying. Anyone who believes otherwise is just not thinking right or knows very little about how Washington works. Save your money for something charitable where you are appreciated rather than scorned for your contribution.


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