How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself

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    Alien Number

    Could anyone please help me with advise! Filing the forms for status adjustment they ask for alien number. 5 years ago I was issued employment card or EAD card for my OPT which was valid for only one year. Now Im one year out of status since I stoped attending my school year ago. Can I use this alien number from this card? I have already used it for my medical examination form I-693 and now got little woried if I have not made big mistake. Is it ok or I shuld ask my doctor to make a new form without A# in it since it could not be a valid or real alien number? thank you!
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    The procedure is very strict and more over we need to follow these strict procedures then only we can complexes and we can run a smooth environment!
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    married with US citizen, live in US since 2007; B2 visa only

    I am married since 2007 with an US citizen and live in Phoenix, AZ. We have one child together which was born in the US and is Us citizen. I have a bank account in US, I am on the utility bills and pay them and I am on the lease for the house which i pay too. I work for a Cruise line and spend about 4 to 6 months a year in the US. When I am in the US I am there for 2 months and enter with my B2 visa. I want to apply for a green card so that I can live and work in the US.
    The only issue was that due to medical issues my wife lost her job and her income and was not able to sponsor me. I was working all the time and supported the family. But now she has a job again and makes money too. I am glad for any help.
    I am kind of desperate to stay home with my family and now it is time to apply and I want to do it myself.
    What is the best way to apply?
    What forms do I need?
    What are the costs?
    Can I stay in the US while i apply?
    How long does it take?
    Am I allowed to work during the application process?
    Can a close relative be my sponsor too, like my brother in law?

  4. umairdbest.18

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    Expiration dates

    Hello to the community. I'm filing my change of status, and thanks to this thread, i've downloaded all the forms required. But the question that I have is that some forms including I-485 says that it has expired already on 01/31/13...So is this form still acceptable or do I have to wait for an updated form to come. Please reply me asap so that I can fill out all the required forms and submit it to the USCIS. Thanks in advance.

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    Apply for a green card through my parents who just got their green cards!

    I'm 27, unmarried and my parents just got their green cards.
    I'm currently in the US on F1 student Visa.
    I know I'm on category 2B on preference categories. and if they apply for a green card for me it may take 10 years.
    My question is if they apply for me, after my student visa expiration should I go outside of the US or I can stay under some "status waiting" visa. I'm not sure if they have such a thing!
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    Changing name because of marriage...before or after filling I-485 ?

    I am filling my I-485 package and I want to take the name of my husband (him beeing the us citizen). Should I first change my passport to my married name and then send the I-485 with my married name....? or sending the I-485 forms in witch I wrote my married name and then changing my passport? I have my visa and I 94 on my maiden name passport. To change my passport in my embassy in us it takes me 2 months and I don't want to wait that much more untill I send the GC forms.
    Can I just send them (filled with the married name but with copies or maiden name passport) and then make my new passport with the marriage name...and by the time of the interview I will have it to show them?
    I want my GC to be on my new after marriage name.
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    nice post all user.
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    I have question about the timing of the (I-130 and I-485) concurrent filing.

    I am applying for permanent residence for my mother. She is currently here on a Visitor visa and has traveled to here on the same visa a dozen time in the last 10 years.
    On this trip its more than 3 months now and only 3 months remain on the current stay.

    Is there time enough to file (I-130 and I-485) concurrently. Would she have to go back and return in case its not approved in the next 3 months. Or can she continue to stay once the application is filed and we get the receipt of the acceptance of the application.

    Please advice, should i file it now or wait until the next trip and file as soon as she arrives next time.
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    You may file yourself or hire an attorney to help you with it.
  14. Erric PAtterson

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    To get a green card while inside the United States, you need to apply for what is called "adjustment of status." Any local USCIS office can give you the packet of forms you need.
  15. Rodolfo Rosales

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    I lost my Resident Alien Card and I'm trying to apply for a new one myself online, but I can't figure out my class of admission. I had one of the old Resident Alien Cards that do not have an expiration date on them that I lost but I still have a print out and the class says "Waived." My mom when I was really young married a US Citizen and I was still a minor not even in Kindergarten yet when I obtained my Residency Card. I do not see a "Waived" class when I'm looked for the class of admission. What would it be considered as in my situation?

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    I just called IRS and using the automatic telephone system ordered the TRANSCRIPTS for last 3 years. For sponsoring my parents I just used my income and not my wife's although the TRANSRIPTS showed the joint amount.
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    Hi everybody,

    I have read whole of the thread and also official website of USCIS and many other sources but unfortunately have not found the exact answer of my question or totally confused;

    My father is a lawful permanent resident and wants to apply for my GC as an unmarried over 21 years of age (Family Sponsored Preference category F2B) and for filing for the first time and sendingI-130 Form to Lockboxes in chicago or arizona, which other documents should accompany the I-130 Form?

    - money order over processing fee?

    - Proof of relativity?

    thanks in advance for your pay attention and look forward to hear from you.

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