How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself

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    It explicitly explains where to send it if you are filing the I-130 and I-485 concurrently.
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    Oh your just ready to come here now aren't you. Already swinging, got your plans made to just marry some American Woman, get a job with your BS degree, and the racist card is already being waved over your head.
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    My father is a canadian citizen that came here before 1970 as a minor child at 13 with a B1 visa. He obtained a few of the B1 visas but was at the time able to obtain a NJ State Drivers License & SS. He has paid into SS & has the Driver's License only problem is the new laws after 9/11. Now the 6 point system won't allow him to renew his Driver's License that expired in 2004 (without photo) due to need of passport. I am applying him for adjustment of status because that is what I thought I should do for he is here in the US. I have an approved I-130 form, he qualifies to support himself AOS form W, although now for the adjustment of status form I485? I think it is we had a biometrics appt in order to process the form. However biometrics requires a state photo id, national photo id, passport or military id. We went and were unsuccessful because his expired license does not have a photo on it. The manager at the office said that ever though it is expired that they would have excepted it with his photo for identification. We have two weeks to go back otherwise have to reschedule an apt. I need to obtain a state issued ID somehow but don't know which state may be easier or how to go about getting one or perhaps I am suppose to go another route?
    I have already invested over $1,500 in this process.
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    I sent all the forms, including I-130 to PO BOX 805887, CHICAGO IL 60680-4120 and I got the NOA for all of them.
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    Urgent: Question about Address Information


    I became US Citizen on 07/02/2010. I am applying for AOS to my wife and filing I-130 and 485 together as she is currently living with me in US since Nov 2008.

    Question on information about Residence in G-325A.
    Before filing my N-400 (Naturalization form) on Mar-1st-2010, I changed my address (by filing AR-11) to my cousin's home address in the same city to have a permanent address, as my current address may change. And changed address on pay stubs and bank statement to my cousin address.

    But now when I am filing my wife's I-130, 485 applications, all our joint address proof documents are from my current address like lease document, bank statements, drivers licences etc.

    Question is do I need to keep the same address information, from and to dates (March to till date at my cousin's address) as mentioned in N-400 form or can I use different dates (July to till date at my cousin's address) to have proof of living together documents in sync with address.

    In short: Is it ok to have current address from and to dates different on 2 forms(N400 and G-325A) or should always be same when filing applications to USCIS?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Adjustment of Status Time Track.

    07/22/2010- AOS application sent (Through Fedex)
    07/26/2010- AOS delivered
  7. swayne

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    08/03/2010- check was cashed out
    08/04/2010- (9 days) I-797 Notice of Action received
    09/05/2010- (37 days) - Biometrics Finger Printing
    09/24/2010- (60 days)- EAD received
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    Will there be any difference in filing I-130 for F2A categary by Greencard holder. All supporting documents and G325 forms are properly filled. Or if you go by attorney will that make any difference. What is the risk on filing on your own as form seems to simple and stright forward for employment based Greencard holder to file for spouse.
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    Birth Certificate of the petitioner

    Dear All,
    My husband is USC (naturalized, from India). He is filing for my green card. We are doing the green card filing process ourselves. Do we have to include his Birth certificate apart from the naturalization certificate in the application file? Please advise.
    Thank you.
  10. AldisCurt

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    It is always possible. However, the chances are quite remote. Overstaying one's visa is considered a fairly serious offense.

    There are many Chinese who come to the US, for all sorts of reasons. Unfortunately, a certain percentage do not return once their visa expires.

    Not to be overly harsh here, but your parents had a wonderful opportunity to show the US government that they were "Green Card" material. All they would have to do is leave the country when the visa was denied. That speaks volumes- they know and respect the rules of the US and don't have to be told what to do. Your case would certainly be much stronger than it is now.

    But that obviously didn't happen, for whatever reasons. Their past actions do not give the ICE much confidence that your parents will be law-abiding, permanent residents of the US and would be worthy of Green Card consideration.

    Being Asian American myself, I know it is common to have the parents stay around to take care of the baby once born. But rules must be followed.
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    TNguy78, yes it did until i read nkumar7 posting and he advised to send it to the address on i-485, on form i-130 it gives a different address then the one on form i-485, i am not trying to waste anyones time by asking redundant ??, i have spent a lot of time preparing my documents and don't want to send it to the wrong address, especially with no lawyer i am bing extra any case thanks for your reply and guidance.
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    if onw came as a visitor visa ,and got married and want to file for green card. How can he has the documents of joint ownership of property or joint bank account as you cant own any property or open bank account as visitor or without ssn
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    Bank of America lets you open a joint account with your USC spouse even without you having a SSN. We did the same thing. Also, you can try to find a private place (not an apartment) and they will usually put you on the lease with your spouse without you having a SSN, and again, we did it the same way. Cable companies and electricity companies let your spouse add you to his account if you go to their service center, show them ID and explain the situation. Good luck!
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    Effect of misdemeanor charges on I-751 (removal of the condition)

    I got my GC approved in 08/2009. Recently, I was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) on being stopped at a checkpoint. What type of effect will this have when I apply for the removal of conditions on the GC (I-751)?

    Please let me know.
  15. neffernin

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    10/22/2010- AOS application sent (Through USPS)
    10/25/2010 (Day 0) - AOS received

    Wish my wife and I luck! Thanks to you all for the information posted here.
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    Hi. I'm wondering if you have to stay within the state for 3 months prior to applying for a Green Card (marriage based)? Please answer!
    Thank you.
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    It is actually $680 now, biometrics fee went up $5.
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    It has been more than a year since filling of I-751. Help please

    Hello, I filled for removal of conditions on GC back in November 2009.
    November 12 2009 Application received and date for biometrics
    December 12 2009 Biometrics done.

    Then nothing has happened. I have been out of the country several times and they always stop me and put me in the detention room but after some minutes, they let me enter the country, no questions or anything said.

    How much longer is this going to take? It has been more than a year since my biometrics were taken and I don't know if I did something wrong or if it is going to be aproved.

    How long does it take to remove conditions on GC?????

    Thank you for your help!:rolleyes:
  19. bigbull99

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    It sould not take that long make a infopass appointment and check what is going on
  20. Infastocawn

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    Thank you bigbull99!

    I have made an appointment with infopass and they said it usually takes more than a year. They said there is nothing wrong or anything I could do to speed up the process. The guy said that I should not look at the numbers on the website because they are not acurate, then why post those dates? But I mean, from looking at some of the people here, theirs took like 6 months to get approved, don't really understand why mine has taken more than a year. I guess I will schedule another appointment with them and hopefully they will have a different answer for me. I was just wondering am I the only one who's had this kind of delay or is it something normal?

    Have a great day!

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