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Could someone please help me with a query?

I have a valid ten-year B1/B2 visa for the US (I’m an Indian national) and have used it once before for a 3 week visit in April 2014 to visit my boyfriend. He and I then got married in India in August 2014 while he was on H1B. Our plan was always to apply for a follow to join, since I have work commitments in India and could not have traveled easily at that point. But we were advised by our attorney to try and obtain an H4 for me as a follow to join may take a long time, and we still had a small window, since his date was current but his green card hadn't come through yet. I applied for an H4 visa in September 2014, but he got his green card approved three hours before my H4 visa interview. Therefore I was denied the visa and told it was without prejudice by the VO and that I was entitled to use my B1/B2 to visit him. However, we would now like to apply for the follow to join for me, as per our original plan. My question is: will I still be able to visit the USA for a short period using my B1/B2 visa with a denied H4 and a pending i824? I continue to maintain my full time job and residence in India and would be visiting for a short period of four-six weeks and I will be able to furnish proof of all this.

Thank you
My wife is 2014 lottery winner and she has got her visa on sep 06,2014 but i got administrative processing and due to ending of September 2014 i could not be success to get my visa.

My wife is in USA right now and she wanna apply for me to bring me there.As I have have read in some websites, if we were married before getting visa ( we got married 2 years before she get visa ) we can apply via form I-824 and no need to send form I-130 and wait for visa numbers to be available.

I will be grateful if you respond me that can my wife apply for me via form I-824 to do the process quicker or not ?And if we can how?
Please make me clear cause this issue made a huge confusion on my mind.