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Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by dharma rao, May 29, 2002.

  1. kamrans

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    Hi followontojoin,
    I remember fellow indians who got the visit visa based on their delays in consulate processing for the spouses. Just show them that your kids are going to school there and your wife is working there and they need to see you in their vacations for a month or two.
    Its very hard to get visit visa when immigrant petition is pending but its worth trying and I feel that Indian consulates are much lineant as compared to other consulates. So try it and I wish the best for you and your family.

    Good Luck
  2. bdair

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    I need your help. I am a permanent resident for more than 3 years. I've been married for 8 years. My wife was in the United states on a J1 visa for 7 years and left last December after our hardship waiver was denied. She returned last week on a visitor visa. We just found out that the appeal (for the hardship waiver) is approved. I would like to apply for FTJ for her. Can I apply for adjustment of status while she is here on a B1 visa? If yes, what is the procedure?
    I appreciate your help.
  3. sukhan

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    Hi Bdair,
    you can only file I-130 for her based on your GC status or FTJ but she has to go back to your home country consulate to get it. For FTJ they have to file I-824. I suggest apply for I-824 for now and apply for your citizenship as soon as you become eligible. By the time you will get your FTJ you will be citizen and then it will take 2-3 months for fiance visa.

    Good Luck
  4. sunbeam81

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    Thanks usnycus,
    I followed your advice and my I824 is approved. It approved in one and a half month as my PD is current. Now the I797 says that "We have informed the relative consulate that your visa status has been adjusted".
    What does this mean?
  5. azeem1984

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    how can we contact with u
  6. david07

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    Give a chance and join it i hope you luck is with you .
  7. sunbeam81

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    I got my green card in 2009 and my Catagory is Eb2(current for Pakistan). I applied for my wife I-824 and our case completed with NVC in June. Any one has idea how long we have to wait for the interview to be scheduled?
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  8. sunbeam81

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    I finally got the interview date from NVC and it will be 10th September. Best of luck all for every one. If some one needs any help for FTJ cases in Pakistan, please email me.
  9. PF22

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    Am I eligible to file a Follow to join for my spouse?


    I have obtained my immigrant visa through my mother as she is a U.S citizen. Now I'm planning to get married in my home country. will it be possible for me to get married before I get my visa stamped in the U.S? or am I allowed to get married now and then go to the U.S to get my stamp? OR do I need to first go to the U.S to get my stamp as I applied as "unmarried child over 21".

    What is the best and the fastest way I could take my wife to be to the U.S?

    Looking forward for your assistance.

    Thank you.
  10. PF22

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    Can you please help me with my situation?

    I have an immigrant visa and planning to go to the US to get it stamped, but I was wondering whether it is possible for me to get married before I go to the US to get my stamp or am I not allowed to get married until I get my visa stamped? I applied through my mother who is a U.S citizen as an "unmarried child over 21", I really appreciate your help.
  11. AldisCurt

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    Yes. An L-1A may be the basis for filing an I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition without going trough the long process of the US Department of Labor and trying to get a Labor Certification.As for the processing time it should take about a year or so. Current processing time may be found at:
  12. kamrans

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    I am not sure on your situation. Is you I130 approved and your interview is done at embassy. If not then you can marray and add her name in your application in embassy as your spouse. If the visa is issued then I think you have to go through I-130 route that will take around 5 years. Before that you will become a citizen in 3 years. So see everything and act quickly.

  13. fch987

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    Purpose: many people are immigrants for better education of children, more employment opportunities and favorable studying abroad, free medical services for selection of immigrants, etc
  14. H1_forever

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    Guys..My wife's Follow to join visa was approved!! Her interview was very cool... Biggest delay for the process was being able to prove we got married before GC and also the long NVC processing..but it's finally over. She is here with me now. I want to thank all of you for support and would like to say hang in there and you will be fine. Also F2A is fast these days maybe that may be easier option..
  15. followontojoin

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    Kamrans and all

    I have been following this thread since 2007, of course I am still not successful in getting GC for my family via follow on to join. As family based visa are moving fast. I am posting this questions
    POD jULY 2002
    Green card approved for self July 2007 ( not filed 485 FOR FAMILY wiht me in USA)
    No green card for family ( Son, Daughter and wife)
    Filed and approved i 824 for all members of family in dEC 2007
    Sent information chennai consulate and applied foolow on to join in Dec 2007 ( recd ticket number)
    Waiting for POD currrent. ( it is in Feb 2002)

    Few pople or suggesting to apply for family based green card as 2B ( filling 130 for members of family)

    Question is
    1) My daughter turns 21 next year dec- Does she protected under child protection act considering fact POD was current in the past when she is less than 21 years

    Is it safe to file i130 and follow on to join in same consulate ( chennai)

    Please advice the same.
  16. xnknown

    xnknown New Member

    Follow to Join Urgent Question

    Hey guys,

    My dad filed I-130 F4 for my Uncle with a priority date of April 2001. About half a year ago the priority date became current and my Uncle filed I-485 to adjust status in the United States. Yesterday he had his interview and his green card was approved. His wife is still waiting in China. Once he receives his green card he will file I-824 for follow to join for his wife. The problem is currently the visa bulletin has retrogressed and the current priority date has gone backwards to January 2000 which means his priority date is no longer current even though he has already received his green card. Once NVC approves the I-824 and transfers the case to Guangzhou China, will the consulate still take action on his case immediately or wait for the priority date to become current again?

  17. ramo2519

    ramo2519 New Member

    Need Help - Green Card Got Approved After Wedding.

    I am in the middle of my green card petition from my employer when I got married here in the US to an H1 visa holder. 6 months after the wedding my GC got suddenly approved. (filed my I-485 as single at that time, never had the chance to pull it and update it)

    My spouse employer is telling her now that they will not contiue her GC due to sudden layoffs in her company, she is only on labor cetification. (and this is her 5th year as an H1 visa holder)

    We dont want to file for an I-130 since that will take several years and we have to be separated for a long time.

    Can I use the Follow-To-Join process or is this only applicable to persons outside the US?

    Any opinion is highly appreciated.
  18. qyz891023

    qyz891023 New Member

    hey guys i have a quick question.
    my wife got her green card through marriage, consular processing, and now she wants file i824 for her dependent son to "follow to join", who is currently in the United States on nonimmigration visa.
    Question is if I 824 is approved, does he have to go back to his home country for the interview or can he adjust his status and gets interviewed in the US?
  19. stmykael

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    is she qualified for follow to join?

    i won the DV lottery in may processed it as single and got my immigrant visa in October 2010. I get married on feb 2011 and leaves for the US first time in Feb 2011 after my marriage to obtain my greencard.

    how can i bring ma wife to join me?
    is she qualified for follow to join benefits?

    i need answers please
  20. benzman

    benzman New Member

    hello brother stmykael

    [QUOTE=stmykael;227438 your case is like mine,i do ot know what should i do now,i got my visa and i wat to get married befor going to USA and then benefit from Following-to-join benefits

    so please can any one xplane how does this work ??

    thank you so much

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