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You can actually get a ITIN number for your spouse. Since the spouse is not a resident they may not get a SSN. You can use the ITIN number for tax purposes. That is what I did.

Waiting for priority date during the follow-to-join process to get the date for the GC interview for the spouse. Meanwhile, I have a basic important Q. My spouse didn't visit USA in 2008, so while applying for tax returns, can I file married jointly like in the past? Do you think this will impact her greencard, if I file married and joint return? Meanwhile we are planning to apply visiting visa until the priority date comes current. Please help, I need to file tax returns. If I say I am married and filing separate, I need to pay big amount.....please reply asap...thank you.:confused:


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my 824 was erroneously by USCIS sent to storage. After 100 days from its first approval, USCIS finally got it back from the storage and resent it last week. I got the new approval notice with correct priority date on it today. Thank you for kamrans and judex kind word when I was in frusltration of the long waiting. Now I am waiting for nvc to create my case.

Now all of the 824 follow-to-join case has been through NVC before going to consulate. Please find the information below I read from So anyone who has his 824 approved should contact NVC for his case status. Hopefully this helps.

The NVC is now more involved in the consular processing of derivative follow-to-join cases. USCIS service centers and local district offices are now required to forward the approved Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition, to the NVC. Once the NVC receives the approved I-824 it can start the consular processing for the derivative(s) abroad by sending out the appropriate instructions, including the fee collection, document review and appointment scheduling.


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I am filling a FTP for my wife(currently outside USA). Can you plz let me know -list of docs necessary to file
-While filling I-824 what option should be chosen in part-2 (c or d)
c) USCIS to notify a U.S. Consulate that my status has been adjusted to permanent resident. Please notify the U.S. Consulate at:

d) USCIS to send my approved immigrant visa to the National Visa Center (NVC).
-I got GC from VSC, should I mail my app to VSC too.



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G-28 if you want to hire a attorney
A check in the amount of filing fee
filled I-824 form
Copy of your wife's notarized birth certificate with English translation
Copy of your notarized marriage certificate with English translation
Copy of your I-140 approval notice
Copy of your I-485 approval notice
Copy of your green card (two-sides)
Your statement of your intention to start your wife to follow to join(mentioning your marriage prior to your I-485 approval, so your wife is qualified to follow-to-join).
I do have problems too. My first i824 was filed in june was approved in july 2008. No message from nvc. In november decided to file another i824 it was approved 2 of march 2009, but no sign from nvc yet too. I don't realy know what's the problem and don't know what to do.


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Call NVC at 603 334-0700. They have automated system where you can check status if case was transferred from USCIS to NVC with your I-824 or I-485 WAC number. I know it's painful, follow to join cases is becoming very difficult process.

Brian Lee

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I-485 Application Follow-to-join

My mum received green card approval on last year April 2008.
My dad file I-485 follow-to-join on July 2008 to Nebraska Immigration office.
Anyone know how long it takes for my dad I-485 process?
Also, where should i check the processing time and under which category?
Follow to Join option -- Please help

Hello this is regarding my sister who is going through lot of stress due to visa issues.


She has been on H4 for past 9 years. Her H1 was approved in 2007 with an employer who wanted to hire when she was doing her MBA from a reputed University here in US. They were even willing to hire her once she is done.

3 months back her husband lost the job and had to go on EAD since (My sister could not do it because she was traveling and out of US in 2007 when the window opened).

She has decided to go on H1 and for that get it stamped outside US since she had lost her H4 status. It has been now more than a month and she is stuck there. Given that her employer is a small firm, in this economy she is very nervous about the future even if she gets H1 B.

Here are our questions/ concerns. Please do answer these:

1. If she gets H1 B could her husband still file for Follow to Join. There is no guarantee in this environment it would give her peace of mind if he could.

2. God forbid - If she doesnot get H1B and her husband files for Follow to Join - would she have to stay out side US to do consulate processing?? How much time it takes??

3. Any advise/ suggestions are welcome.

And God bless you for this help...


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Follow to join process.


I am very confused about my Greencard processing .... would appreciate any advice. I am in US on an H1B visa since March 2000. I got married last October and my husband got his Greencard one month after that on November 7th. Since my husband\'s I485 was already filed, my name could not be included in his application, nevertheless, I went with his for his GC interview hoping that the interviewer would include my name on his application on a "following to join" status. However, the interviewer told us it was not possible to include my name and that my husband would have to file for my Greencard separately on a family based petition. We later found out from a lawyer that since we did get married before my husband got his GC, that it was possible to apply for my GC on a special condition and that way my GC processing would be faster. However, we got conflicting opinions from different lawyers. I now have 2 choices, either to get my GC processed through my employer, which would take a minimum of 3-4 years or to have my husband apply for it. Needless to say I am looking for a way to get my GC processed in the fastest possible manner. I was wondering if any of you have any knowledge or experience that would help me decide on the best possible alternative.

Would appreciate all your help / advice,


Okay: I followed this process in 2004, Got married 3 months before GC was approved. I applied for my wife directly to the consulate closest to where she lived, Chennai in India. Before applying I filed I-184 ( dont rememember the exact form) it is apetition to notify consulate that follow to join process can begin. But I did not wait for the approval. After submitting that petition US, I directly sent all the application documents to Chennai consulate. Within 2 months her papers were processed and she got a call for interview, by 3 months she was interviewed got her GC approval and was on plane to US. Within one week of her arrival her Card also arrived in mail.
You might want to check some old threads from 2004, I used those to follow the process and it helped me a lot instead of talking to lawyers who had no clue but wanted to charge 1000s of dollars. I did it all myself so also numerous other people on the forum thread at that time.
If you go to the lawyers they will say first you need to file the petition and wait for approval, NO, you dont need to wait for approval - you can submit your documents to the consulate where you wife lives with a copy of your petition submission. Good LUCK! Follow to Join works and easy and quick.

Just have all yrou documents in place and send it to the consulates.


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same thing here

i am also doing FTJ for my wife.. The NVC has asked me to submit BC /Police Cert and other civil docs with DS230 to their office and then after sucessful submission of docs they will forward the case to ISlamabad,pakistan embassy for interview but this wont happen until PD becomes current ( 25/04/2003) and nothing is current at this time..hopefully in october.


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Hope someone can help. My friend got her green card through employment few months ago. She and her husband are together over 10 years and he is in the country with her. Can she file I824 for him, or that is only for a spouse that is out of country?
Thank you