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Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by sriram1975, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. JustLCed

    JustLCed Registered Users (C)

    485 approved

    I dont exactly remember my 485RD. I think it was 2006 March.
    and I'm from India
  2. bluegcsep

    bluegcsep Registered Users (C)

    EB2 PD june 2001 approved. Finally got the approved email on 6/29 after a long wait. This forum is great . The people in this forum are so helpful, helping each other and gave a lot of hope and support when needed. My details are in my signature. Thanks to all!!!!
  3. leogsb

    leogsb Registered Users (C)


    Congratulations bluegcsep! Don't forget to pray for us!!:)
  4. satish_hello

    satish_hello Registered Users (C)

    Include Me

    I am EB2/Sep'2004, I just Filled july'5th under platiff.

    I am hoping to get my Receipt number, if not File again.

  5. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    Hello Leogsb,
    Per your PD (01/08/2003) your case was current in June bulletin itself...how come you are still waiting? Is it because your I-485 RD is 09/29/2005?...but your latest LUD on I-485 matches mine. My PD is May'04 and I-485 RD is March 2005 with latest LUD on 08/19/2006. Still waiting...keep posting the latest from your end.

  6. leogsb

    leogsb Registered Users (C)

    Still waiting

    Yes, my case was current in June and so was for many others on this portal.
    I just don't understand the logic behind approvals from NSC.
    I have seen EB3/EB2 cases with way later PDs and even way later RDs getting approvals. Good for them but we are stuck for "unknown" reason and that's what really hurts!.....

    I think this so called "employment based immigration system" has turned itself into the "immigration lottery system"! :rolleyes: Your EB catagory, PDs and RDs don't count anymore....All that counts is your luck!

    so good luck and wish me one!:)
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  7. AirForce1

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    Same case here


    Same case with me too...

    My PD is May 2003 and RD is Aug 2004, and I'm still waiting for approval. Like others have mentioned there are some approvals with later PD/RDs.

    I just applied for my wife when it became current in June... So it cud be reason for the delay in my case...

    Hope mine will be approved soon.


    485 RD - 8/2004
    485 LUD - 8/19/2006
    FP (Last) - 6/2007
  8. satish_hello

    satish_hello Registered Users (C)

    PD Vs RD

    Hi guys,

    My openion would be they might not consider any more PD now.

    Since just think about the cituation, some people who's I-140 already got approved with PD 2005, 2006, some one I-140 not yet approved and they have to wait in I-140 Queue.

    USCIS have to allot vis a number as they have pressure to use the visa number this yera or next Financial year before Next year end.

    So they have to adjudicate case ASAP, First they have to see I-140 approved , Security check are cleared, they will give give Hig Priority to case which is ready for Approval, rather then wait for PD whos' PD is 2003 whis is waiting for I-140 approval and security check.

    Now currently som many people are getting approved in Mid 2004 and late 2003, then some one are waiting still in 2002, beg. of 2003.

    So no More PD Now.Better to use approved I-140,Also you can see many EB2 approvals in coming months, since they have approved not As much as Eb3.

    So Eb2 approval Date might move fast in PD 2005 and 2006 with whoever gor approved I-140.

  9. GCfreedom

    GCfreedom Registered Users (C)


    Hope your right. Been wanting to Port my EB3 PD to my EB2 application for quit sometime.
  10. AirForce1

    AirForce1 Registered Users (C)

    Card ordered!

    Finally got that mail... Your card has been orderded :)

    Still waiting for my wife...

    BTW, i'm planning for a vacation from next weekend. I may not get card before that. Any idea what i should do? Do I have to get my passport stamped from the ASC like before?

    Thanks to everyone for their help.


    PD - 5/2003
    485 RD - 8/2004
    485 LUD - 8/19/2006
    FP (Last) - 6/2007
    AD - 7/2007
  11. SadashivePethi

    SadashivePethi Registered Users (C)


    My openion would be they might consider your case first for the approved.

    After thinked cituation, I-140 approved is almost a problem for the approval of I-140, your openion counted very most.

    USCIS has been under pressure for the approved PD 2005, 2006 and some one approved I-140 not yet approved. They have to educated approved I-140 ASAP whose secutiy clearance is almost done rather than PD or RD.

    Now currrently some people are approved in Mid 2004 , 2003 then some would be waiting for 2001, 2002 approved cases.

    So Eb2 approved dates move fast in PD 2005, 2006 with whoever gor I-485 pparoved.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D just kidding

  12. ca_green_card

    ca_green_card Registered Users (C)

    my details

    PD March'05
    EB2 RIR CA
    I-140/I-485:RD 11/01/2006
    I-140: AD 07/17/2007
    I-485: AD pending
    FP: 11/17/2006
  13. mmaxima

    mmaxima New Member

    EB2 ROW
    140 PP/485 concurrent filing on 6/13/07
    140 RFE 7/6/2007 for employment letter
    RFE replied 7/20/2007
    140 approved 7/26/2007
    485 RD 6/26/2007
    485 ND 6/27/2007
    485 FP 7/28/2007
    485 last LUD 7/31/2007
  14. ongolian

    ongolian Registered Users (C)

    RFE on a approved I-140?

    I just wanted to share my recent RFE details.

    I received an RFE on 07/24/07. When contacted my attorney office they gave me a few details. It appears that the RFE is about, why candidate relocated from the address at the time of I-140. Is he still employed?

    My I-140 was approved in May 2005. I relocated in January 2006 to work on a different project with same employer. I filed AR11 (Address change) form within the two weeks of relocation. In January of this year I changed employer. I joined with my client company, same location nothing changed. I did not inform USCIS about my change of employment. The job profile is same and salary is more than that was in LC.

    I left my previous employer in good terms so they replied the RFE in the best possible way. I have to wait and see what will happen.

    BTW, in the mean time I called USCIS office to know about name check hoping that it would have been completed. But to my disappointment, they said it is not yet done.

    I recently applied for my 4th EAD.
  15. nkm

    nkm New Member

    GC recd finally

    Just wanted to thank the forum for all their help and information. Although i have not contributed at all until now, this forum has helped me over the years to keep track and answer a lot of questions.

    Out of my experience, I can just say, be patient with the process and it will come through successful eventually (although i have gotten frustated a number of times these 5 years), just hold on. Prayers helped me!!:)

    Thank you all and Good Luck to you too and hope and pray all of you get your GC's soon.


    EB2 - India
    PD - July 07th, 2002 CA
    140-485 - Filed March 05
    FPs and Bios Complete

    485 APPROVED - 08/13/07
    Cards Received - 08/18/07
  16. gamamvp

    gamamvp Registered Users (C)

    ADD My profile to list

    Still awaiting I-485 approval
    Here are the details to my case:
    PD 4/16/2002
    EB2 - as of Sept. VISA bulletin retrogressed to Jan. 2007
    I-140 RD 10-11-2006
    I-140 AD 07-18-2007
    I-485 RD 05-25-2007
    I-485 AD ?????
    FP ND 06-12-2007
    FP AP 06-27-2007
    I-765 RD 05-30-2007
    I-765 AD 08-19-2007
  17. 2002calabor

    2002calabor Registered Users (C)

    New to 485, need info

    Can someone give me a general outline of 485 process i.e. if you are not stuck in name-check do they call you for an interview? or do they sometimes waive it? What happens at the interview? What kind of questions? Also, what documents do they ask you to bring? What traps to expect when they call you for an interview? If you do pass the interview do they place a stamp in passport there and then or do you need to mail the passports? From that point how long does it take to get the physical card?

    Any info will be helpful, I am "new to 485" and completely clueless about it.

    Also, anyone has experience with calling NSC for status updated? Do they respond with the info or is it just mostly boilerplate responses?
  18. lalaker

    lalaker Registered Users (C)

    485 card production ordered email -- cannot believe it

    still cannot believe this. i got this email for both myself and my wife's 485 case.
    it has not even been 90 days since i filed for my 485.
    here are my details

    Labor PD: 2/2003 EB2

    Service Center : NSC
    140 AD: 8/14/2007
    485 RD: 6/18/2007
    FP Notice: 8/21/2007
    485: card production ordered email received on 9/10/07 :D
    No EAD or AP yet.
  19. GCfreedom

    GCfreedom Registered Users (C)


    Congratulations! Did you get any LUDs prior to approval email?

  20. lalaker

    lalaker Registered Users (C)

    485 card production ordered

    i did get LUD everyday during the week of FP. then i got one LUD a few days before approval.

    hope that helps.

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