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Does visa date availibility have am Impact on I-485 approval?

Hi All,

My pd is 12 march 2003 under EB2 catagory
My 1-140 was apporved on 10 october 2007
My I-485 was filed on 23rd june 2007
My finger printing was done on 14th august 2007
uscis is currently processing I-485 files on 19th july 2007 cases as per the bulliten on 15hth januayr 2008 .Does this mean my case is done? I have not received any news yet...Does the unavailability of PD has an influence on I-485 approval? EB2 is currently "Unavailable" for india.
any advice on this will be appreciated.
Thanks friends in advance,


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Finally approved

Our 485 apps finally got approved and we received an approval notice this week. It's been a really long wait in the NC - exactly 4 yrs, 3 months, 2 weeks.
Hi, Guys,

My case is NIW, priority data is Feb 2004. 140 AP @ Aug. 2005. 485 RD @ Sep. 2005. Name check clearend @Apr. 2008. Our visa was avilaible from June. Last months, I was request ref. and RD July 10. UPDATE on July 11, Junly 14, July 15. But today, no update. Also, meantime, my wfie case not update.

I am so nervous, becasue they request to show evidence I still stay with NIW case. Unfortunatelly, these 2 years, I did not have publication. My boss wrote letter telling them I will have paper in the future.

I do not know what is going on there, any body can share any idea?

Thanks a lot


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I-485 pending w/ NSC

My details -
Priority Date - July 2004
I-140 & I485 - Filed during July 2007
I-140 approved in Oct 2007
Received RFE from NSC in Sept 2008
Response received at NSC in last week of Sept 2008.

Not sure what the situation will be now that priority dates have retrogressed again.
RFE on I-485

Experts please help...

There was a mistake in filling G-325 form where it was mentioned that I have been working for Company A since April, 2007. I was not working for that company at that time. I was working for company B on H1B which reached the 6years cap on 02/2008 and I am using EAD for status. Company A gave me a substitute labor and filed for I-140 in April, 2007 which got approved in Dec, 2007. I did a concurrent filing of my I-485 in June, 2007. I started working for company A from April, 2008 using EAD.
Now I recently received a RFE from USCIS on my I-485 petition requesting a copy of H1B petition from company A. Upon cosulting employers attorney, it was found that the information in G-325 is incorrect. Can i file for an amended G-325 at this time? Does USCIS accept if I file amenede G-325?
What are the chances of my 485 being approved?

Gurus please help. i am in a bad situation now
I484 rejection

Hi please help I got a rejection notice for I485 I131 I762 saying my priority date is not current. But I have Eb2 application which is current right now. Please advise thanks