EB2 485: Pls post here

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by sriram1975, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. GCfreedom

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    Keeping my fingers crossed. Enjoy!:)
  2. 485dec2004

    485dec2004 Registered Users (C)

    485 approved.
    EB2 sub labor -dec 2000 PD
    140 approved -Mar 2005
    485 filed -Dec 2004
    transfered to Nebraska - Mar 2007
  3. NoMoreStamps

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    My I-140 was approved today!!!!
    So... *typically* what's the time lag for concurrent filing (rest of the world) from i-140 approval to approval of i-485?

    I can't believe my i-140 was finally approved!! (My LC was filed in 2002).
  4. lalaker

    lalaker Registered Users (C)

    Wait is over -- got the cards today

    I am happy to share this information with the forum. The wait is over -- got the cards today for both myself and my wife.
  5. vfast

    vfast Registered Users (C)

    My details
  6. NoMoreStamps

    NoMoreStamps Registered Users (C)

    My I-485 was filed in January and still... nada... zippo...zilch...nothing
  7. mali03

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    Got approval and card production emails yesterday!:D
    Pls see my details in my signature.
    Thanks to all for the advise and support!
  8. dindin

    dindin Registered Users (C)

    I finally received the magic email: card production ordered. No LUD before the email.

    I cannot believe that the long journay is finally over.
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  9. hens4rth

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    Another Approval. After 5 1/2 years

    Got the magic emails (card production ordered) for me and my wife.
  10. itsgctime

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    Finally approved on 10/10. Thanks for all sharing information. It helped me alot. Found out namecheck pending in July 1st week this year. Sent email to FBI, USCIS, sent DHS 7001 form, contacted congressmen (no help from them ). I don't know when name check cleared. But congressman office helped to expedite EAD which was pending more than 90 days. EAD RD 06/14/07 and approved on 10/02/07.

    PD: Nov 2003
    I-485/140: Nov 2004
    I-140 AD: Nov 2005
    I-485 AD: 10/10/07
  11. satish_hello

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    Hi Guys

    One of my friend got this message like for his EAD only.


    Current Status: We mailed you a decision.

    On October 11, 2007, we mailed you a decision on your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow the instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, please contact customer service.

    Can you guys tell me what does it mean, he is too worried.

  12. pramulreddy

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    Waiting for my I-485 approval...
    01/2004 EB2
    I-140/485-> ConCurrent 5/2005, VSC->NSC 07/07 several LUD's waiting for approval with sai blessing.
    I-140 AD-> 08/2005
    I-485 AD-> ??/??
  13. GoWind

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    We got the same message and it was followed by a denial..

    We got the same message and it was followed by a denial..
  14. usdreams78

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    Can anybody advice me or put their experience with my situation.

    I received the FP Notice for 10/19/07, but when i put my LIN#, it comes up as :

    Case Status Retrieval Failed

    This Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in this automated system. Please check your case receipt number to see if it is correct. If you have questions or concerns about your case status, please contact the National Customer Service Center.

    Please reply.
  15. MyGC2007

    MyGC2007 Registered Users (C)

    Waiting for My I1485 Approval
    PD: Dec2003/EB2
    I140 : ND: April 2007 : Approved Oct 2007
    I485 : ND:08/01/2007 : LUD : 9/26/2007
    FP : 9/25/2007 (Done)

    How to find Name check initiated or not?
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  16. hens4rth

    hens4rth Registered Users (C)

    There are two options

    1. Call USCIS and try your luck. I say luck because some of them are capable of giving that kind of information while others are not (SR vs an Officer)
    2. A more reliable approach is to take an Info Pass appointment. You will most probably know in detail what the heck is happening with your application.

    Good luck

    PS: There used to be an option to email USCIS but I'm guessing they are not accepting any emails now (this is how I knew about my name check process)

  17. MyGC2007

    MyGC2007 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Hens4rth.

    I tried calling 2 times no luck. I will try to get Infopass appointment.
    simply they are saying now current processing timings are Nov 2006 and yours Aug 2007 so you have to wait.

    PD: Dec2003/EB2
    I140 : ND: April 2007 : Approved Oct 2007
    I485 : ND:08/01/2007 : LUD : 9/26/2007
    FP : 9/25/2007 (Done)
  18. MyGC2007

    MyGC2007 Registered Users (C)

    131 status changed to "Document mailed to applicant". Any comments?
  19. greynicolls

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    its approved
  20. MyGC2007

    MyGC2007 Registered Users (C)

    Hi greynicolls

    Thank you.

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