DV 2020 Sri Lankan Winners

Hi..Friends..Plz give your ideas for me .My CN is 23xxx . I decided to marry this December . I thought after my marriage unlock my 260.Now im afraid about my cn .What do you think about my case..what wil i do ? It is problem for my wife .I want to go with her .plz friends tell me
Apart from the comments by @Atlan, make sure you have proofs that the relationship started long before you win the DV Lottery (photos, videos, etc). Because most people intentionally get married in order to get the visas. Therefore, keep the proofs ready.
Guys...I received the document request mail from KCC. It seems they have changed the format of the mail. They have asked marriage certificate as well this time.
Below are the required documents
Passport Biographic Page:
Birth Certificate:
Marriage Certificate:
Police Certificates:
Marriage Termination Documentation:
Military Records:
Court Record:


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@Atlan Did you get the O/L A/L certificate translated and obtain that issuing card?
The embassy asks for the A/L results sheet issued by the school. It's in both Sinhala and English so I don't have to translate. I'll get the results collection card from Exam Department soon after getting the 2NL.

@DannCF you can use this link to obtain certificates for US green card ( http://doenets.lk/certificate/ )
Thanks for the link. I checked, but the dropdown list has results from 2001 and later only.

Are they issuing the results collection card (which we have to hand over to the embassy) if someone applies online?
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Now there's a new barrier for new immigrants:

Visa applicants will have to prove to consular officials that they will be covered by approved health insurance within 30 days of entry into the US or possess the financial means to "pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs."
@Atlan , then how we should prove?


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@Atlan , then how we should prove?
This would come in to effect on 03 November 2019 unless it's challenged in the courts. Still details are not available regarding how it would affect the DV winners. The embassy might update the instructions. Will have to wait and see.