B2 - rejected twice


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Triple citizen,

No documents were asked to be submitted. I was told that it was under administrative processing.
And now I have been asked to drop only the passport alone without any documents/fees etc etc...:(:(:(

Triple Citizen

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212(g) may also mean "administrative process". Perhaps you had a "hit" and thus your name was sent to Washington. It is possible that now your name has been cleared and the consulate is ready to issue you the visa. Send your passport and see what happens.
Good luck!!!

JOE786 said:
Triple citizen,

No documents were asked to be submitted. I was told that it was under administrative processing.
And now I have been asked to drop only the passport alone without any documents/fees etc etc...:(:(:(


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B-2 visa for Mom 4 times rejected.


I am in a similar situation. My History:

1) Applied for B-2 visa with my mom in delhi consulate in 2000 . The sponsorer was my brother who was on H1 in USA. The officer rejected my visa but gave only 6 months visa to my mom.

2) My mon came to usa stayed with my brother for 6 months and left

3) Meanwhile my father applied for VISA . He was a senior goverment officer then and got 10 years multiple entry visa.

4) I also came to US on H1 in Nov 2000.

4) My mom again applied for visa after 1 year as she wanted to visit my brother . This time the consulate rejected her visa.

3) My mom again applied for B2 visa after 1 year, this time she was rejected.
The same thing happened 4 times

5) 5th time she got only 3 months visa but she didn't come to USA.

6) My father is retired now and his health is not good . He wants to come and visit with us with my brother and me in USA along with my mom.

7) This time I want to try to sponsor my mom for B2 visa so she can come to USA.I have a Green Card now. I am really worried that my mom might get rejected again .

Can someone please suggest if it would be a good idea for me to sponsor her B2 as I applied with her in the consulate 7 years aga and I got rejected.? Any tips or suggestions?

My brother will get citizenship next year . Will my mom have any problems in getting the green card as she was rejected B-2 visa many times?

We all fall under New Delhi Consulate.

Thank You,


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Hi All,

I have faced similar situation couple months before for my mother's visitor visa. My mother visa got rejected 4 times through chennai consulate. Finally got a reference from one my friend regarding the following travel agent in Chennai. His details as follows :

ESKAY world travels (P) Ltd,
A/5, (Basement) Gemini Parsn Commercial Complex,
600, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 006.

Telephone : 24254211

I will charge as follows :

Initially he request you to pay : Rs. 5000.00
After visa successful stamping : Rs. 10000.00

I have referred to couple of my friends. They also successfully got through him. He having very close contact with Consulate.


is moorthy ,the person u specified still wth the same address ..can he be contacted..can u pls tell if thr is any changes?


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shemz5 -
dont fall for such scam - no one can influence consulate for a decision - this is just somebody trying to take your money..
please keep trying with more documents to prove your case.. that is the only way


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Hi,glad to see you!Please contact him directly. I'm not very sure about that. Thanks,
He is very helpful regarding this.


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B2 Visa Experience.

My parents applied for their visa for the first time in Feb 2002 and then again in June 2005. Both times they were rejected stating 214 (b), which means they do not have enough ties with the home country.

They applied for the visa again on 12/07 and this time they were interviewed for about 15 - 20 mins and got a 10 yrs visa. Each time I had sent the I 134 with all the docs and my parents took their real estate paper, bank stmt, etc but the officer never even bothered to look.
This time, the officer took the time to read the cover letter that I provided and didn't look at any other document. In my cover letter, I introduced my self and got straight to the point stating they were rejected due to 214 (b) but thats not the case followed by 4 bullet points stating their financial situation and their ties to India. Officer kept asking questions based on ties and general information about me and that was it.

Here is what I noticed in my case and a few cases that I have seen and heard of. It might just be a coincidence but whatever works!:
1. Each time visa was rejected the interview was towards the end of the month. (possible there a quota for each month?)
2. Each time they were rejected was early to mid week. This time was Friday, weekend mood? :)


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Visa for exam

i am currently in UK i was issued visitors visa once and refused once , its been one year that my visa has been refused , i was given with 221(g) letter, ...this was at london consulate.....i would now like to apply for visa to appear for my NPTE exam ....I would like anybody to help me is it advisable to apply directly for visitors visa stating that i am appearing for exam ...or is there any other way........please guide me in this regard.

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Apply for a visit visa and submit documentation showing that you are going to the US to take an exam. Good luck!!!


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hi all
please help me,
i am in a dangerous situation right now
i am in usa at present and illegal, but i have c1/d visa so,
i can go to india and able to come with that visa,
but i read about moorthy and he helps to get B1/B2 visa in chennai and i was trying to contact him and i couldn;t so, please if anybody knows about his recent contact details post for me.
thank you


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My mother got her 10 years multiple entry Visitor visa in october 07, she was planning to come in November 07 but due to her ill health she postponed her trip. She is coming in June 08.

Does it create any issues at Port of entry. This is her first visit to USA.

Gurus, please help.

Appreciate your valuable information.

Thank you.


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I accept with information:Since my Dad’s passport was not ready at that time, he couldn’t apply for visitor visa in April/May 2002 together with my Mom. My Dad then applied in Aug/Sep 2002 along with all the required documents sent by me, again, when he got his passport. But his visa application was rejected twice. Both the time he was asked whether he gets pension since he is retired (58 years old). My Dad had replied that he doesn’t get pension in both the interview, since he was employed by private company (that is in lock out situation now) and he was not a government servant. As he doesn’t get pension, his application for visitor visa was denied both the times


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Hi Guys,

Does any one know the description of "Ineligibility under Section 214 (b)". This is the stamp on my Dad's passport by Maerican consulate. This is in continuation to B2 VISA rejected twice. Thank you.

This means tht your parents were refused because the officer wasn't convinced abt their return to India....They need to show more proof of their ties to India....