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Nov 21, 2006
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Naperville, IL, USA
Sr. Network Engineer (CCIE#24520)

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Sep 18, 2017
    1. Amena afridi
      Amena afridi
      Hi my mom have green card so it's gone expired so she is gonna go to pakistan on 30 January cox her mom has cancer so can she go with pakistani passpord?
    2. JOVIN
      Please advise.
      My sister, a US citizen, petitioned for me and my family in 1998. I, two daughters immigrated. My wife's status in this petition is ' Ready'. But I do not wish to ask my sister to give AOS for my wife. 1. Can I petition for my wife?2. Can the benefit of no waiting period in my sister's petition for my wife be transferred to my petition, so that my wife has no wait period to get visa?
    3. Vijaya Reddy
      Vijaya Reddy
      Not able to post in free conf calll.
    4. AllyZZZ

      Im a US citizen, applied I-130 and its pending for my sister.
      She, her husband and two kids have B2 visa for the rest of the year.
      They want to come visit me in US from Ukraine (Crimea, I guess its Russia now).
      Is there chance that they would not be allowed to enter US? Or everything is fine?

      Thank you very much!
    5. f1_say_h1
      I have a friend in Pakistan who will be assisting me but I need to show him exactly what is required so that he does get the right document made from NADRA. Shukria.
    6. f1_say_h1
      I am applying for my parents and my Father's birth is from India and has no record in Pakistan. I think I will be requiring a NABC made from NADRA, Is that right? Do you have any format you can share. Thanks
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    Naperville, IL, USA
    Sr. Network Engineer (CCIE#24520)
    A Pakistani-Canadian-American who loves square cutting and driving stick shift cars!!!

    Cricket, Cars and Computers


    S K Ghori

    I underwent the immigration process in both Canada and the US. I hold Pakistani, Canadian and US citizenship.

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