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Discussion in 'B Visa Issues at the Consulate' started by dbmanish, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. dbmanish

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    Hi Guys,

    Need help on this. It's lenghy but to provide complete scinario.

    Last year, My Mom (46 years old) was issued 10 years Visitor visa (multiple entry) at Mumbai, in April/May 2002, based on all the required documents attached to her application. She is a housewife. She visited me here, from May to November 2002.

    Since my Dad’s passport was not ready at that time, he couldn’t apply for visitor visa in April/May 2002 together with my Mom. My Dad then applied in Aug/Sep 2002 along with all the required documents sent by me, again, when he got his passport. But his visa application was rejected twice. Both the time he was asked whether he gets pension since he is retired (58 years old). My Dad had replied that he doesn’t get pension in both the interview, since he was employed by private company (that is in lock out situation now) and he was not a government servant. As he doesn’t get pension, his application for visitor visa was denied both the times.

    My Dad has our apartment as a property on his name and some bank balance received after his retirement. He still expects some retirement benefit to be released by his employer.

    Of course we can apply by mail now but not sure about getting VISA.

    Any idea in these circumstances how do one get the Visitor VISA?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Visitor Visa Issues

    Hi All,

    I have faced similar situation couple months before for my mother's visitor visa. My mother visa got rejected 4 times through chennai consulate. Finally got a reference from one my friend regarding the following travel agent in Chennai. His details as follows :

    ESKAY world travels (P) Ltd,
    A/5, (Basement) Gemini Parsn Commercial Complex,
    600, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 006.

    Telephone : 24254211

    I will charge as follows :

    Initially he request you to pay : Rs. 5000.00
    After visa successful stamping : Rs. 10000.00

    I have referred to couple of my friends. They also successfully got through him. He having very close contact with Consulate.

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  3. dbmanish

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    Thank you for your kind reply. We'd talk to this person. But do you know whether he can help with Mumbai consulate? Just wondering ... Thank you again.
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    my mother in law has faced similar problem of getting rejected twice at mumbai consulate recently. We have tried for her third time again by post, but this time we took a letter from our local congressman over here in the US & sent it along with other documents. So if u can do that , atleast there might be some chances of getting it, though not guaranteed. otherwise i would suggest to wait for a while since the war situation has made things difficult specially at mumbai embassy.

    Best luck !!!
  5. visitor_visa

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    Please contact him directly. I'm not very sure about that. Thanks,

    Please contact him directly. I'm not very sure about that. Thanks,
    He is very helpful regarding this.
  6. Priya_23

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    dbmanish, did you contact the travel agent to find out if s/he
    assists for the mumbai consulate?
    If yes, did you try it? Please let me know if you have any updates on this. My friend's parents got rejected twice as well in march.
  7. Priya_23

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    did taking the letter from the congressman help in your
    mail application. Did your MIL finally get the visa? thanks.

    M.S.MOORTHY New Member


    M.S.MOORTHY New Member

    No solicitation please. Rajiv.

    Note: In our opinion, a private agent cannot obtain visas once denied. All claims made in this regard should be treated as false and misleading. Act with caution.
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  10. dbmanish

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    Hi Mr.Moorthy,

    Nice to see you on this forum. Thank you for your email address.

  11. planningforvisa

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    Do u have any branch office for folks applying from Delhi Consulate....

  12. dbmanish

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    Ineligibility under Section 214 (b)

    Hi Guys,

    Does any one know the description of "Ineligibility under Section 214 (b)". This is the stamp on my Dad's passport by Maerican consulate. This is in continuation to B2 VISA rejected twice. Thank you.
  13. planningforvisa

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    This means tht your parents were refused because the officer wasn't convinced abt their return to India....They need to show more proof of their ties to India....
  14. dbmanish

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  15. sandeep_bhushan

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  16. planningforvisa

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    From which consulate she applied.......

    How old is she??

    Wht questions were she asked.......

  17. sandeep_bhushan

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  18. planningforvisa

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    Your mother's anwers look perfect to me........

    can't understand why she was rejected......are you on H1 or greencard.

    Pathetic these consular officers......
  19. dbmanish

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    Congressman Letter

    Hi Guys,

    We haven't tried 3rd time for my Dad's visa but just got attention on this Congressman Letter ... I would like to find out more on this if "V_indian" can provide some details on it like how to get it, what should be the content, on plain paper or his letter head, who should draft it, is there any format or if you could type the content on this link.

    I'd appreciate if Rajiv can provide some light on it.

    Thank you.
  20. Rajiv S. Khanna

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    Re: Congressman Letter

    What can I say folks. These visas are almost 100% a matter of unfettered discretion.

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