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  • Dear Rajiv Khanna
    I'm following your very interesting and helpful forum about immigration for months now, and I want at first to thank you for this initiative.
    Now I have a request to send you.

    My personal email is ebrasey@gmail.com
    We liv in South of France by now.
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards.
    Edouard Brasey,
    hi Rajiv:
    how it going? I have a question about DV 2014 lottery. I winner DV and filled the form DS260 i think i made mistake about zip code in sudan i wrote does not apply. do you think is the problem to reject visa ?
    please help me
    and thank a lot
    Hi Rajiv:
    I have a question regarding a CSPA issue for my brother and his wife and 21 year old daughter.

    Application type F-4
    Application was filed on 06/26/98
    Application was approved on 05/10/99
    Child’s date of birth is: 02/05/88
    Child turned 21 years of age on 02/05/09
    The I-130 priority date is 06/23/98 (already current)
    The D-230 Visa application and other paperwork has not been submitted yet
    Daughter is currently enrolled in a master’s program - graduate in Oct/Nov of 2010.

    1. Is the 21 year old still protected under CSPA .
    2. Can we delay so Interview is in July of 2010 and they can make their entry into the US in Nov/Dec of 2010.
    3. What is the deadline for them to submit the D-230 visa application and to do the interview and arrive in the US without the 21 year old daughter aging out.
    3. We are concerned with police clearance – If we submit now, will we have to resubmit? These are troublesome to get.
    Hi Rajiv,

    My current H1-B expired in early May 09 and a got 3yrs extension in early Sept 09. My 6yrs on H1-B visa technically ends on Jan 2010 but as I have a labor and I-140 approved I was able to file for a 3 yr extension. Now I have been told that my position will be eliminated at the end of this year and I need your help with the following questions:

    1) Am I allowed to transfer the H1-B (after being on 6 the years on current H1-B) to another employer?
    2) Does the new company have to file for a LC for me before they can apply for H1-B transfer or can this done at later time?
    3) How long does my current employer have to keep LC, I-140 and H1-B valid to allow my H1-B transfer to go through without any issues?

    Any help is highly appreciated.
    Dear Rajiv,

    I would like to post the following question on your next conference call.

    I would like to apply for a green card through your organization and I am not sure which category is more suitable (through EB-2 (NIW) or any other).

    My employer, State Department, does not sponsor labor certification, but will provide employment verification letter and will support I-140 and I-485 applications.

    I have PhD and have more than 20 years experience in my field.

    I did apply for a green Card in 2003, under EB-1 (Extraordinary ability aliens) and my case was denied due to lack of supporting documents.

    I have used my 6 years of H1-B. My current TN1 (Canadian) expires in November 2012.

    Just this days the appointment to go for interview was received. The place will be in the Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Can I change to go to another consulate? That city as of today, is consider the horrible crime city of the entire world. How could be possible that they still sending people to that city in mexico???? I want to change to another city or country consulate. Were can I go and what to do??? thanks.
    Hii ,
    I have a question reg., my OPT
    Im now enrolled in Masters program on H4.
    Im planning to change my status from H4 to F1 for spring 2010.
    school said they'll file in early november.If so then I will get my student visa after the semester has started.
    I already Completed 12 credits and still left over with 27 credits which are required to attend school full time and get an OPT.
    So if i am approved my F1 in spring 2010 then I must be full time student while my F1 is approved.
    To do so I have to enroll for spring semester on H4 full time ie., 9 credits and wait for F1
    then I will be left over with 18 credits which is not sufficient for a student to get an OPT.
    Question: even though I am enrolled for spring on H4 and since I got F1 in spring do they consider me as full time student on F1 from spring semester or do they consider that as I have completed only 18 credits on F1 and deny my OPT.

    Please answer my question

    Please do not post any messages here. I dont read this area. Post your comment under the CORRECT subject on immigration.com or my blog.
    I have received denial Notice from Texas Center for EB3 /I-485 case after waiting for a long time.Texas center had requested section 2451 elegibilty on june 30th 2009. i have contacted a labor department to get necessary document. which proven my elegibility that i have submited case April 30 ,2001. Finaly i have mail the proof to appropraite department. My I-140 was approved in May2005, I have no idead why do i received denial notice. SO please help me.what shall i do, not only that i have been waiting for a week to received denial notice reason. so please advice immediatly what shall i do !
    Please do not post any messages here. I dont read this area. Post your comment under the CORRECT subject on immigration.com or my blog.
    I am in US on L1-A with company X (I-94 valid till May 2010), Got my H1-B approved in August 2009 with company Y (I-94 approval till from October 1st 2010 to Sepember 2012).
    Question is, if I dont, join company Y on october 1st, does my H1-B gets cancelled, can I extend the date of joining to company Y till March 2010. Company Y is ok even if I join them as late as March 2010.
    Please do not post any messages here. I dont read this area. Post your comment under the CORRECT subject on immigration.com or my blog.
    Hi Rajiv,
    I need a help from you. I am planning to go to INDIA on 31st July and come back by 7th September 2009. I have the H1B validity till Sep 30th and VISA also till Sep 30th. I did not apply for the H1 extension. I am planning to file the extension after i come back. My question is
    1. Can i come back with existing H1B and VISA?
    2. If so what kind of questions i may asked at port of entry?
    3. What are the documents that i need to carry?
    4. Some of friends are telling it risky to go with out H1B extension?

    Please suggest me ASAP

    Pls advise. My husband is a winner for DV 2009 and his Case no is 2009AF000646xx. Does he has chances of receiving the 2nd letter and can we start preparing our docs.
    Please do not post any messages here. I dont read this area. Post your comment under the CORRECT subject on immigration.com or my blog.
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