Applicants Who Filed/or About To File Form I-129f For A K-3 Visa, Please Share Your Story Here

Discussion in 'General K Visas and Related Issues' started by Eren, May 29, 2002.

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    Thanx Ozziewench- arundi
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    Did you pay by check? Cause if you did, check to see if it has been cashed and see if the bank can get you a copy of the back of the check. Usually an assigned case number would be stamped on there. It starts with like 3 letters and then 13 numbers. That is how I guessed my case and verified with an immigration officer. But she could not tell me much either. I have been getting the runaround too when I call customer service. They refered me to do an infopass with an immigration officer who pretty much told me to email USCIS about the receipt notice that I have not received in over 30 days, who then told me to call customer service. So when I contacted customer service I asked to speak to an immigration officer and told them I have been giving the runaround, who assisted me. Just to be sure to, word of advice since the nice immigration officer gave me this info, be sure to write down any transaction number the customer representative might give you for assisting you in your case. You might be able to use it if nothing has happend within 30 days.
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    Also Arundi,

    Customer service told me that usually the average time for someone to receive a notice is 2-3 weeks, but should be 45 days at the most. So far it has been since the 24th of April since I have not received anything from the California Service Center. They told me that they inputed the request in the system and allow another 30 days from the 24th of May. :( Hopefully all goes well and sooner for ya.
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    Waiting for NOA

    Thanks. Interesting how you guessed your case #. I paid with a bank-issued international money order. They have put a trace on it, but it's taking a couple of weeks to get verification. Your tip on talking to someone @ InfoPass is a good try. The 800 # for USCIS is a call-center. Maybe InfoPass is a little better? Maybe?
    I think their message to us all is: Wait. And they are in control. Good luck to you too. Are you waiting fo rsomething form Cali. Re: the 129F or the I30? Is it a spouse or fiance in your case?
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    Actually, I filed a I-130 for my husband cause he is in Germany now. I mailed it on the 13th of April to Cali since I live here:p I was doing my research on the whole process just by reading all these forums and then I noticed some advice about finding out your case number if you have not received anything but know that your check was cashed. So that is what I did as soon as my check was cashed, I saw the three letters and numbers (WAC 071#######). So I went online in the USCIS sight, and then registered myself to check the case status online, and entered what I thought was my case number. All I saw was that they received it and it was pending. Did you sent it by priority mail? :confused: I have a signed receipt of the person that signed of that they received my package. So I called the 1800 number and the guy told me to speak to an immigration officer cause I needed to make a correction on my stuff. So I did, but turns out that Sacramento has nothing to do with I-130 petitions. But they did verify that the WAC ######## was my case and verified my name and my husbands. Just to let you know, all they will have on file is your basic info. All the other information will be filed once your spouse has the interview. That is what the immigration officer told me. But I just file an I-129 also, so hopefully either one goes through soon :rolleyes:

    Dont worry, its a waiting game allright, but whatever it takes to bring the one you love, will make you stronger:D
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    Receipt of Notice

    I filed an I130 form for my husband who is a british citizen and his currently living abroad, i am in texas. Filed this form on 15th May and am still waiting on receipt of notice. how long should this take? After that i apply for I-129f? How long will that take and then i have my husband apply for the K3 visa at his us embassy? how long does this take?????? I am tired of waiting!!! Can i go and visit him in Scotland whilst the applications are pending???

    Please help me!!!
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    need help please!
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    Pls I need help, I am an F1 student who just got into the country last 2 months....I have a lady I have been chart with before I came here. she's a US citizen and we hope to get married by December....She's in Florida and Im in chicago..pls would this affect my getting a green card? plus I wuold have to leave school and got out of status when we get marriedPls what are my chances of getting a green card with this predicarment....I need HELP
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    Same Situation, Different Day

    Hi Everyone,

    First of, let me just say that I spent the last 2 hours at work reading all the posts on this forum!! All the way from the very first post in 2002 up until the ones this year.

    Like all of you, I have too many unanswered questions flying around in my head.

    I met my beautiful fiance' when she was completing her undergraduate studies here in CA. She is from Malaysia and upon graduation .. decided to go back to her home country for many personal reasons ie. family.

    On June the 12th of this year we filed our I-129f petition. We got an acknowledgement of receipt a few weeks later and have heard nothing since. Fast forward 4 months later, we are in talks with a lawyer who is telling us that his petition can take between 8 - 12 months to complete. (From date of filing to her entrance into the united states).

    However, we have a problem. She has gotten accepted to do her gradaute studies here in CA for a semester that will commence in March of 2009. However, for her to get an F-1 visa again would have a negative effect on the already filed petition and vice versa.

    What do we do?

    Do we wait on the petition? Will it really take another 8 months???? We are getting tired with all this waiting and not hearing anything back.

    If anyone of you could maybe share some insight as to what we should do, and how long more we shold wait ... that would be g r e a t .

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    I-134 when being laid-off


    I am a US citizen, and I've filed I-130 and I-129F to bring my wife to US based on K3 Visa. I've been laid-off recently and unless I find job real soon, I may have problem filling out I-134 Form since I have to provide current employer and job info on that form.

    Has anyone experienced this problem before or facing right now? I'd really appreciate some guidance here..

    Thanks a lot, guys.
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    If you cannot meet the financial obligations at the time of the interview, then you will need to find a co-sponsor (who is either a USC or LPR) who can help you meet them.
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    please let me know


    My wife had DEC 30,2008 for I-130 & JAN 28,2009 for 1-129 F as Received dates. She is waiting for spouse visa in india.
    After approval of both, she gonna get interview pkg or how it works?
    Please let me know, thanx..
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    Once the Form I-129F petition has been reviewed and approved by the USCIS, the petition is forwarded to the U.S. Department of State’s National Visa Center.

    At this stage, a background check is initiated on both parties. Once this is completed, the petition is forwarded to the embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over the foreign national’s petition.

    The embassy/ consulate will send a packet to the alien spouse with required forms and information, and schedule an interview date, and the alien spouse will undergo a medical exam. The alien spouse will also present a number of new forms and supporting documentation at the visa interview.
    also see
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    I-130 and i-129f??

    I am planning to marry overseas, return home to US, then petition to bring him home on the K-3.

    My question is, why do I have have fill out BOTH the I-130 and the I-129F? I can find no documentation explaining this. The forms appear to be very similar.

    Also, once I file both forms, can I use a courier receipt for him to start applying for the K-3?

    Thanks so much! Prior postings have been very helpful.

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    I-129: December'08
    NAO1: December'08
    RFE: April'09
    NAO2: July'09
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    Still Waiting

    I-130 receipt date August 13, 2008 I-129(K-3) status receipt date October 1, 2008 Today's date July 9, 2009 Have not received any word on either one, both are outside normal processing times, I-130 has been sixty days since notifying the office of the processing time August 10, 2009 will be the sixty days for the K-3. will post if i get any new information.
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    My I130 (filed in June of 08) was lost and my husband filed the I129f Dec of 08, he recieved a letter in August telling him that it was in "addtional processing" and to contact them in 6 months. Now what I would like to know is why the hell are they doing this? it's been 8 months,isnt that long enough??? Or what should I do, suffice to say we are not impressed
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    my experience

    From my experience with K1, as long as you follow the instructions and be organized and give them plenty of evidence, it goes pretty smooth. But it costs a lot of money to marry someone this way and they way they do things doesn't always make sense but what you can do, and waiting is the part I hate. We are US Citizens, why should we have to wait, but I guess if you ask immigration why, they will just say, you can't hurry love, you'll just have to wait.
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    Can you elaborate on this?


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