Applicants Who Filed/or About To File Form I-129f For A K-3 Visa, Please Share Your Story Here

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    For a fiance you need to file I129F for a k1 visa. I130 is filed by US citizens for their spouses for adjustment of status. However, they will also have to file I129f if they want to get their spouses to US on K3 visa.
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    K3 Processing times at National Benefits Center


    I am a US Citizen married to a Mexican citizen. I applied for the K-3 visa in March. My priority date is March 7, 2004. I have been monitoring the processinig dates at the USCIS since March ( At first the backlog was about two months. For example, on March 20 they were processing applications received on Jan 15. Everything seemed to be going ok, although slow. They were going through 1 week worth of applications every two weeks. Then the end of May/beginning of June rolls around. Everything grinded to a halt, basically. Since the end of May the National Benefits Center has advanced 2 days (as of July 21st) in applications. They have gone from processing applications with a priority date of Feb 10 to a priority date of Feb 12th. At this rate they will get to my application in about 20 months. Any ideas why the sudden slowdown at the NBC? The whole purpose of creating the K-3 visa nonimmigrant status was to have a process much quicker than immigrant status. I have a lawyer, although it hasn't paid off much. She says that there is nothing we can do. She has been in contact with our congressman and the congressman phoned the NBC to try and expidite things. They said they could not speed things up. It would be another 60 to 90 days. Is there really nothing else I can do? Am I at the mercy of the NBC and just have to sit and wait? I remember hearing about a congressional mandate that required K-3 visas to be processed in 90 days or less. Has any one heard of this? I can't find any information any where and my lawyer has been less than helpful.

    I have now moved temporarily to Mexico to be with my wife. I hope to stay here until the visa is issued. Is there anything more that I can do directly working with the consulate here in Mexico? I know that some countries allow for Direct Consular Filings. Is this still an option for me? Please provide any advice that you might have regarding my situation. We just bought a house in the US and just want to be there together. I don't know how much longer my job will let me stay in Mexico and we don't want to be apart any longer. On a side note, I tried filing for a B2 visitors visa for her and she was denied (as expected). Are there any other options or visas that I am overlooking?

    I am sorry about the length of this posting but this has been a long emotional process with no end in site.


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    I can understand your feelings and I sympathize with you. WHich service center do you fall under? The reason I ask you is Vermont, is approving I-130 for US citizen spouses (currently April 2004) faster than k3 visa approval from National SC. Isn't that something?

    You wouldn't need to apply for K3 visa if you fall under VSC.
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    I should have moved to Pennsylvania before starting this. If I only knew then what I know now. Unfortunately, I live two states over in Indiana. As such, I fall under the Nebraska Service Center. You have any ideas about what the hold up is? I have family in Pennsylvania. Would it be possible to use their address and have my I130 transferred to Vermont?
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    You probably could give PA address, however, there have been delays in the past when files are moved across service centers. Also, you are pretty close to been approved in the next 30 days and I dont see a reason why you should be doing it. Just hang in there for a few more weeks.

    I have no clue why this delay.
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    Thanks for the information. I really appreciate your help. What makes you think it will only take 30 days longer? They have been going so slowly lately...2 days in two months.
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    Its actually 2 days in a month, they normally update every 15 days. New dates might be out in approximately a week.
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    no NOA of I-130 even after 8 weeks


    my wife filed I-130 for me almost 8 weeks back..the check got cleared..even we have the courier reciept..but we havent recd. any NOA # so far from Nebraska centre...,

    curiously another friend of mine filed 4 weeks back and he has got the NOA #

    pls advise as to how to check up with the office regarding this..or shall we treat the # on the back side of cancelled check and go ahead and file I129F ( K3) based on such number...

    does the nebraska office entertain queries regarding non reciept of NOA# or is it advised to simply keep waiting endlessly????
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    I have applied for my wife and I did get back my NOA within a month. If I was you I would call I think its 1 (800) 375-5283 this is for the National Customer Service Center (NCSC). They can help you I think.
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    Fast process times

    I applied for my wife's I-130 on 5th July. There is not much we can do to speed up the NOA response from Nebraska but I tried the following.
    1. Sent application by priority mail and it reached the office at 10:00 am on 6th june.
    2. Sent postal money order instead of personal check. May save a few days to cash the check.

    Let's see how it goes.

    Also, I had looked at the following link ( on 6th june and it showed that as of June 21 2005, NBC was processing K3 applications for Feb 25, 2005 (116 days behind). But when I checked today, it showed that they were currently processing for June 14th 2005 as of July 7th 2005 (24 days behind). What an improvement!!!

    All the best to everyone.
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    My question to you guys is , which process is faster to brng you love one to the USA. I'm a US citizen and my fiance lives overseas, i would like bring him to the US but i wanna know which way is the faster, if marrying him back in his country or filing the fiance petition. Which one gets faster response. I live in NJ i'm not sure under what center my application will fall.
    Please answer me and waiting :(
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    permanent status

    nidasheets: This is my question.

    I came here in the united states as KI visa or fiancee visa, my fiancee called me while im in the process of of my medical exam as one of the requirements he said that he will not marry me anymore, and i had already a scheduled for my interview to the US embassay, in my mind come what may, if he drop his petition of coming to the united states or not, so i take a chance to showed up the interview, its a surprise that he did not drop it. So i got a visa, since i had visa i can come to visit america, my x fiancee is a changeable mind, he said he will marry me and then all of the sudden he change his mind again, So i decide not to marry him, i meet a guy and told him my situation, and he meet me in person and then we get along in a period of time and we decide to get

    A B C D E F G H I J K
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    I was reading your post , I just want to ask from you based on your experiences on fiancee visa.

    I wonder If sending a wrong photo spec might affect the denial of the petition?

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    Case History-US Citizen Who Filed I-129F(K-3 Visa) for India Spouse w/Chicago USCIS

    Hi. This is to share our Case History to benefit other couples, and to request feedback on recently completed K-3 (Spouse) visas/ process in 2006 with Chicago USCIS. I'm a female, U.S. Citizen, in Virginia. My husband is a citizen of India (Delhi). We married in India last month and just started the process for my husband's immigration. We are both working Professionals in the fields of Journalism and Information Technology.

    We are looking for information on turnaround timeframes and process, so we may understand how the process unfolds with communication between the USCIS Chicago office, US Embassy in Delhi, and USCIS Vermont. Any feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    Our Case History Timeline:
    09/22/06 - Applicant (US Citizen) marries India Citizen, in Lucknow, India
    10/04/06 - Applicant mailed I-130 Petition to USCIS Vermont via USPS
    10/06/06 - Applicant rec'd USPS Return Receipt from USCIS Vermont
    10/10/06 - USCIS Vermont sent I-797C NOA (Receipt Notice) for I-130
    10/14/06 - Applicant rec'd I-797C NOA (Receipt Notice) for I-130
    10/19/06 - Applicant mailed I-129F (K3 Visa) to USCIS Chicago via USPS
    10/20/06 - Applicant mailed supporting K-3 docs to husband in India
    - I-134 Affidavit of Support, and supporting docs
    - DS-156 and DS-156K (Nonimmigrant VISA Application)
    - I-693 Medical Exam Form
    - Original Marriage Certificate
    - Copy of I-130 Petition filed w/ Vermont
    - Copy of I-797 NOA for I-130
    - Copy of I-129F Petition filed w/ Chicago

    Question 1:
    Should we have filed the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization along with the I-129F at the same time with USCIS Chicago? It was not clear, so we did not file the I-765 on 10/19 with I-129F. Please advise.

    Question 2:
    What is the turnaround time for the K-3 visa (spouse) approval from the time of receipt? What is the "Security Clearance", that was requested on the person's discussion thread on this site, that was requested by Chicago USCIS?

    Question 3:
    Is 6 months the average turnaround time for the entire process of the K-3 visa? We thought it was 2-3 months, per the US Embassy in Delhi.

    Respectfully submitted,
  15. clb36McLeanVA

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    Dear Eren,

    My name is Cathy. It appears you wrote these threads back in 2002. I'm not sure if you're still monitoring, but if you are, can you please share what the outcome / Timeline was of your receiving your I-129F and what transpired overall? I just filed for my husband (I'm American, he's from India) and we are praying he will be here in 2 - 6 months. Any insight is a ray of hope for us. Many thanks... - Cathy

  16. clb36McLeanVA

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    How long did it take for Delhi to process the K-3?

    Hi Shelley,
    I just received the NOA for receipt from Chicago for the I-129F. My husband is also in Delhi, India and waiting for approval to get his K-3 Visa. I think you wrote this back in 2002...what has transpired for you since then? Did your fiance receive his K-3 and how long did it take? Thanks. - Cathy

    QUOTE=Shelley Raina]Hi All,

    I just received the approval notice for my K1 fiance petition. My fiance is currently in New Delhi, India.
    Anyone here who has recently applied knows of the time frame it takes the INS to send out a package
    to the Consulate in Delhi. Someone told me it might take as long as 3 months for the approved petition to
    reach Delhi. Is that true??

  17. JamiBVA

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    Approved Evidence

    Hi All,

    What forms of evidence did you all submit as proof of meeting your fiance that was approved? Will pictures suffice? I have my plane ticket receipts, but we were bothing living abroad for some time before we met each other and he was still there after I returned to the US. I have tons of pictures of the both of us over 1 and 1/2 years. Are pictures acceptable? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Mis-filed I-129: Can I re-submit?

    I am petitioning towards the K3 Visa for my husband, and have the receipt for the I-130 in hand.

    I recently sent the I-129F mistakenly to the Nebraska Service Center, having jurisdiction over my state of residence (Oregon) instead of to the USCIS Chicago office, where the spousal I-129Fpetitions are directed. I understand that the process is supposed to go faster when sent to Chicago under the LIFE Act.

    I have not yet received a receipt (+ 30 days) and the hotline won't give any info. without a receipt No. Will my petition be forwarded to the appropriate office in Chicago?

    Should I refile the whole petition package/evidence/fee to Chicago to avoid delays in processing? Will it be problematic if the Nebraska Center has it in the system also?

    Thank for any ideas..
  19. Arundi

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    Is proof of relationship (photos, a shared history together) supposed to be included in the I-130 and I-129F packages, or only the marriage doc.? The forms do not instruct any extra personal evidence until the spouse goes for their interview, but I am seeing that many people include materials of this kind in their petitions. Ideas/experiences?
  20. ozziewench

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    Evidence of a bonafide marriage is required for the I-130 as per the I-130 Instructions. It never used to be that way but it has been for a while now. It is not required for the I-129F for a spouse but can be helpful depending on the consulate/embassy where the K-3 interview will take place and if there is any red flags.

    I won't respond to your previous question here as I have responded to you elsewhere :)

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