Add Passport renewal experience at Indian Consular Offices in US


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I sent my passport to the Houston, TX consulate office. I sent it on June 20th and Houston office sent back renewed passport back on July 3rd 2008.

This looks pretty good, but there is a bit story here. Though Houston Passport center sent to me on July 3rd through FedEx, I received the passport on hand on July 28th 2008.

The problem is now with the FedEx, they just dropped the package at my apartment without leaving any note at my door. Apartment guys notified me on July 28th.

So, to cut the long story short, Houston office is doing good.


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Would anyone be able to share the info on which carrier service does Washington DC consulate use to ship passports back and how many days does it take to deliver them? BTW, I paid $20 for the mailing service.

Any needed info will be greatly appreciated.



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Would anyone be able to share the info on which carrier service does Washington DC consulate use to ship passports back and how many days does it take to deliver them? BTW, I paid $20 for the mailing service.

Ans : I used USPS for sending my documents and Washington DC consulate shipped my passports (old and new passports were sent only in that envelope) using USPS back to me, It took 3 business days.


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Thanks a lot for that reply, peacocklover.

Well guys, finally I have the good news.. Yes, my wait from Jul8th has come to an end and I should board my flight happily on Sep 5th :) Today morning we received my passports(old and new) at our home by USPS Express mail. Though the overall experience was very painful, I am still happy about getting them in my hands... But as said this service is one of the worst, mediocre service that I have ever seen...

The interesting but sad thing about my story is that I sent my docs on Jul 7th, they received on Jul 8th, they cashed my cashier's check on Jul 16th, issued my new passport on Aug 1st, but took Aug 25th to reach me??? How rediculous 2 spend more than 3 weeks for just the after-work of issuance and mailing(that too with express mail).

Though I had a full time job, I still kept trying those magic #s (I think it is pure luck, when someone picks up the phone and gives u an useful answer)... and also heard a few 'unreasonable', 'irresponsible' answers to my begging_requests(!!!).

But somehow the story is over without us travelling a 8hr stretch one way to the consulate with our toddler :) I would just wish one more thing that I be able to tell those innocent souls like me that when they have an international travel plan do not apply for the renewal and do not get their blood pressure pumped up in the process...

Thanks for reading this.
How quickly can we get the passport renewal

Hi Guys - I'm VA and I will be going to Indian Consulate at Washington DC on 9th of Sept. (Thats the first available date they have for in person)

My Questions is " How quickly can I get my passport renewal done "

I already have a ticket for India on Oct 3rd, any input would be appreciated

P.S.: I heard that if one goes for in person, it could be done quickly

Thanks -


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I don't believe their process and procedures as mentioned in their website. It's complicated sometimes and it's better need to confirm over the phone before going there in person.
Typo/spelling mistake in new passport

Hey guys,
My husband has just received his re-issued passport under tatkal system.But we figured out the Place of Birth is printed incorrectly in his reissued passport .Both his original/previous passport and the online form show the correct spelling of Place of Birth though, the place is "NADIA" , but it has been printed as NALDA in his new passport. This is not at all a mistake from our side.
Please let me know the procedure to correct the info .We need a new passport with all the correct info.We don't want any endorsement on the recently issued passport. I'd appreciate any info regarding the documents required for this,any online form required to be filled up in advance ,fees, estimated time period to get it corrected and delivered to me if we sent through mail.
Most importantly I also want to know, if I go and meet the consular staff member in person at the India Consulate in Houston ,Do I have to take an appointment in advance ? Is it possible that I get my husbands passport/s and all other documents and present them at the consular office on his behalf? Do I need to carry my passport/marriage certificate as a proof of our relationship?
If they refuse to give me a new passport in place of endorsing the current one, what should I do?
Any suggestions please??
Thanks in advance.


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Please help!!!!!

I need to renew my passport.

I would like to know what is a file number???

We need to fill this information on the form which is needed?

Someone please share this info....

errors while filling the online application form

I need to renew my expiring passport at houston consulate.

While filling the application online I gave im-proper info for addresses & district/country of birth.

What should I do now?

1. Correct the stuff after printing the form & white marking the wrong ones? And put a cover letter with the details of what I have done.
2. Create another online application and put a cover letter about the old applicatin to be ignored (with app number)?

Pls advice.



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Pls Clarify-----File Number

Is passport number and file number the same thing??

If not,where can I find file number on the passport???

Akash Sharma

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I applied my passport renewal last week, FedEx shows they received it on Thus. I got the application tracking# but I dont find anyway to track the status on my application on their houston website! Is there anyway to track it?
Chicago - Passport Renewal Experience


Today I got my new passport. I would like to share the good experience.

Sent: 15/09 (USPS, Certified Mail)
Received: 25/09 (Both new and old passport)

Here are my suggestion:

1. Follow the steps from consulate website
2. Fill the online application and attach all the required documents
3. Sent the documents in Express Mail USPS (So that you will get tracking number)
4. Pay $40+$20 (Express Mail Delivery)

I still haven't received the certified mail delivery receipt, but I got my new passport. Chicago Indian Consulate doing excellent job!!!!!!! I am very happy about the service.



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I was filling the online application form for passport renewal.

I did not find any specified space to paste the PHOTOGRAPH.

Any suggestions........... as to where the picture needs to be pasted


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signature on the indian PP for minor

i need to renew my son's (9 years old) PP, last 2 passports we got his thumb impressions in place of signature but now he can write his name. what do people usually do when kids are old enough to write? do they still take thumb impressions or make the kids write their names in the specimen signature box on the passport form?

any input appreciated
Hi guys . I have already sent my old passport and the new passport (with a printing mistake in the place of birth section) couple of weeks ago for correction.Also a letter explaining the issue and urgency to receive the a fresh new passport with all correct info ASAP.I have to go to India this month.The operator at the Houston Consulate office said she has no clue how long it is gonna take to process and send back my passport as there is no tracking number attached to the correction case.I checked my fedex tracking number and saw the package was accepted by some T. koli at the mailroom.I hope they are referring to the consulate mail room. I wrote a mail to the consulate asking for a status update and as usual no reply from them.

If anyone has ever gone through the similar situation with Indian consulate at Houston, please share with me. How long it will tentatively take to get it done?
Does anyone have any direct contact number to get some updates?

Thanks guys n I'd really appreciate your help.


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3.5 cm X 3.5 cm pictures?

I found that local CVS and Walgreens do not take 3.5 X 3.5 cms required by Indian Consulate.

From where can I get the pictures taken???

Appreciate your response