Add Passport renewal experience at Indian Consular Offices in US


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I found that local CVS and Walgreens do not take 3.5 X 3.5 cms required by Indian Consulate.

From where can I get the pictures taken???

Appreciate your response

The Picture People at your local mall should do it. I just got my son's pictures done in 3.5cm x 3.5 cm at their shop

hope this helps
dhm 2002


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Q 24 in the application form for indian PP

the Q 24 asks us to declare if we ever possessed any other nationality or travel document of any other country.

we do not have any other nationality but we are PRs of Canada. Is that the same as having Travel Document of another country?

any inputs appreciated
dhm 2002
CGISF Passport Renewal

Sent my documents and passport by USPS Express Mail on Thursday Oct 10, 2008 received new passport (10 year renewal) and old passport back by Express Mail on Tuesday Oct 14, 2008.
That's wicked fast..... :):D


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I was filling the application for passport renewal online (HOUSTON) and it has two address fields and BOTH are mandatory (*) .

1) Address to be Printed in Passport*
2) Other Address *
I have only one address in US and there is no 'Other address' for me. What shall I put in the 'Other address' field ?

Another question is, If you are sending by mail the application for passport renewal, do you need to notarize any of the documents ? (The reason I am asking this is, for the PIO card application in HOUSTON, if you are applying directly at the counter you DO NOT need to notarize any documents where as you DO NEED to notarize them is applying by mail - I know this by personal experience.)
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Can any one tell me what are the required documents for minor passport renewal


Can any one tell me what are the required documents to be carried to the Houston office (in person), for minor passport renewal.

Passport Renewed-Printing Issue on the First page


I had a question about one of my friends recent passport renewal. He recently got his passport renewed and all information is entered correctly. However, the information typed on the first page of the passport is shifted up...all information overlaps with the field names on the passport. It is a printing issue. Will that cause a problem in the future ? Has anyone with recent passport renewals have the same issue on their passport ?

Passport renewal at Washington DC

I have sent my passport for renewal on Nov 6th received by the embassy on 7th Nov thinking it will be processed in 4 to 7 business days as per their website. So far there is nothing in mail. I have no clue long much longer its going to be. I have an India trip pretty soon and wondering if they really process in 4 to 7 business days or if we are at their mercy.

Would it help if I take the pains of flying to Washington DC and appearing in person at the consulate? My appointment date was 11th Nov.


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Experience with Indian Passport Renewal at Washington DC

I sent in my passport to the Indian Embassy in Washington DC on October 15 for renewal but have still not received it (well over a month ago) -- my appointment date was October 20. I tried calling the Embassy numerous times (202-939-9888 supposedly has a dedicated person to answer all queries but no one ever picks up the phone), e-mailed them and also faxed them but there is no response. A couple of weeks back, a lady from the embassy called saying that they are waiting for clearance from the Indian Consulate in NY before they can process the passport renewal (my old passport was issued in NY). The lady said that clearance is "standard procedure" and can take up to 30 days. She added that it cannot be expedited.

It is unfortunate that this has happened - I had to cancel an important business trip because I did not receive the passport (try explaining this to your colleagues and business associates!!). This is total incompetence on part of the Indian Embassy and I don't know what else to do but wait.

The Indian Embassy web page says normal processing time is 4 to 7 business days. My advice to readers is to NOT take the "4 to 7 days" processing time at face value. Submit your passport several months in advance if at all possible, well in advance of any travel.

I have sent my passport for renewal on Nov 6th received by the embassy on 7th Nov thinking it will be processed in 4 to 7 business days as per their website. So far there is nothing in mail. I have no clue long much longer its going to be. I have an India trip pretty soon and wondering if they really process in 4 to 7 business days or if we are at their mercy.

Would it help if I take the pains of flying to Washington DC and appearing in person at the consulate? My appointment date was 11th Nov.
Got my passport yesterday

Well...I was lucky I guess to get my passport yesterday. Would have had to wait for 4 more long days if not. I tried calling the 202 939 9862 number and after several attempts was able to talk to a person. He asked for my old passport #, when I did not have it handy he immediately hung up. Since I got to know there was a person answering the phone I kept on trying until he answered again and he told me the date my passport was posted and also gave me the USPS tracking #. How nice!

So it took 9 business days (after the appointment date) to get my passport.


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Chicago consulate is awesome!

I sent my passport for renewal on Nov 25th.. Got the new one back on Dec 3rd morning. I didn't expect them to be this fast.

Please help ,me

Hi Everybody ,
Can somebody help me as i wan2 renew my passport wat is the procedure and where i have to send the form and documents also if somebody can send me a form it would be gr8..........

Thanks regards

I am experiencing a very tricky situation with my passport renewal. My passport is expiring in March 2001 and I sent my passport to Houston Indian Consular Office for renewal. They promptly renewed my passport and sent me a brand new one. The new passport says (in one of the last pages of passport) that my old passport is cancelled and returned to me. But they did not send me my old passport in the mail but only the new one. I think this is very tricky considering the fact that my old passport is lost (which requires paperwork through police report etc) or should I be happy that I have a new renewed passport in my hand and my old passport is cancelled and so is not required (so it is ok if it is lost).

I did my best to fight with the indian embassy people in houston, and they are quick to answer me by saying that I do not need old passport. Is there a legal procedure for this kind of situation? I really want to sue the embassy for being so reckless in dealing with the passports or in answering for queries. Well, it is indian embassy and sueing doesn\'t work I guess...

I just want to share my experience and would like to tell everyone to personally renew their passports and not send them through mail (I mailed as all my friends did so and I am the unlucky one).
A have a few doubts regarding application for a new passport, as my old one will be expiring in some months from know. I'll be applying at NY consulate

1. in the application form,where one of the photos has to be attached, mentions (2"x2") as the size., though it was mentioned elsewhere that only 3.5cm X3.5 cm are to be provided. So what is it a mix of 2x2" and 3.5x3.5cm?

what sized photo is to be used for the 'verification of the nationality status/antecedents' form?

2. the application requires the name/address of two relatives/friends. Are they supposed to be from US or from India?

The 'verification of the nationality status/antecedents' form also requires two such name/address but for persons at the place of my permanent residence in India


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Passport Renewal

Hi everyone

I have no such experience which is memorable...but you all have very nice experience on Passport renewal....Thanks to all for sharing.
NYC Contact # & Passport Size Photographs

To get someone on the phone @ NYC Indian consulate please contact:

(212) 774-0662

I spoke with her and asked her about the size of the passport photographs.

She told me that even the US standard size 2 x 2 is okay. There is no need to cut it to 3.5cm x 3.5 cm.

A friend of mine got his wife's passport renewed and he sent only 2 x 2 (US size) and there were no problems.


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Question about passprt form at CGI- Chicago

My wife has changed her last name after marriage and per the rules posted on the CGI-Chicago website she needs to obtain a new passport. The form is now online.

On the online form I don't see a way to write her middle name. Her previous name was A B and now it is A B C. So should she write her Surame as
B C and Given Name as A, or would she rather write her Surname as C and Given Name as A B?

I'm not what is the correct way.

Others with any experience - any pointers would be helpful.

Renewing Process.

Hi All:

I am trying to renew my indian passport in this week with cgny. Have some questions. I really appreciate if any one can answer them.

1) What is the online-application?I only see the nation security verfication form and it is only one page when printed. Some of the documentation for passport renewal on the cgny site mentions second page and stuff like that. How do you submit it online? Do we just email them? if so what is the email address? Also, it says to register..some where in the documentation. Is there a user registration for cgny online?

2) On the NSV pdf form, it asks for Date of Leaving India? Should I put the latest date of leaving India? Or the Initial Date of Leaving India?

3) I plan to submit the passport in person this Friday. The site says they accept the renewal applications from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm. this only 3 hour window on a daily basis...I plan to use the emgenrcy mine expires on december first week and my US DL expires at the end of Dec 09.

Thanks :)
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Appalling Passport Officials

My recent experience of Indian passport renewal in Washington DC Indian consulate:

Sent in my Indian passport after having filled online application, printed, pictures, all other precise documents as requested.
Never heard from them for 2 months.

Went to the consulate to obtain info. Lady at the reception very rude (normal Indian attitude at govt offices - badly reminded me of being in India). Looked at the copy of my old passport immediately says, this has gone for "Verification".

My question: What verification .....
Answer: Some mumbling in her north Indian language.....(again very rude)

My question: Where is my passport right now?
Answer: It is here in the Office

My question: Can I have it back?
Answer: No you cannot travel

My question: How do i renew, driving lincense in the USA??
Answer: Again some mumbling in some rude language...totally disrespectful and unprofessional

My question: How do I work in this county if I dont have driving lincense to get to work, How do I travel if I dont have ID?
Answer: More mumbling?

(My thoughts: We Indians are so ineffcient, so unprofessional, and we talk about being super-power......hmmmmmmmmmmm......we are not going anywhere)


My question: how long is it going to take?
Her Answer: Can take 4 weeks, 4 months and also 1 year

My Jaw Dropping response: ?.,.,1%%%^^*&(&(*(()*)(* What to i dont untill then....
Her Response: More mumbling and head shaking...............

Her Response: Asked to move aside...............the the freezing DC cold out on streets.....

A friend of mine had lost his passport........he as given emergency travel document to go back to India...............In India passport office told him will take 1 year ............have to investigate.............He had to use "influence" to get it in 3 months............but still had to wait for 3 months...............almost lost his job here.............He came back furious........

His words: I would buy a nice leather whip and line up all the passport officials...............start whipping them one by one .............everyday on arrival at the office they will get whipped for pleasure ................if they dont want to be whipped they should be shipped to the the quaries to break rocks like in the gulags........finally they should also prostrate in front of customers when they had over the passports .............he had more to say..........believe me.........

Why dont we take pride in out the Americans/British and others do............they take pride in saying an American citizen can get his passport renewed same day...............Do we Indians feel that we are still being ruled by the British????

take care and change you passport and Dont do it in the DC office although I am hearing the same stories in most consulates in the US
I applied for renewal of my Indian passport with appointment set on 31-dec 2009. I sent the required documents through ups mail which reached there by 27-dec 2009. I still got no response from the Indian embassy. I sent two money orders worth $60, and now I feel I wasted my money as both the money orders expired. I am clueless what to do next.

@dudekewl could you please let me know if you make any progress with your issue? Thanks in advance.

As for my case is concerned I see no way out of this, I called the embassy number and it goes to fax every time(dont know why a phone is linked to fax)
My experience is as follows:
I applied for Passport by mail to New York Consulate in October 2009 and never received it for the next 3 weeks. Then I inquired by email and fortunately they replied but saying since my earlier renewal was in Huston consulate, it will just take time. I waited with occasional emails inquiring but got the same reply until my father had a massive heart attack. Since I did not have a passport in hand I had to go to the New york Consulate (on a cold sub zero winter day, trip cost: $200) and upon explaining the situation they were kind enough to gave me a temporary passport that had a 1 yr validity. after returning from India, I reapplied for extension of short validity passport (there was no option for filling out any online application and hence did not have any reference number). I did not send any payment except for return payment per instructions for renewal of short term validity passports. It has been more than 8 weeks and have not received my passport yet. I know they received my application since I applied along with endorsement of my kid's PIO card that came back in 3 weeks. In a nutshell:

Phone calls: No Answer
Emails: No Answer
Travel Plans: Canceled
Worried: Yes
Hopes: I do not want to see an another emergency situation in my family.
Plan: Just wait, wait, and wait... hoping one day I will get my passport.
Update to my previous post:
Tomorrow is 1st October.
I have not yet received my passport.
More emails sent to CGINY: No reply yet.
Last month police made inquiries in India at my home (parents). He took money any way.
I hope not to ask for help in my next update.
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