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Add Passport renewal experience at Indian Consular Offices in US

Discussion in 'Dealing with Consulates - other than US consulates' started by confused2, May 28, 2002.

  1. arindam_duta

    arindam_duta New Member

    Dear Member,
    I applied for Renewal of my Indian Passport in CGNY on 27th Sep 2010 via USPS. It's now 7th week running however I didn't receive anything. Occasionally they replied my email inquiry like on 3rd Week they replied my application is "In Process" and 7th Week they said since my old PP has no Police clearance report in their system therefore they send it to Passport office Kolkata for verification.
    Now my dad has some influence in Kolkata passport office and he in person check the register where my name was not present. I updated CGNY if they can give me some reference number so we can inquire in the Passport office. They are silent as usual.
    Now, I already cancelled my India trip during the holiday season and moreover my USA DL is going to cancel on mid Dec and if I don't get PP by then I cannot go to office or anywhere else.

    Did someone has similar experience like mine then please share your thought and how long it took to get your passport done.
  2. mk06

    mk06 New Member

    What can you do to help improve the NY consulate and make your voice heard?

    (1) - Sign this petition: petitiononline.com/cgny/petition.html

    (2) - If you are unable to get ahold of someone through the phone and nobody responds to your email form inquiries, and your case has been open for a long time, you can email passport@indiacgny.org with a copy to the Consul General, cg@indiacgny.org , and the Deputy Consul General, dcg@indiacgny.org , and you are more than likely to get a response. Make sure to put your case number in the email and the length of time you have been waiting for your passport or other service.

    (3) - Change doesn't happen by itself. Provide -constructive- feedback on these feedback forms to the Indian government. Try not to name-call or be accusing, people listen more to solutions rather than finger pointing:

    Complain to the President's Secretariat: helpline.rb.nic.in

    Complain about regional passport offices: passport.gov.in/cpv/complaints.htm

    Report corruption: cvc.nic.in/lodgecomp.htm

    Lodge a public grievance: pgportal.gov.in

    (4) - Call 311 and complain about the hazardous conditions of the basement. There is no emergency exit and the embassy makes people block the only public exit with their bags. Also, there are at least a hundred people in the basement at any given time. Although NY Department of Buildings does not have jurisdiction over this place, I believe they still send someone to check it out. Maybe if they get enough NY officials going to check out the situation, the consulate might re-think their public image strategy.

    See prior 311 complaints:
  3. bnvssgr

    bnvssgr New Member

    Indian Passport Renewal in US

    Hi All,
    I came to the US on L1 B Visa on a Company assignment with my passport getting expired on 25th December 2011. I also got my I-94 up to Dec 25th 2011 as the officer in Detroit said he can issue only until the passport validity. I thought my assignment will be beyond December and hence wanted to get my passport renewed here in US (also it is getting really difficult to get passports renewed in Hyderabad (AP)). After going through all the forums and blogs, i was very much worried to get my passport renewed in US. But as such my passport was getting expiring soon, I had to get it renewed and I have sent the application along with the complete documents via Fed-EX mail to CGI Houston and the mail reached next day itself and to my surprise, I got my Passport renewed for 10 years, my old passport cancelled and returned with in a week. Can't tell how happy i am. I think one should have their paper work perfect. If any one is getting their passports renewed in US, Good Luck to all and Should you need any help, feel free to mail me at funcricket@gmail.com and i would be happy to help to the extent i can.

  4. bella10388

    bella10388 New Member

    I also think so.
  5. connectMohan

    connectMohan New Member

    Thanks for all the amazing replies

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