“Writ of Mandamus” !!! Suing USCIS Successfully..........

Hello Lazerthegreat,

I hope you are well (and have not abandoned this forum)! I have read everything on this thread and another one about suing USCIS, which was actually suggested by a lawyer to me in the first place. My very simple family based I-485 application has been pending for almost 3 years now, I've exhausted every method trying to get USCIS to respond, infopass x 10, phone calls x 5, senatorial inquiry...Still pending. Anyway, long story short, the lawyer's fee is too much to afford, and I am thinking about doing this on my own. I'd really appreciate it if you can email me the lawsuit that you filed. Could you please send it to 122731975@qq.com? I would be forever grateful if you see this and help. Wishing you all the best!
hey guys! - can I ask you to send me a copy of that filed WOM too? ) thanks in advance