1. R

    TN > GC - Daily Border Crosser

    Hi Folks I have a big dilemma and seeking some guidance I have a TN with my current employer valid till 2023. My employer has filed my PERM(EB3-ROW) and once approved will file my I-140. I will be asking my employer to file I-140 with premium processing. Since I am on TN and reading the...
  2. J

    Looking for sample offer letter Computer Analyst

    I am a Canadian citizen and have 10 years of experience working in the IT industry. I have got an offer from an employer but they are not familiar with the TN process. They have asked me in what way should we provide an employment letter. Can anyone help me out to just share the sample structure...
  3. C

    TN visa for environmental science - first time applicant -Any help would be appreciated

    I am in the interview process for a Corporate Social Responsible Analyst role in NYC. I have an undergrad degree in Environmental Studies and a master's degree from the USA in Environmental Science. I had an OPT, but it expired because no one was hiring during that time. So now I'm looking for...
  4. B

    Is my Degree as a NAFTA professional related to my field of work?

    Hi, I have done 4 years of Engineering in Electronics & Communication followed by 2 years of MBA (Finance), both in India. I have 8 years of experience broken predominately in a techno-functional role in the banking and financial services domain. I am looking forward to roles like Business...
  5. A

    TN -> B2 While Job Searching

    Hi there I realize this question has been asked a few times on this forum but I wanted to ask regarding my situation I was on TN visa under the Engineer status as a product manager in the Bay Area I was laid off on March 16th 2020, so I have until May 15th 2020 to find a job It's currently...
  6. Mitsi

    Wages and extra hours in visa TN

    Hi, I'm a Mexican Worker with a visa TN in a hog farm, I have a question in my job the company don't pay me for extra hours, they told me that my salary is not for hours its for anual salary. I work so hard and I would like an increase in my salary. can I get some help for this? There is any...
  7. B

    Does TN Transfer Need to Wait for Approval?

    I am a Canadian currently working in the US on TN Visa, I am doing a transfer to a different job. Unfortunately the company didn't get expedited option so the actual wait time will be a few month. I have got the receipt however. Can I still work for the new company while I wait?
  8. L

    TN VISA (Canadian) Maternity Leave

    Hi all, How many months can I take unpaid maternity leave on active TN visa? Currently my TN visa is active until 2019. Can I stay in USA on unpaid maternity leave if my employer grants my leave and doesn't withdraw TN status? Please advice.