Wages and extra hours in visa TN


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Hi, I'm a Mexican Worker with a visa TN in a hog farm, I have a question in my job the company don't pay me for extra hours, they told me that my salary is not for hours its for anual salary. I work so hard and I would like an increase in my salary. can I get some help for this? There is any regulación about total wages and extra hours? In the company don't have a horary check for us (where you can check in and check out in the visa TN staff).


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You are being paid a salary, as you are likely considered in a management position. That is it.
Unless your US co-workers in the same management position as you are getting extra compensation for extra hours, then you have no basis for a legal complaint. If others are getting extra pay, then this becomes a Labor discrimation issue, which you would need to see a lawyer about.

None of this, however, has anything to do with TN.