TN visa for environmental science - first time applicant -Any help would be appreciated

I am in the interview process for a Corporate Social Responsible Analyst role in NYC. I have an undergrad degree in Environmental Studies and a master's degree from the USA in Environmental Science. I had an OPT, but it expired because no one was hiring during that time.
So now I'm looking for advice on TN. I had two questions:
1) I wondered if that can go under the management consultant role, but I also know that's a role that's heavily scrutinized. So any advice here would be helpful.
2) The workplace hasn't returned to work yet, so that it would be remote for the foreseeable future. Do I still need a TN visa bc I'll be working from Canada?

Any help would be appreciated


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You do not need a TN to work in Canada. Period.

However, I'm sure the firm would like to be able to know that they will be able to eventually bring you down to US on TN or H1-B, but I do not see a TN category that would work, You are not experienced enough (without a management degree) to get a Management Consultant TN. I do not see any other TN category that would fit.
H1-B may be your only option.