Is my Degree as a NAFTA professional related to my field of work?


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Hi, I have done 4 years of Engineering in Electronics & Communication followed by 2 years of MBA (Finance), both in India. I have 8 years of experience broken predominately in a techno-functional role in the banking and financial services domain. I am looking forward to roles like Business Analyst/ Business Data Analyst/ Business System Analyst/ Consultant predominately in IT/Banks/Financial Services through TN.
My question is - Will, my background in Electronics engineering + MBA (Finance) be relevant for a techno-functional role like Business System Analyst/ Consultant in IT.

P.S There is a clause in NAFTA that your field of study should match with your job code in TN, hence worried
Thank you in advance


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Probably not for CSA category; Your experience doesn't count towards CSA TN.
You could look at Management Consultant category.