td visa

  1. FidelSF

    Recently fired from employment on TN Visa. Have a new offer lined up. What are my options?

    I was admitted to the US under a TN Visa for OLD employer back in January 2021. Crossed into the US via the Laredo bridge. TN Visa was issued for 1 year, and expired January 2022. I-94 was issued for 3 years and expires January 2024. Passport that had the Visa expires March 2023 but we have...
  2. S

    TD Visa for Non Canadian Pakistani Spouse

    Hi, I am a Canadian Citizen with a TN Visa to work in US directly from my employer, my wife is a Pakistani Citizen, non PR card holder, Non Canadian Citizen. What's the quickest way to have her join me in the United States? Any insight, advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  3. F

    Td visa holder is waiting for new visa after 7 months!

    Hi, I’m Td holder( Dependent of Tn visa holder) but I’m not Mexican or Canadian citizen! I sent my application to extended my visa (through the Uscis) 7 months ago and still no response, just did the Biometric like 5 months ago! Is there anyone is here like me? How long does it take ? Thanks
  4. S

    Re-entry to US on grace period

    Hello, I am a Canadian and had a TN Visa. My wife is a Moroccan who was living with me in the US on a TD visa. In Dec. 2021, I resigned and we both left to visit my wife's family in Morocco. I had read that we have a grace period of 60 days after the resignation date for the TN and...
  5. S

    TN and TD Visa Siutation

    Hello, I am Canadian citizen and my wife is a Moroccan citizen. I received a TN visa and my wife received a TD visa and we were living together in the U.S. In December 2021, I resigned from my employer as I had to do an urgent medical procedure. My wife and I have left the U.S., back to Canada...
  6. M

    How to obtain TD Visa for Non Canadian Citizen during COVID?

    Hello, I got a job for a tech company in Seattle earlier this year. They helped me get a pre-approval for my TN Visa but due to COVID my company suggested I start work internationally in Canada which I was more than happy to do so. My company is calling all international employees to move to...
  7. Vijay_s

    TN renewal (Canadian) with TD for Indian spouse?

    My TN status is expiring within 1 month on July 18. I plan to goto Laredo to get an extension of my TN Can my wife get a new i94 along with my extension? Her TD visa is valid for another 25 days. (if we go to the border on Jun 22nd) She has an Indian Passport As per the rules, her visa will...
  8. K

    Anyone received UI (used to work in GA) while changing status to TD

    Hello Everyone, My spouse changed TD to TN status and received Form I-797 from USCIS in August 2019. Though the visa validity for 3 years, her job was ended February 2020 (not directly related to COVID). I called POE Detroit (this is where I received my past 3 TNs) and they...
  9. F

    Td visa, am I out of status?

    My husband is working on Tn visa and recently he went to the border and got his new visa. My TD visa with previous employer valid until 2022. Do you think I have to renew my TD visa because my husband’s employer is changed. The company’s lawyer told us I need to go out of country and get new...
  10. F

    TD visa

    My wife is an indian citizen with Canadian permanent residency and her TD visa stamp on her passport is expiring on August 29, 2019. I recently got a new TN visa this year valid up to June 20, 2022. My wife is planning to go to the US consulate next week in Canada to get her TD visa. Since she...
  11. K

    TD Visa Extension

    I am an Indian citizen and currently in US on TD status - expires on April 25, 2019. Wife is a Canadian citizen and works on TN status - expires on September 10, 2019. We are located in Texas. I am planning to submit I-539 to extend my status to match my wife's I-94 expiry date. I have following...
  12. S

    Change of Employer and Spouse's Visa

    Hi, Me and my husband are both Canadian. My husband applied for a TN visa at Toronto airport border on Jan 2017. I went to same port few days after him and got my dependent (TD) visa with no problems. Both our visas are valid till Jan 2019. Then last month my husband changed his employer, he...
  13. E

    TD Visa Stamp Application at the US Consulatr

    Hello, Been following this forum for years now, but first time to post. Got some questions regarding my family's TD visa, and hope to get some advices from the members. Got our TN/TD extension recently before our visas expired (my company applied our visa by mail to USCIS; our previous visa...
  14. M

    TD Visa for my Pakistan resident spouse

    I am Canadian Citizen, and have worked 1o years in the U.S on TN Visa. I got married last year in Pakistan, My wife is a Pakistani citizen and resident. I haven't apply for Canadian immigration for my wife. I recently got new job in U.S and TN visa, i will be relocating to U.S soon. Is it...
  15. SS0033

    GC from TN Visa through EB3

    Hi Everyone, This might be a repetitive question but i'll make it a little specific with details. I have one Immigration lawyer telling me that H1B is the way to go and another lawyer saying that i don't need H1B for GC. I have TN since April 2016. I am Canadian citizen but i was born in...
  16. Z

    Regarding employment authorization under TD status

    I am currently in the US with TD status, under my father, and I have been researching to see what my options are for internships while I am in school. While researching, I stumbled across some information that is a little confusing and I am wondering if anyone can offer some clarification. As I...
  17. D

    [PLEASE HELP] My dependents' Visa changed from TD to B2

    Hi guys, Please help me! I don't know what to do now. I'm currently on TN-1 (Canadian) working in US. When I first moved to US with my wife and son in March 2016, they were admitted with TD (They are both Canadian). My wife and son visited Canada for a week in October 2016 and came back. I...
  18. M

    TD visa status while my husband changes his TN

    I am a non-Canadian citizen (Indian citizenship) on a TD status dependent of my husband's TN visa. Currently, I am living in the USA with my husband. My husband is currently working and he got a new job with another company recently. So he is planning to go to the border and change his TN to the...
  19. T

    TD Visa renewal

    Good morning everyone, I need some help on deciding what's the best course of action for my wife's TD visa. Here's some background information before I ask my questions. I am a Canadian citizen. I hold a Canadian passport. I am currently residing and working in the US on a TN Visa. My...