Regarding employment authorization under TD status


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I am currently in the US with TD status, under my father, and I have been researching to see what my options are for internships while I am in school. While researching, I stumbled across some information that is a little confusing and I am wondering if anyone can offer some clarification. As I was looking around, I found 9 FAM 402.17-10 which says

"b. Because TD visa holders may apply for employment authorization from DHS, posts should account for that fact when assessing a possible ineligibility under INA 212(a)(4) for public charge. If post has concerns related to a family’s ability to provide for themselves in the United States, they may, in consultation with CA/VO/L/A, seek a finding of inadmissibility under INA 212(a)(4) (See 9 FAM 302.8-2)."

This was published on the 20th of April of 2017, so I am wondering how this effects TD visa holders.
On the 7th of June, 2017, the Social Security Administration posted an updated Employment Authorization policy, which seems to uphold that TD visas can not apply for Employment Authorization.

I am wondering who has the authority on this between the Department of State or the Social Security Administration. Does this indicate that TD visa holders can now apply for Employment Authorization or I am reading this wrong? Any help and clarification would be greatly appreciated!
There are a couple of typos in those regs from April. look like Trumps cut-backs are taking effect. TDs cannot work, unless of course, they apply for their own work status.