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  1. M

    How to obtain TD Visa for Non Canadian Citizen during COVID?

    Hello, I got a job for a tech company in Seattle earlier this year. They helped me get a pre-approval for my TN Visa but due to COVID my company suggested I start work internationally in Canada which I was more than happy to do so. My company is calling all international employees to move to...
  2. A

    TN visa in Investment Banking

    I am looking for some advice. I have bachelor degree in civil engineering . During my undergraduate i have taken 3 courses in Microeconomics & macroeconomics & engineering economics. Also I have taken as part of my engineering program few math courses. In addition I have taken certificate...
  3. S

    TN Visa - Job Title vs Description

    I'm currently in a "Fellow" role at a University in Boston, although my job is basically that of a mechanical engineer. I've been working at the same job for the past few years under the F-1 OPT, which expires in a month. My employer (a University) renewed me starting this month. But since my...
  4. M

    TN visa > H1B

    Hello Team, I am a Canadian citizen and I got my TN visa renewal this year in February 2020 until February 2023 but my lawyer and my company filled for my H1B visa this year and I was picked in the lottery, I am now waiting for my H1B approval letter which is expected to come by July 2020 end...
  5. K

    Anyone received UI (used to work in GA) while changing status to TD

    Hello Everyone, My spouse changed TD to TN status and received Form I-797 from USCIS in August 2019. Though the visa validity for 3 years, her job was ended February 2020 (not directly related to COVID). I called POE Detroit (this is where I received my past 3 TNs) and they...
  6. N

    TN Status- Employer unwilling to sign off on a dedicated "TN employment letter"

    I would like some advice on my situation. I am currently on post-completion OPT as a pharmacist for a hospital in the US. The employer is not willing to stray from their HR policies. They said they can provide me with my original offer letter (from 2019) and also a current employment...
  7. B

    L1 -> TN change of employer

    Hi, I am currently working in the US on L1A. I applied to a different company and they submitted a TN petition for me (i129 change of employer), which got approved in mid-March 2020. The start date mentioned on it is XYZ (not very far). However I have still not received the hard copy of the...
  8. nellytech

    Coronavirus Delays - Late Start TN Status?

    Backstory I received my TN visa February 18 and headed back to Canada to pack my stuff and get ready for my flight within the next 3 weeks. Fast forward to the coronavirus situation and it’s become a nightmare from what I’m hearing down there in the US. My company has sent all their workers to...
  9. T

    TN Denied - USCIS I-129 Approved

    Hello! Hope everyone is surviving the coronavirus! I wanted to get some advice on my visa situation: I'm a Canadian citizen who works in the US (New York City). I started work in March 2019 on a TN visa that was approved in Calgary. It was approved for 2 years. I came back to Canada in...
  10. C

    Apply for TN after offer start date

    Hi everyone, Has anyone applied for a port-of-entry TN visa after the specified start date on their offer letter? Due to delays on my lawyer's side, I will be conducting my visa interview 4-5 days after the start date on my offer letter.
  11. S

    TN to H1B with a different company.

    Hi, I'm a 29 yo Mexican TN Visa holder in the IT area. I'm currently employed by a consultant company (Company A) that provided the offer letter to come here. This company offered to sponsor the H1B visa after the first year which happens to be around these days. Now, the company where I...
  12. F

    TN Visa with pending sponsorship from sibling

    Is it possible to get a TN visa while one is sponsored by a sibling (who is a US citizen) for permanent residency in US?
  13. F

    Are Software Product Managers eligible for TN visa?

    Can someone please shed some light on the category in which Software Product Manager could be eligible for TN visa?
  14. M

    Questions about TN visa

    Hello all, I have a question about applying for a TN Visa under a scientific technician. I am currently on a TN visa for a "Metallurgical Technician" for Company A. I will be accepting a job with Company B for the same position/title ("Metallurgical Technician"). I am changing companies due to...
  15. F

    Crossing border for TN visa and returning back

    I'm planning to cross the border on August 30, 2019. My employment start date is September 9, 2019. I've the following questions: - How early I can cross the border to obtain TN status? - Can I just cross the border to obtain TN status and return back?
  16. C

    New aspirant looking for TN Visa

    Hi, I am a new aspirant looking for TN Visa. I completed by bachelors in Instrumentation and Controlling. I did the educational assessment through WES. I have 11 years of experience as Technical Lead. I want to know whether I will be eligible for TN Visa. By the way I am a Canadian citizen/.
  17. V

    TN Renewal for same company denied.

    Team, I took a flight to Mexico City to do my TN visa renewal and was denied. It seems that my job letter did not convinced to consul. This is my third year working for same company in same position. I returned to USA to request to my company another job letter more detailed about my position...
  18. L

    TN Management Consultant

    Hello, I am a Canadian that has been working on a OPT (F1) with a US company as a corporate management consultant. My OPT work permit is expiring so, I have applied for a TN MC through the mail and received back a ROE. I had a lawyer assist me, but it sounds like they did not help much as one...
  19. ahmad_yous


    Greetings, I am Canadian citizen currently working in the US as a civil engineer. I am came across one position name " Advisory -construction" for a business consulting firm. The description of the role is to review construction contracts, arrange site visits and provide advisory on policies to...
  20. I


    Hello guys, Let me tell what happen I'm a Mexican Citizen working with a TN Visa, I found a new job and didn't want it to do all the process of the Visa in the consulate. So I came to the border of Tijuana and request to the CBP officer that I want it to add a concurrent employer. I pay for...