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    impact of DUI/DWI on Employment based Citizenship

    I got my greencard in May 2006, I know I can apply for a citizenship after 4 yrs & 9 months. In the meantime I have had 2 DUI (one in Jan 2007 & another in Jan 2008). I was looking for feedback from the forum members on the implication of the DUI on the citizenship application and approval...
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    Travelling (vacation) Canada after GC

    you mean drive up right? :) Am not sure abt renting, I drove my car. Do you have compr insurance on your own vehicle? If so you should ask your Ins company if your policy covers your rental (most US Ins policies cover North America); if not you might need to buy some kind of coverage through the...
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    After the Aug Bull....Is still Ameriaca the Best

    dude, you gotta hook me up with some of these so smart "non-H1Bs" & so forth. My organization is desperately in need of some "good people" and honest to god we don't care much abt what your ethnicity, nationality & so forth is. We have to do 4 startups in the next 15 months totalling over $5...
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    Travelling (vacation) Canada after GC

    passport, GC if you have the card, if not if just the stamp on the passport, they will have you wait while they check records. takes an additional 15 mins or so. driving up to Canada is no problem, we did recently, make sure you save the reciepts, you can get your taxes back on everything...
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    Question about I-551 stam on passport

    you are fine once you get stamped you have already been alloted a VISA #. you will get the card, when though is always uncertain
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    Welcome Letter Received.

    congrats, we got the exact same letter, the notice was dated June 21st, we got it in the mail June 26th, and we recieved our cards June 29th. you should likely get the cards within a week
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    Urgent - I485 Approved today .. need to travel to India tomorrow

    Do you have approval notice? f so I would make Infopass appt at the closest USCIS local office, show them the approval & get passport stamped. You never know how long the card would take
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    What is your H1b income ?

    not necessarily 30-40% increase is extremely unlikely/un-realistic. Unless any of us is being exploited and being way under-paid by our employers, I highly doubt, any of us would see a 30-40% bump. Moving to a similar position, it is usually around 10% increase, unless there are substantial...
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    What is your H1b income ?

    Yup still with the same employer, been with them since Oct 2001. Have had my challenges with corporate HR (partly bcoz I was the guinea pig - 1st international hire at the organization, and partly bcoz I did not tow the "thank you so much for sponsoring my GC" line, which took them by...
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    What is your H1b income ?

    1. US MS Agricultural Engg & MBA 2. 7 years exp (1 yr Engg + 6 Yrs Supply Chain & logistics) 3. Area : New England (New Hampshire) 4. Job title : Sr. Director Supply Chain Engineering & Analytics 5. REAL tasks to do : Responsible for all analytics & engineering responsibilities at...
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    How soon you got card after approval from local office?

    nope VSC; interviewed @ Manchester, NH local office
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    How soon you got card after approval from local office?

    we got ours 7 weeks after approval.
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    485 Approval & welcome notice

    Thanks! My wife just called to tell me that her card came in today's mail. Yes HUGE relief, been a long road. The picture on the card is the "new" style (face front & not the older profile style. When we went to the local office with Infopass in May (we called the officer who had interviewed...
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    485 Approval & welcome notice

    No I have not recieved any emails or LUDs. Since our case was transferred to the Local office, our online status has not changed either (still says On September 27, 2005, we transferred your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status to our office in BOSTON, MA for them...