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    October VB Released DV2015

    Don't worry your 2nl will come thi week end.
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    All dv winners with EU CN 3x,xxx to 39,999 it's our time will we make it?

    Grandma I love you forever :) We all love you. :) Ssn will come Soon or later, just keep going to the office until they issue it. And the gc will definitely arrive but I hear takes up to four weeks for the cp processed people.
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    zip code

    Not a problem at all man! You will corrected on the interview day.
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    Interview : October 2014.

    Interview : October 2014.
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    September VB - DV14 Last Chapter

    Ok but poland was back in 2013 and EU quota only jumped with 300 compare to 2011... While poland took 760 visas. Raevsky I'm pretty sure Nacara will be re injected to DV ! And DV2014 will end up at around 53500.
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    September VB - DV14 Last Chapter

    Raevsky what about SA? You predicted 1600 max for that region, they actually 1750 for august VB! We know already that in the last data they hit the 2013 quota... Do you think they will hit the wall in early august as well? Because for me that also an other proof of quota increase!
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    September VB - DV14 Last Chapter

    Reavsky : My evidence of EU increase is that they are running with the same pace as AF ! AF, 12656 visas issued EU, 13040 issued up to the 3th of june. So why would they let EU go faster than other regions ? And why would they let EU hit the wall before august !? While they have a full months...
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    August visa bulletin the final.

    The latest data is not available yet guys ! Only the one up to the 3th june. The new one will be available in the begining on july month...hoepfully!
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    DV2004 and DV2005 cut off on Sept

    That's right ! You got it now. About my other reply, remember one think I ''presume'' that less selectees will lead asia to current in 2015. Because it still depends on the response rate of the winners! If the first 10k respond to the interview than the other half will lose out ! Right? In...
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    DV2004 and DV2005 cut off on Sept

    So from from 1 to 10 you can get 0 applicant or you can get more than 10 !!! Simple
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    DV2004 and DV2005 cut off on Sept

    Ok exemple: 2015AS1 has 4 family members. 2015AS2 doesn't exist(hole) 2015AS3 doesn't exist(hole) 2015AS4 has 4 family members. 2015AS5 (hole) 2015SA6 has 5 family members. 2015AS7 (hole) 2015AS8(hole) 2015AS9 has 3 family members. 2015AS10 only 1 So from cn1 to cn10 you can get 17 numbers...
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    new born not included with beneficiaries

    Yes no need to send forms to kcc. Take them to the review.
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    Accessing the DS-260 form for DV 2014

    As said that's not for the dv14. Use your confirmation number to acces your 2nl on edv.
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    August visa bulletin the final.

    I don't think this scenario can happen in august ! If its late in septembre may be yes! Relax grand ma :)
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    September VB - DV14 Last Chapter

    Nigeria is surely maxing out they had a 7k jump never happend before ! So that a huge sign...