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    Adult passport application and Parents date of birth issue

    You don't even have to write your parents names, it's optional information. Of course most new US citizen feel like freed slaves and bend over before government at first opportunity!
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    Do I need to file AR-11 after becoming US citizen if we move?

    Tell them you moved! And none of their business where!
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    At what point the Green Card is taken away once US Citizenship is processed?

    When you go to your ceremony, right before you see the judge! Yes you can keep your green card if you absolutely want to. You just tell them you lost it. Several months later you'll get a replacement which you surrender.
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    A new US citizen divorced and marrying again

    The bottom line is that there is no difference in rights between a natural born citizen and naturalized citizen concerning sponsoring someone through marriage. Yes there are obvious cases like if a citizen is a sex offender..etc, but it's not like there will be a difference Naturalized or Natural.
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    A new US citizen divorced and marrying again

    You guys have slave mentality.I hate it when foreign people come here and bring their slaves mentality with them! No US citizen can discriminated based on where they were born! The form I-130 refers to permanent residents who have to prove something!YES permanent residents are abused like...
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    A new US citizen divorced and marrying again

    Can you back up your ignorant statement with a link to a law or a rule or anything official? Extra burden drops after 5 years?...Really?..Serial Immigration marriages?..I think it's pretty normal in this country to get divorced and remarried! Once you are a citizen, you don't have to prove...
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    A new US citizen divorced and marrying again

    Can a natural citizen divorce someone and then get married to someone else as soon as they pleased? Yes! So drop that mentality that you are not as equal of a citizen as natural born! You can do what ever you want!
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    Is it legal for us to stamp or write soemthing on visa pages of our own US passport?

    Only authorized authorities can stamp or make any marks on your passport. Now, if you want, get a world passport, and you can still get all stamps in it and write yourself in it.
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    Are there any benefits specific to when you become a citizen-now or a year later-does it matter?

    While you are GC holder, you are literally on probation like a criminal! One little misdemeanor or God forbid you get arrested, you can be deported! Another benefit is a US passport - you can travel freely to more countries.
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    If one's advanced degree is revoked due to plagiarism

    Yep..the joke is on USCIS!!! :rolleyes:
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    Son US Citizen want to go to india

    A US citizen, which your son is a US citizen, doesn't need any documents to return to his home country! If anything, he can go 18 years from now to the US consulate and request a passport based on his birth record. It will take them a little time to verify everything, but I wouldn't worry about...
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    If one's advanced degree is revoked due to plagiarism

    Exactly my point! You have to kill thousands of jews to get your citizenship revoked! Demjanuk's citizenship got revoked not because he lied, that was an excuse. Jews rule in the I guess they got back at him.:rolleyes: African war lord got his revoked, again.,war criminal. My point...
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    how to fly with two passports?

    NW4jsf How to fly with two passports: One way: one passport in each hand and flap your hands like wings, fly like a bird!..haha:o The better way: You fly to Ukraine on your US passport, no visas required. In Kiev, you find the embassy of that Uzbekissmekistanstan country and tell them...
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    If one's advanced degree is revoked due to plagiarism

    You became a USC based on residency, not because of your degree. You can do whatever you want, go ahead tell them you defrauded them! They can't do anything! You have to be a war criminal for them to strip you of your citizenship! Don't be afaraid...there is nothing they can do now!
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    Can i relocate to a New State

    I nominate this the question of the year!