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    changing employer after GC

    Just did. Here's the important part: Normally, I would say working for one year or more with the same employer after getting your GC is PROBABLY enough indication of permanency. Less than 4-5 months is perhaps evidence to the contrary These are Rajiv's own words. Of course he stresses the...
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    What papers to keep?

    So I finally got my GC, after 5.5 years of wait. Over these years I have accumulated a pile of documents, including old H-1 approvals, receipts, multiple AP/EADs, W-2s going back 10 years. I was wondering, what papers do I need to preserve, and which ones can I toss away? Will USCIS ever issue...
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    rollingstone approved 5/23/08

    Thank you everyone. The cards came in today. This ends a 5.5 yr heartburn. I know how annoying it is for people who are still waiting, to see old "I got approved" threads pop up, so I won't post in these forums anymore. You will find me in the "life after green card" forums. Goodbye, and again...
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    rollingstone approved 5/23/08

    TSC. Actually, the approval date was yesterday. I've forgotten the uscis website passwords, so haven't checked LUDs recently. Personally, I think LUDs are useless piece of information.
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    EB2-India-Estimate-PD before 01-Dec-2003

    Approved today. Details here:
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    Question to all those who got approval Apr/May

    No interview, no TB skin test.
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    rollingstone approved 5/23/08

    Finally! After 5.5 years of never-ending backlogs and 10 years after first landing in the US, I can sing my song. My details: EB-2 India, PD=Dec 2002, RD=Jul 2006. 1 RFE, 3 SRs. Own labor, no conversion from EB-3. Did not contact...
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    Discussion for EB2 in July Visa Bulletin

    Same thing will happen as in Dec - will become UNAVAILABLE.
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    What is pass processing?

    I got response for SR. Same old bull - pending extended review. However this time there was an extra line: "A supervisor will review for pass processing". What does this mean?
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    Is your namecheck pending more than 3 years?

    If so, please report here. USCIS says they will clear all NC pending 3 yrs by end of May. Let's see if they are true to their word this time.
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    I saw a TSC 2006 RD approved on trackitt today. Before you get excited, his congressman had placed an enquiry - that got the case going.
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    Reminds me of PBEC. When DBEC was approving left and right, PBEC was sitting on their a***s. Now it's TSC's turn while NSC cranks out case after another. Yes, they're ----ds allright.
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    TB Skin Test RFE

    Did you get chest x-ray done?
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    These people need to be taught a lesson. Here's what can be done:
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    I looked at trackitt - seems most recent approvals are from those who filed in 2007, or 2003, 2004. What happened to 2006 filers? Why are they forgotten?