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    Renouncing Citizenship?

    Ahj If you succeeded, it will be a great example for the law students. I am a silent member of this forum. It is an interesting case. I will appreciate if you keep posting this case here. Further, you can't call anyone criminal till it is proved. He could be called suspect not criminal...
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    Interview experience in Houston office for EB 485

    Please share your experience of interview in local office Houston for EB 485 petition. Thanks
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    H1b stamping documents required

    30 days are the standard time period to submit the required documents from the requested date. But, as quickly you submit these documents, processing will be resumed.
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    H1b stamping documents required

    My employer saying that they cannot give the tax return of year 2008. 2008 tax return will be filed in 2009. But you can ask your employer to provide financial for the year 2008 till Sept. 30, 2008. He can provide quarterly employment tax return also for the last 3 quarter of 2008. These...
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    H4 issue urgent help needed

    Depend on luck. some are waiting since August 08.
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    November visa Bulletin

    November visa Bulletin
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    I-551 Stamp at Pakistani Passport

    US embassy suspends visa service in Pakistan US embassy suspends visa service in Pakistan ISLAMABAD: US embassy in Paksitan has suspended its visa service in Pakistan for an indefinite period today (Thursday). Spokesperson of US embassy in Islamabad confirmed visa service has been...
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    What exactly is the risk in using your AP? I am here in US since Sept. 1998. I didn't travel to Pakistan, because H1 stamping was taking more time at Islamabad after 9/11 which I couldn't afford. Last year, when I got AP than I traveled to Pakistan after 9 years. I stayed there 5 weeks visited...
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    H1B Visa stamp in Pakistan, Latest situation

    No doubt, US is the best place to live and there is no ECL here. But, there are some immigration issues here. Particularly, the visa stamping in Islamabad and waiting for administrative processing. If visa is stamped in your passport, then there is no problem.
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    Immigration Visa for US Citiaen's spouse

    Interview at Islamabad Recent Interview Experience at Islamabad Does anybody has any interview/visa stamping experience at Islamabad? Please share. Thanks
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    Interview in Philly- UPSET..DISSAPOINTED

    Sky Be happy, Do not be disappointed, your case has been approved. you will get the card before Oct. 5.
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    AP pending, wife left to India on family urgency

    Which Expiry date of AP is valid? There are two type of expiry of AP. One which is mentioned on the AP document issued by the USCIS, The other expiry date which is written on I-94 on the POE. Please comments.
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    H1B Visa stamp in Pakistan, Latest situation

    Consular Service at Islamabad for H1B If It is a new H1B, What documents the consular can ask beside H1b Approval and job offer letter? Any idea?
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    H1B Visa stamp in Pakistan, Latest situation

    gawseagefs Please avoid to post these rubbish things on this forum....Thanks
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    JUNE 2008 Filers

    July 2007 Filer ROW, Any one got megic email Hi, Do you know, anybody got magic email from July 2007 filer from TSC?