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    What should I do?

    I got my I-485 approved 5/20 and card ordered 7/09. But I have moved new address. I changed the address to post office for mail forwarding later knowing that post office don't forward federal mail. Then I changed the address with UCIS but haven't got card yet. Where should I request the new card...
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    SAM012007 is APPROVED at 5:00PM on 07/02/04

    Congrats man.. Enjoy. I am enjoying every bit of it. Freedom. I have stamped 1 month 2 days. before. Changed LUD recently. Hopefully it is for the physical green card. I also showed my middle finger to my current employer. Moving to a new state with a new job (dream job as pharmacist/ can't...
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    passport stampted. What next?

    Last friday, I have stamped my passport. My question is what I have to give to my employer. I have my own lawyer for this GC and my employer is unaware about recent approval. I am also planning to quit my current job soon. should I give the copy of the approval or GC stamping page or just...
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    Whoever received Physical green card, Please respond.

    I have a question. I am moving out from my current apartment in mid June. In the meantime, tommorow I will go Fderal plza, NY for passport stamping. Can I request them to send my physical green card in new address? Is there anyone had the similar situation? Please response. If I can request...
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    Those Who get Approved

    I did it today.
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    Those Who get Approved

    Yes..I will contribute $50. I am recently approved and I know some thing needs to be done this whole system.
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    Guys/ Gals: I am free like bird. April RD approval

    RD: April 29, 02 RFE issued: 04/20/04 RFE received: 05/03/04 I-485 approved: 05/20/04 I was in vacation in Disney and on the way back, I checked the status during driving north carolina side I-95 and found the good news. I stopped my car in the road side and chear up with a ciggerette...
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    2nd FP what?

    Now: waitttt wait wait.. You may have to wait for several months for RFE like I was.. then after RFE response, you may have to wait several months for transfer or approval.. like I am waiting.. Wait is the answere... I lost my sensitivity of patience..
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    485 Rfe

    Now every one will talk like shitt. This person dont have any pay stub. Give him some suggestion if he can get over this problem. Forget about fraud and all kind of crap. Whoever is saying this carp, will also follow the same activites if he is in same situation. What a double standard and...
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    Got medical RFE

    Stupid doctor didn't fill all the place in the main form and the supplemental form. I just did some lab test. It will take atleast a week to get all the result and straight up the issue. What a nightmare. I was expecting employment letter, w-2 etc and collected all the paper so that I can...
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    Fishy - Registering at USCIS website triggering the movement on cases

    I got the same too I got RFE for me and my spouse I-485. And today I got approval of my EAD. somthing is fishy and good.. ppl.. register it.
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    Finally message changed - Issued RFE

    Sam: You are lucky man. You have one less hedache to think about.
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    Finally message changed - Issued RFE

    I got RFE too. I haven't recived it yet though. Right now I am preparing a letter, w-2 copy, tax return copy. Usually those are the common items of RFE for primary applicant.
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    Finally message changed - Issued RFE

    I also got the same message. My RD is 04/29/02. My wifes status also saying RFE. As a primary applicant, I know what will be the further evidence. What about ther spouse? What they need for spuse cases?
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    How 'Pharmasist' can come/work here ...and

    Here are some info I am a Pharmacist. Though I am working pharmaceutical company. Soon I will join as pharmacist once I get my GC. Read how to become FPGEE certification. Once your freind has certification, he will get a job as pharmacy intern. Huge demand. Lots of sponsorship.