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    Changing Canadian Immigration Status in Canada

    My wife is currently in Canada as a visitor. Her company (US company that has international offices) gave her an assignment in Canada through the end of the year and gave her the paperwork to get her work authorization - under NAFTA Business Inter-Company Transfer. Does she physically need to...
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    One parent taking a child to Canada. What is needed?

    We have a nine-month old baby and my wife is traveling to Canada in a couple of weeks and want to take the baby with her. I am unable to go because of work. We already got our baby a US Passport. I read that my wife will need - besides the baby's passport - a signed letter from me saying it is...
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    green card through marriage

    I don't think that you need to worry about the age issue. USCIS is more concern that the marriage was entered into for good faith and not for an immigration benefit. The fact that you have been married to your spouse for 6 years before applying and that you have 2 kids will help your case...
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    USCIS (who will be processing the I-130) needs a copy of the requested documents with translations for documents not in English. After the I-130 is approved and transferred to the National Visa Center under the Department of State, then you will be requested to send originals and photocopies...
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    How does USCIS ship cases to NVC?

    Did USCIS ever update the case status system to say when they shipped the case to the National Visa Center? I personally think that USCIS would use some sort of traceable service in order to transfer files to NVC. I know that NVC says it can take up to 8 weeks from the time the case is...
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    How does USCIS ship cases to NVC?

    Received updates today from USCIS for my wife's parents I-130 cases. USCIS said they transfer the case to the State Department (both cases updated to state that). So, how does USCIS ship the cases to NVC? The cases will be coming from the Nebraska Service Center. I checked online with...
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    Case status changed to state A# changed. What does it mean?

    Update: We got the approval notices a couple of days ago in the mail. The updated Alien Registration Number on the approval notices was my wife's number that she had when she was a permanent resident. However, since she is now a citizen we didn't think the number was relevant or applied...
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    AOS question for parents

    There is no regulation or law that states you have to wait a certain amount of time. However, after saying that, the longer period of time between the arrival and the time the papers are filled the view of having immigrant intent at the time of the visa interview and when arriving in the...
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    I-130 approval notices date was March 10 and we received in the mail on March 13. Cases are for my wife's parents (mom and dad), and wife is a USC. I know this has been asked before, but how long should we wait before calling NVC to see if they have received the approved I-130 from USCIS and...
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    There are several government fees that need to be paid at different times. First when filling the I-130 to USCIS the current fee is $420. Then after USCIS approves the I-130 petition and forwards it on to the National Visa Center then you have to pay an $88 fee for review of the Affidavit of...
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    How can I replace a green card?

    If you want to see if you can get a fee waiver, you can submit form I-912 with your I-90. The instructions of form I-912 explain what documentation is needed for a fee waiver to be approved.
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    I864 question

    Correct By the way, this is the most updated I-864P that was just updated last week.
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    I-130 Petition for Parents of US Citizens through Consular Processing.

    I am surprised that the California Service Center even looked at the I-130 shortly after it was transferred there. The I-130 that my wife sent for her parents sat at NBC for six months before being transferred to Nebraska and then sat there for almost 3 months before someone looked at it. In...
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    I864 question

    You need to look at the I-864P