When to submit DS-260 form to get an interview in July 2018?

Hi all,

I want to inform that finally, we got our visa approved yesterday. I very much appreciate all the help you guys provided.
This forum is a very great place to learn and prepare everything related to the green card.

To summarize: Our case number was EU36XX (DV2018) small and we delayed ds260 submission deliberately so that we would go to the U.S. in summer 2018. Thus, we sent ds260 on January 10 and were invited to interview on April 3rd. In case you have a small case number, delaying the submission of ds260 is fine if you intend to postpone your relocation to the U.S. This worked at least for our case.

We prepared all the document as required. Only standard questions were asked during the interview.
The counselor was very kind and wished us good luck.

Thank you again for everything.
Hi, guys!
I hope you are doing well.
I have been selected as a winner for green card and i am very happy about that, I have 2 questions if you don't mind to answer
1. My Number is EU16xxx do you consider as good number
2. I filled the DS-260 June 26, did i delay my form submission ?
Thank you
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