1. Introspection21

    Been current for 1 month but no scheduled interview date yet

    Hi. Case number is in the range of ~13700 From AF region. EDIT: DV 2022 I've got the e-mail that says that I'm current in april, but here we are 1 month away and still no interview date. Note that I asked for a re-opening of my DS-260 as I think I made a mistake in it so I feel like the DS-260...
  2. Mmd101

    Spouse Visa Ds260

    Hello, I’m a citizen of Nigeria married to an American. My application was documentarily Qualified March 2022. Waiting for NVC to scheduled an interview, however, my present company is sending me to France for my Masters. I would like to know if NVC can transfer my interview location to...
  3. Shinobe

    DV visa interview at the embassy (France example) and next steps

    Hi everyone, I recently had my DV visa issued by the US embassy in Paris, France. I just wanted to share my experience with you on what you should expect when you're lucky enough to reach that final step! Please keep in mind that it's my personal experience and that it may be very different in...
  4. M

    NIW Immigration Visa-Montreal Office-How long does it take to get visa interview after rescheduling?

    Hi everyone, I am new here, so nice meeting you all. We are under NIW category and were scheduled for visa interview in Montreal for December 2021. But had to reschedule as we didn’t have some main required docs. Since then we haven’t heard back regarding the new appointment date. Anyone with...
  5. S

    Income requirements and proceeding to interview

    My husband and I have been back and forth with the NVC for many months about the financial support details of our case. We both live abroad and are seeking to move to the USA (I am an American citizen). As a result of this situation, we do not meet the income requirements as we do not have jobs...
  6. A

    Broke continuous residence, interview in 2 weeks

    Hi, I'd appreciate if someone help me here. I applied for citizenship in April 2020 and have an interview in 2 weeks. My last trip to my home country took 183 days and I returend in October 2017. Ever since I had 2 more trips for 10 days each only. My brother and father permanently moved to...
  7. R

    US attorney never responded to my lawsuit against USCIS. What are my next steps?

    Hi everyone. The adjudication (decision) of my naturalization application was unlawfully delayed after the interview. The reason specified by USCIS was "security checks". I've filed PRO SE at the federal court for my district a lawsuit against USCIS et al. After serving the complaint by...
  8. M

    Asylum decision pending for more than 1 year!

    Hi everyone. We were interviewed in USCIS in Atlanta November 2019 and we haven't received our decision yet. Our case is in Arlington Asylum office. I have sent multiple inquires and every time they said it's being reviewed. I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing a similar situation? how...
  9. K

    Interview scheduled Tustin CA

    Hello, I have filled in March 2020 Still no interview I would like to ask does anyone got already an interview or got interview scheduled without reschedule Please write your processing date Thank you in advance
  10. C

    Approved I-140 EB 2 NIW, how long will take to schedule an interview ?

    Hi, my EB-2 NIW case has been approved in May 2020, I just wondering how long it will take interview to be scheduled ? Is there anyone who has recently interviewed or waived for interview?
  11. M

    2015 asylum seekers in LA

    who else submitted the application in 2015 at LA. how many more years we need to wait to get the interview, I ask the office, and they cannot tell me how many years I need to wait, I feel it is like forever.
  12. R

    Moving interview dates for citizenship

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with moving citizenship interview recently. Due to Covid, my mother will not be able to travel by air to appear for an interview in the US. I am thinking of requesting a postponement, but do not have an idea of whether there are risks due to that. Does...
  13. M

    pending asylum waiting time

    I submitted my case in 2015 and waiting for the interview for 5 years, I think I cannot get the interview for another five years based on the first come first out policy, what should I do
  14. M

    Can't set an interview date in Ottawa, Canada

    My son has been hospitalized in the US and he has no family there; he's about to go through surgery. I'm his mother and I really would like to be there for him. I have already obtained a Canadian Travel Document and have completed the DS-160 form for the US Visa; from there, I have set up an...
  15. S

    Affirmative asylum seeker received a final denial of his claim/case - what options he/she has after (June) changes?

    Hi everyone, if you can provide proper answer will be really helpful, thanks. Question 1. If Affirmative asylum seeker received a final denial of his claim/case from asylum officer after the interview, will Affirmative asylum case automatically be “referred” to the Immigration Court? 2. Can...
  16. E

    Dublin interview experience

    Hi all, Anyone is interviewing in Dublin this year or next year? Anyone has experience on US Embassy Dublin interview from DV 2019 or know someone who did- your help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot
  17. msv5450

    Should I answer interview questions in 2 sentences??

    Do officers want the asylum applicants answer their questions with full details or very concisely? I read a post somewhere in this forum that the AO asked an individual to limit his responses to 2 sentences because the AO had to type his answers. How was your experience?
  18. D

    Citizenship Atlanta Experience

    Hi Everybody, Apply for Citizenship: November 12, 2016 Fingerprint: April 20, 2017 Interview: April 12, 2019 So I went to my interview on April 12 for my interview. It was easy but was given N-14 to bring in documents for my court Disposition, Arrest Records, Birth Certificate and take 3...
  19. G

    What does the asylum officers say about the case strength?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and posting this thread to discuss and ask about the following situation. At the end of the interview, does the asylum officer say or comment regarding the case the strength such as the case is strong or weak or usually he/she just ends the interview without...
  20. raaguas

    3rd Trimester Pregnant, Waiting for Interview

    Seeking advice on what to do. Hoping someone can help... I am petitioned together with my father (principal applicant), mother and younger sister under F3. We just received an email this month that we just need to wait for the interview schedule. I am single, currently on my 34th week of...