1. S

    DV2018 selectee married and found out pregnant on same month :)

    Hi All, I'm Shady from Egypt. My wife got selected DV2018AF00003xxx...We have a situation as follows and very worried: 1- We got married on 6-5-2017 2-We find out she was selected on 22-5-2017 3-She filled her DS-260 and added me on the site on 23-5-2017 and attached our Marriage Certificate...
  2. melis123

    DV2018: Email Id mistake

    Hello Everyone, A friend of mine while filling the initial eDV form, typed wrong email id and unfortunately he don't know whose email id is that. He got selected in the lottery and now he has to fill the ds260 form. Which email id should he use? What can he do?
  3. M

    When to submit DS-260 form to get an interview in July 2018?

    Hi guys, I am so excited to be selected for DV2018 with a case number EU000035xx. The winning the lottery has changed our plan very much, as we have never expected to be selected nor planned to move to the U.S. I'd appreciate if you could answer to a very important question to us. Due to some...
  4. Lucid

    DV2018 Selectees from Ghana

    Selectees from Ghana can ask questions here. I had good support from the forum and I'm back to help others. Let's reduce/eliminate the fraud that has plagued our system and has caused people to be refused visas.