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Waiting Asylum decision

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by LadyLee, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Journee

    Journee New Member

    I was interviewed in December and told to pick up my decision in 2 weeks. 1 day prior to pick up day the IO called and informed me that he made a mistake by telling me to pick up since I was still in status, he stated the decision was made and already mailed and I would receive it in the mail. It has been 7 weeks and I have received nothing.
    I went to the interview location to inquire about the status of my decision, and I was informed that the IO still had the decision and it had not been mailed. They said they would have a supervisor check on why the IO still had not mailed the decision and then the would contact me.
    What does it mean that the IO still had my decision?
  2. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

  3. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

    Got approval today by mail
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  4. Journee

    Journee New Member

  5. loveGod

    loveGod Member

    Final grant? Good news.
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  6. loveGod

    loveGod Member

    May I asked which office and when you interview was? Because I go recommended approval this month but my Z num is still not updated.
  7. Sharifi22

    Sharifi22 Member

    Hi , it’s almost 8mounts my father waiting for decision however, yesterday he went to Asylum office to ask about his case they told him , your case is in final decision what dose it mean?
  8. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

    I got the approval after 3 weeks of interview
    I did interview in mid January
    You can check Z number only you get final approval
  9. flower201

    flower201 New Member

    Tomorrow is my D day, very nervous and can't wait
    wish me happy news please, will give you details later
  10. Sharifi22

    Sharifi22 Member

    Good luck
  11. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

    We all are waiting for your decision.
  12. NataliiaUSA

    NataliiaUSA New Member

    Hello guys
    Let me join your family
    My situation:
    Desember 2014 - I-589 AO Los Angeles
    2 weeks later fingerprints
    September 2016 enrolled in the short-list
    March 9, 2017 at 3 pm received phone call from USCIS to come next day at 9 am for interview
    March 10, 2017, the interview which last about 6 hours (!)
    Assigned to pick up a decision on March 24, 2017 but the day before received a phone call not to go to AO and wait for decision by the mail.
    Since that time, every 3 months we mail them an enquiry about case status and one time went to the AO personally. In all cases the respond is still the same: "Pending. Wait for your decision"
    Right now we are about to mail them next, more detailed, enquiry
    Feels so devastated(((
  13. Asylum0707

    Asylum0707 New Member

    Hello everyone. I got my approval notice yesterday (Chicago Office).
    I was waiting for the interview for 3 years plus 9 months for the decision.
    The officer was friendly (kind of too friendly, got me really nervous), "made" me speak without the interpreter because of my "fluent" English and also asked some tricky and unexpected questions, all while smiling nicely. I convinced myself that I would be denied.

    To everyone here - don't ever lose hope. Also, live your life. Don't worry about things you can't control (I know it sounds impossible, but at least worry less).

  14. Asylum seeker

    Asylum seeker Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations and thanks for your input and encouragement.
  15. Audicity

    Audicity New Member

    That's great to hear! Congratulations!

    I am on the same track. Interview June 2017, Chicago office. No updates... yet
  16. miki0007

    miki0007 New Member

    What country are you from?
  17. Asylum0707

    Asylum0707 New Member

    Hi. I am from a country in Middle Asia, but I am not sure how the exact location would be useful for anyone.
  18. CWH

    CWH Active Member

    congratulations! that's super fast for the rescheduled appointment. it took me about a year to get my interview. your final decision came in fast too. that's inspiring :)
  19. Jet Know Chow

    Jet Know Chow Member

    Usually people who reschedule they will get new interview date a month because they will be category 1.
    Hope you are good at interview
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  20. IrynaRomanenko

    IrynaRomanenko New Member

    Hi! I applied in December, 2017. Got my interview in March, 2018. It is almost month after my interview and I haven’t received any decision yet. Today I called the AO and they say I can come to the AO and ask about it there. I also called the Immigration Court and fortunately they said they haven’t received my case so it’s not in a court. Any idea about that? What can it mean? On more issue is I can’t check my case status online. Thanks.

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