US citizen parents sponsoring over 21 son..

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    hello house, please i am new here and i have some questions. (1) i live in the us and have overstayed my visa by over twenty years due to some circumstances, my mother filed for me in 2003 and 1-30 was approved. i have just mailed the last of the paper work form 1-864 and DS230 forms to nvc. my problem is nvc said i have to go back to my country to obtain my visa. i am now waiting for my interview date. i am very terrified to go because i don't know if the visa will be approved. is there anything i can do to obtain my GC here. i have kids here, and am afraid i may not see them grow up if God forbid visa is denied. i don't even know how to live in my country, i have lived all my life here in us. please help me. thanks
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    Hello...I have some questions I hope can be answered here..thanks in advance.

    My father in law has applied for his US citizenship and wants to file for his married son and his family as soon as he has the naturalization certificate. The son is over 21 and is in fact an illegitimate child. The son however has from birth taken the father's surname even though the father never married the mother. The question is, will this illegitimate business affect the filing in anyway and what supporting documentation, aside from the birth certificate showing the father's name, should be presented in this case? Also aside from the I130, what other forms should the father fill out and file?
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    Can a USC Mother apply for her overstayed son that is over 21 and unmarried without the 10 year ban? Is there any kind of waiver that can be granted?
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    Question on requirements - how long parents need to visit/stay US once they get green card

    Folks - This forum has been very valuable to me in the past so thanks for that.

    I am a US citizen and am planning to start the green card process for my mother who's in India. What's unclear to me is once we go throught the full process & after she becomes a green card holder, how often does she need to visit the US and how long does she need to stay in each visit? I have heard multiple versions such as required to visit yearly - and has to stay for atleast 6 months. Someone else told me once every 2 years for 1-2 months is all that is needed.

    Can someone please let me know?
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    Hi I have filled for my son back in 2005 when i became citizen and now i realize that one information on my part is incorrect so i should i go about correcting the information on the i-130 form.

    Can someone help me out here?
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    I am a married daughter of a US citizen......At present, I am a Canadian Permanent resident.... Can you please advise about the following:
    (a) Will it make a difference in the processing time for green card to come if my father applies while I am a Canadian PR or Canadian citizen? Will it make a difference if I become a Canadian citizen?
    (b) How long does it take for Green card to come if my father applies for me...

    I will very much appreciate your help.
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    my dad is a u s citizen and has filed for me. I want to know how long the filing last.
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    get the GC then travel friend!
    normally they will give EAD card first then the GC.
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    Hi guys,

    Has any of you applied to AOS without the approval notice?? I only have the Receipt notice, but Im not sure of the difference....

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    If you are not from Mexico or Philippines, you will be able to file I-485 (and EAD etc.) after approximately 5 years. thanks
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    It depends on how old you are.
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    21 years old

    I have 22 years old, my father got his american passport 2 years ago, how can i get a GC ?? what are the procedures ? and how ong does it take after obtaining the GC to get my passport ....? please reply ASAP , Thank You , and sorry about the wrong subject , the right one is (22 years old)
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    im canadian and was initially admitted into the US in jan. of 2011. i came here to marry a woman i met online. we then traveled to canada and she got rejected at the border. so... we were turned around and came back. at the time i was issued an i-94 and..i honored my return date which was 2 weeks later. so 2 weeks later i returned to Canada. i then entered the US again and drove thru with my folks. i was inspected and given NO VISA of any kind. no i-94 ...nothing.. that was march 5th..ive been here ever since. i now am applying for my permanent residency. my question is... my wife and i sent the i-130 and required documents with it. do i recieve a reciept # when that petition is approved??? no i have not sent my i-485 etc...just the petition.

    any advice or help would be a HUGE help, ty
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    Parents can petition their children, but takes about 7-10yrs to get a GC. Hope that helped.
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    USC Mother filed I-130 for her Adult Son over 21 years of age who is on Overstay and grandfathered under the 245i, not married. Received date shows June 09, 2011 on I-787C. Paid $420 Application/Petition Fee. What is the next process. Approximately how long will it take for Visa to be available?
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    Wait for your date to become current. I imagine your priority date is in 2011 at some point? Figure on 7 to 10 years wait for priority date to become current.
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    For me?
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    April 2012 Visa Bulletin for this category:

    Family-Sponsored .........All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed .....CHINA-mainland born........INDIA.........MEXICO........PHILIPPINES
    .........F1 ............................................01APR05.....................................01APR05..............01APR05.......08MAY93........22JUN97
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    So about 6 years and 2 months if you not from China mainland, India, Mexico or Philippines? Why is it longer for the countries listed especially Philippines?

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