US citizen parents sponsoring over 21 son..

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  1. cjia

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    Change marriage status after PD current, can I submit the application with my new wife?

    I have been waiting for my F1 PD through my citizen parents, however I'm planning to get married after my PD is current and submit my new wife's application (I-485) together with me, will that be allowed?
  2. Marlene Filla

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    Have got your GC?

    I applied for son in August 2012 as US citizen. How long should I wait for him to get the Green Card? Processing time says 5 months in California Center but bulletin says priority date June 2005, what does the 5 months processing time mean?? Thanks

  3. sarwarmd

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    Time needed to upgrade I-130s from FB2 to FB1

    My wife called USCIS on the last Friday i.e. on 11-02-2012 to upgrade our daughters petitions from F2A to F1. My wife became a citizen on 11-01-2012.
    Do you know that how much time USCIS or service centre need to upgrade and approve I-130s!
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    immigration adjustment for over 21 son in usa

    dear readers this is very important i came to the us in june of 2001 my father is a us citizen who sponsored me om september 2001 i was 27 years old at the time, so i am in first preference category i was still in legal status ins approved my i130. Three years later the wrote me saying that i was not eligible to adjust status at this time. When my priority date became current i adjusted my status in 2007 in which i hired a lawyer , i received a work permit and social security card immigration wrote me back with an interveiw date in 2008 in november i went to the interveiw and was stamped in my passport and was told my card would be in the mail in two weeks . i got the green card and i traveled three times out of the usa in 2009 . In 2010 i received a letter from uscis saying that i was in removal proceedings because i was not 245 i eligible i went to court to the immigration judge who later placed me in removal my lawyer then filed an appeal with the board of immigration appeals. The BIA dismissed my appeal so now i am in limbo immigration can then come and have me arrested so u folks be careful and please do not adjust ur status if u know that u are not an immediate relative or u are not 245i eligible
  5. zenzen10us

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    there is a waiver called the hardship waiver its a 601 and a 212 most likely ur son will have to return to his home country with the approved waiver to be interveiewd in his home country and then return it is rissky though or else he will be placed in removal proceedings.
  6. Fran59

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    American citizen not living in the USA

    I am an American citizen living in Canada and am looking to sponsor my 25 year old unmarried Canadian daughter to live in the US. Is this possible?
  7. triplexxx

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    When to file i-485 and can i keep my priority date

    I have 3 questions: I am a student in the US on a F-1 visa ( school) and I am still in school. I am over 21 years old:

    1) My mom filed for me back in April 2006 when she was a permanent resident. She has now become a citizen in Feb 2013. Am pretty sure I should move from category 2B to F1 but do I need to call USCIS to inform them or will it be done automatically?

    2) Do I get to keep my April 2006 priority date when i move over to the F1 category?

    3) Based on the current priority dates available, my priority date (APRIL 2006) is almost current. When it becomes current do i just go ahead and file for AS ( I-485) or should I contact USCIS and ask them first?

    I just want to be sure I am doing the right thing. Thanks for all who respond......
  8. Slobberchops

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    Filipino about to get US citizenhip / my son is over 21 and petitioned in 2010

    Hi I am a Filipino and a green card holder here in California. I can already file citizenship this november. The thing is my son is under petition and for Filipino nationals the petitions filed while a citizen is gonna take longer than a petition done as an immigrant for children above 21 years old. How can i protect or preserve earlier petition for my son? Thank you very much house. I will be awaiting your answer and more power.
  9. GeliDee

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    DS-230 listing of employer if not mentioned on tax return?


    Do I have to mention my employers which were in two different countries in Europe if I didn't mention them on my tax return ? I didn't mention them because was so little that's why didn't see the need for it plus our lawyer advised not to do it, my income was $1,000.00 for that tax year. Thanks for your advice.
  10. Registered Users (C)

    Submitted I-130 in August 2010 and waiting for approval


    I am currently in Nepal. My Father got US Citizen and Filled up form from "US CITIZEN Unmarried SON 21+" in August 2010. All other family member beside me are currently in USA. They went there in September 2011. ANd i am still waiting time for my case.

    Can anyone suggest me the Time i will have to wait for my application to be approved also the changes of refusal if any, From August 12, 2010 to Jan 29, 2014, its already 40 Months.

    Thank you in Advance.
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  11. hi12345

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    Need your valuable advise


    My mom is going to be citizen in next month, and she would like to apply for her daughter (she age-out when mom came to US) which was in 2008. US didn't let her come under CSPA. However, US let somebody else entered in the US even though they were 28 year old. My sister was 23 at the of the interview. If my mom apply now, when will visa become available?
  12. ahmednoman

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    I 130 Time frame will be consider from old receipt number or it will be consider from New Recipt No

    Dear All,

    My Father already submitted my case when he went to US(When he did not get the passport/nationality), after that he submitted my when he got US passport and after my marriage, I-130 case again with old receipts number as reference he submitted . Each time different Receipt Number we got,

    My Question is time frame will be consider from old receipt number or it will be consider from NEW receipt number.
  13. julie1

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    Please need advise

    I have approved I-130 for my son with PD February 2008 under F2B category. In 2013 I become US citizen and the category was changed from F2B to F1.
    According the last (October 2014) bulletin the F2B faster than F1. Is AOS possible with request change back to F2B category?
    Thank you
  14. julie1

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    On November 2014 the request was sent to NVC to change back to F2B from F1. In March 2015 the request was approved.
  15. albGC

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    Hi, this is helpful. How about the status of f1 now? Which one is faster? F2B or f1?
  16. shamella jadunandan

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    hi my father is a america and he wants to put in for me and my family.i would like to know how long it might take.
  17. Shalom001

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    My sister filed I-130 for me and my priority date is June 19, 2013 (and this could take more than 10 years).
    I am a F1 student and my sister is looking to hire a nanny and I am wondering if my sister could sponsor me
    as a nanny to work for them since they want someone that speaks our native language and know our culture.
    Will this impact my I-130 already filed ? Or is it better to just wait for my priority date ?
    I would appreciate any help. Thank you so much.
  18. ajk_1

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    Anybody can advise..

    Our family members filed for us in 2003 and just received letter for Visa processing, when they filed we were in India and now in Canada, while son crossed 21

    1 - Can we arrange GC interview in Canada

    2 - What we can do for child, what option available...can we get benefit of CSPA (Child Status Protection Act)

  19. dani2016

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    Hey everyone here is my case.
    I need help!!!

    My brother is a citizen here in USA and he process for his mother through the family based permanent resident. After long time waiting about (3 years) our mom get her visa and she arrive USA before 4 months. In those 4 months my mom and my brother they didn’t agree in some family cases. She didn’t live with him but her entry address is by his address.

    I think the green card is already arrived but he don’t want to give he.

    To check that I don’t have the 13 digit receipt number.

    My question is how long it take to get her green card if she come through the child family based process?

    If he didn’t willing to give her the green card what will be the next steep to get a new green card from USCIS?

    Thanks for the help!
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