Transferred to Local INS office in Washington -Aug 15th RD


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I received mine too. It was dated on 6/29 and scheduled on 8/14. I never checked name check status before and I am looking forward to having an interview and hopefully my application will be approved after the interview.
why did you get
Additional Response to RFE 3/15/07? There was anything wrong with the first one?


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transferred back to vermount

After two interviews and was told every thing was good, name check and security check was done, it seems vermount requested my files back.

Do you guys have any idea why they might have done that..?



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We have called for interview on 08/06/2007,with code 1 finger prints letter for me and mine 14 yrs old son.they called all five of us at different times .I am surprised that are they going to interview my 14 yrs old,13 yrs old and 9 yrs old seperatly.Can anyone tell me what kind of question they ask.
IF some has any recent interview experience please share it

EB3 PD JULY 17 2002
I485/I140 RD= 06/19/03
I140 APPROVED= 11/19/04
I485 DENIED (for all 5,principal & 4 dependents)= jan 2005
MTR I290B feb, 2005
I485 RE OPENED 06/03/2005
I485 SCHEDULED FOR INTERVIEW (case opened and scheduled for interview for only principal applicant) 06/07/2005

BACK TO VERMONT 12/07/2005
2ND FP = 01/12/2007
interview schedulad=08/06/07
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zanbeel: Just go together as a family. Wonder why they scheduled you guys that way. But my wife and I also went together (since I was the primary) and told the officer that it did not make sense to be interviewed separately as she is my dependent. They agreed. Good luck!


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DCMETRO22042 thank you for replying. since you have recent interview experience i have couple of questions for you please reply.
1) what kind of questions did they ask you
2)how long was the interview.
3)what documents they asked for.

please share your overall interview experience.this will help me to reduce my stress :confused:


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To tell the truth, interviews are pretty painless. They always ask you about your current job (and if its your sponsoring employer you still working for), then about any arrests, etc. Then they just collect papers such as employment letter, might want to see tax papers. Thats all for me. Took me about 20-25 min total. Took more time since I had my toddler with me. Best of luck and don't stress bcoz of interview. They're there to typically approve you.
Interview with/without lawyer?

My Interview is scheduled next week. My corporate lawyer is in a different state and they cannot accomany me during the interview. In this situation, I am planning to hire an attorney in DC area to go with me.
It would apprciate if you post your opinion, should go with or without an attorney. Also, can someone post recent interview experience?

Zanbeel, would you please post your interview exp?


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thanks Dcmetro22042 i am really less stressed now .hopefully everything will be ok on 6th.
mb1 i will share my experience with you guys after the interview. my lawyer will also on vacations and cannot accompany us but she told that we usually dont need lawyer.she said that if you have arrests or convictions or other things like that ,then u might need ,otherwise that is fine.


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Guys: Save your money and don't take your lawyer unless you have a special reason to (like some arrest, DUI, etc). Questions are simple and they're generally nice people. That's been my experience. Relax and be natural and you shall be fine. Best of luck


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visa not available

today we went for interview.the officer only called my husband ,as he is primary after 45 minutes they called me and kids and didn't ask even a single question from the end of the interview they gave us white papers with check mark on "visa not available". ........anyone knows what does this mean???

That's really upsetting. I guess I'll have the same fate on my next week's interview. Do you need to reinterview? Did they ask any questions?



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That's really upsetting. I guess I'll have the same fate on my next week's interview

*** Yes, i am really disappointed.

Do you need to reinterview

*** No . ( Checked with IO :p )

Did they ask any questions

***Yes , very few..

Some questions…

1) About my previous and current employers information. My recent pay stubs and employment letter.
2) My current role in the company and what EXACTLY I do at my work
3) Last entry date ( from I-94)
4) Parents legal names.
5) Date of birth / Place of birth

Good Luck MB1. Hope our dates will current in OCTBER Bulletin…
Just came from my interview. It was very simple process and some standard questions. The IO lady was also very nice.
Unfortunately, I'll also have to wait until October when VISA number becomes available.


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Just came from my interview. It was very simple process and some standard questions. The IO lady was also very nice.
Unfortunately, I'll also have to wait until October when VISA number becomes available.

Please post the questions she asked you.
it was simple
name, DOB, address,tel#, standard questions (ever arrested, want to follow polygumy....)
she took us oath
ask for some papers although i had 3 bag full of papers. She asked for,
1. Driving license
2. Passport
3. EAD
4. Employment letter
5. Tax return for 2006
6. Paystub
7. Daughter Birth Certificate
8. Wanted to see any paper that proves spouse living with me. I gave joint bank statement
that's it. she took our i-94 and stapled to our files.
Few days ago I asked in this forum if I need lawyer or not. I think there is no need to take a lawyer.


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Change of Address(mistake)

I am waiting for my interview date and my name check is pending. There was a mix and my address was changed from Virginia to Maryland. Yesterday my lawyer got a letter from the washington office that my address has been changed on my file and for any further info about my case we should contact the baltimore office.
Now that my lawyer has called the 800 number and changed my address back to my virginia address again. It took the washington office four months to change my address, does anyone know how quickly should I expect the baltimore office to send my file back to washington office?
I have experienced that DC office is very slow and should I expect quicker service from the Baltimore office?
Does any have experience about address change with the baltimore office?


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My I-485 was transfered to Chicago asylum office for processing since sept 06. Applied for GC Aug 2003. Had 2 set of fingerprints done and 2 medical examinations done. After that my I485 was transferred. I have called and written to this office mutiple times to check why is taking so long, but I have not gotten my questions answered. Consulted a lawyer and was told I needed to wait. But how long do I need to wait? Chicago is processing I-485 within 6 months. Seems to me this case is "frozen".
Has anyone gone through this and what suggestions do you have for me?
What is the procedure for processing I485?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Hello Guys,

Received a letter today from Fairfax local office....

Thank you all for your help.

Approval date : September 24, 2007

your application for lawful permanent status has been approved.Your alien registration card will arrive by mail within six months.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

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