Transferred to Local INS office in Washington -Aug 15th RD


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Can we keep in touch with this thread for the guys whose cases are getting transferred to Washington office?

My I485 application is transferred to Washington DC local INS office for Interview.

Can somebody throw some light on the following issues?

1. Is it good or bad
2. How long does this take to get interview scheduled?
3. Anybody in the same boat as me?
4. What are the chances of 485 getting rejected if we go for interview? Not that I am worried but wanted to get ducks in a row...

Thanks for the support guys!

RD : Aug 15,2001
ND: Oct 10,2001
FP: JAN 31 2002
TD(to Washington): Aug 14,2002


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My case is exactly same.....

RD 8/1/2001
RFE 7/9/2002
RFE Replied 7/30/2002
Case Transfered to Washington DC Loacl INS 8/14/2002

Could we get in touch privately and may be compare notes....


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Usually taking 3 months (I used search on the site)

It seems it is taking around 3 months for arranging the interview. But when I called INS 1800 number , old lady ther said it takes upto 20 months max to arrange for intervew. I could not believe what I heard.. but that is what INS is....

Anybody in the same boad please keep in tuch...


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Got my renwed EAD

Got my renewed EAD in just two weeks , why don't they process interview schedules with the same speed??

Aybody else transferred to Arlington office?


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Anybody got interview letter?

Anybody got interview letter recently from Arlington?

I am still waiting on the transfer notice and interview notice from INS.


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Got transfer receipts

My lawyer informed me that my transfer receipts have arrived and he going to fax them to me today.

Any new transfers to washington/Arlington?


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Hey Guys,

Is it All Virginia Cases being transferred to Local Arlington INS Office. Just clarify......

RD : 01/07/2002
ND : 01/22/2002
FP : 05/17/2002


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I know of only Northern VA cases which got transferred to Arlington office. I don't see any other local office in VA so it could be Arlington..


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Iam Sorry, Is it all Northern Virginia Cases Getting Transferred to Local Arlington INS Office?? Is that means that VSC is not going to approve directly Northern VA cases any more???? Anybody case recently transferred to Arlington???


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Still watiting...

Hi all,

My case tranffered in May 2001, Still waiting ...

See the URL reference Soundhere for the thread I started long back.



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magesh_kk: No I did not mean that.. all NVA cases are transferred to Arlington, What I mean was if they are transferred for interview they will be transferred to Arlington.

Dhanush: Sorry to hear that.. What the hell are these guys doing there?? Did you approach the Senator/Congressmen?? Did you personally visit Arlington office?

Hope you get interview call soon...


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ALERT !!!!


One of my close friend whose

RD is : 12/19

Got his case transferred to Arlington, VA sometime mid of August
and got his interview scheduled yesterday 09/06. His pay was
cut short due to the market situation by our desi consulting
company. He showed his 6 months pay stub, W-2 forms,
Marriage Certificates, Employment letter. The INS officer asked
him how come his pay is less than one specified in the LC. Did
the company file any amendment?. He explained the officer that
this was due to the market now & the company has promised
him to raise in couple of months.

B'cas the INS officer was quite nice, he got through the
interview and he got stamped yesterday. It seems like all the
Northern Virginia cases (DEC, JAN, FEB....) will be transferred to
local Arlington office.

My another friend is also in the same date range (RD 12/21)
and currently he is not in the project. But his employer is ready
to give him employment letter but not pay stubs. My question
his whether INS will just accept employment letter & W-2 forms
without seeing last few months pay stubs??. B'cas GC is for
future job and he is getting employment letter from his employer
(which is a promise for future job). It's mystery. Anybody came
across this situation? Please suggest or post your experience.

Iam also eagerly waiting for the transfer.

RD 01/07/02
ND 01/22/02
FP 05/17/02


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Thanks for the headsup.

One of my close friend whose

What is the RD year of your friend? is it 2001?

RD is : 12/19

If it is 2001 he has got his interview scheduled very fast.. my case got transferred on 8/14 and no interview yet.