Transferred to Local INS office in Washington -Aug 15th RD


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Administrative Review

I would really appreciate if someone could provide me some information about my problem.
Six months ago I made congressional inquiry about my pending AOS case at Washington DC office. I was informed by my congressman that my case was pending because of background security check and USCIS can only move forward after the security check has been completed. The letter also gave me a link to FBI website with information about name check process.
Last week I contacted the congressman again and now I got a letter that my case is pending administrative review. What does it mean??
Some people say it is just another name for name check/finger prints/IBIS.


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Name check not required for I-485 approval if pending >180 days

Finally, the decisive victory for all sufferers stuck in name check! The USCIS issued a memorandum to change its policy regarding name checks. The completion of FBI name check is no longer required before application for adjustment of status can be adjudicated!!! If FBI name check is not completed in 180 days, I-485 can be approved without it.

Has anyone contacted washington office after seeing this memo???