Reentry Permit Processing Time

Hi all,

Reviving this old thread. Couldn’t find the answer i was looking for in the old posts.

Does anyone know the order of the case status for reentry permits (the one you check online on the USCIS website)?

Mine went from “Reentry permit was produced” in March to “Fingerprint review was completed” in April.

I also received a letter from USCIS in March (I-797 Notice of action) saying my reentry permit has been approved and i should contact the consulate overseas to organise collection. Just seems weird that the next status also came with the following explanation:

“On xx date 2018 we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number xxxx, at our Nebraska Service Center location. We will let you know if we make a decision or need anything from you.”

Anyone know what status should come next or if this is normal?

Hi yalcinkaya,

What did you end up doing? Did you let ur wife fill I 131 on your behalf? really need to know cause I am facing a similar situation

Thanks alot


Dear Jackolantern,

I have a green card for 2 years. I'm in Europe now. I will be in US from Oct 4th to Nov 2nd, so I have only 1 month to apply for re-entry permit. My questions are:

1- If I send my application form to USCIS on Oct 4th, would it be enough to have my biometrics done until Nov 2nd? Or is it too risky?

2- My wife is in US at the moment. Can she send the application to USCIS on behalf of both of us, even though I'm outside of US? After all, she's in US?

3- What would really happen if my wife files the application from US when I'm in Europe? Would they really understand that I'm outside of US??

many thanks in advance