Reentry Permit Processing Time


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Hello everyone,

I am US Green Card Holder. I would like to know how long does it take to get the reentry permit after you completing the biometrics. The USCIS received my application on 5/25. I completed my biometrics 6/12. Until now, my application is still in Acceptance stage. Should I be worried?

This is my first reentry permit.


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I applied my first reentry back in Jun 20 08 got reentry in Jul 20 08. A month.
I have reapplied for 2nd on 7/06. Bio on 8/16. Still waiting for rep . I think it is taking longer this time
Hi There,

I have pretty much the same question, but it would be my second reentry permit. My biometrics were done in mid August, '10 and I haven't received renetry permits yet. Does anyone know if it takes longer or less time forthe 2nd time rentry permit approval.

All advise with your valuable thoughts,

Kind regrads


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I checked my timeline for the reentry permit and it's said 3 months. I filed the application on May 25. Now it's almost 6 months. Should I call the USCIS and ask about my case?

Does anybody in this forum have similar experience like me?



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I did call the USCIS and ask for the service request. However, they email me and told me that the officer still need more time to review my application.

So should I wait or call them back again? My case has been stucked in Acceptance since June 16. What should I do now?



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Mine is stuck too since 5/28. I opened a service request and they replied that it is in queue to be picked up by an officer. I will probably be traveling to the US without the REP.


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Congrat for HumHongeKamyaab. My case is still stuck in Acceptance stage since May 28.

Should I open second service request for my case? On the first service request, USCIS reply to me within 2 days as well. I hope my case will be approved within November.


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Update: My case has been approved on November 12. I apply for reentry permit on May 28. Biometric appointment on June 24. The case went from Acceptance stage to Approved Status.

Thank so much for helping me
These days, how long does it take to get fingerprint notification after applying for reentry permit?

Once fingerprint is done, one can leave USA - is that right?

Does RP comes in mail - so family can send that to India if one is not in USA? I read about getting RP in Consulate in India - do we have to do that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am GC holder and am looking towards applying for Re-entry permit. How many does it take to get fingerprinting/biomatrics notification after receipt? Anyone with recent info, please post. Also, do we need to be in the US until approval of the Re-entry permit?

Thanks in Advance!