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Tracker file updated on 7/9/2002

Please continue to update and keep this thread alive...



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waiting since June-2001

I had my passport stamped around 6/12/2001 and had to get it restamped again.


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Please post re-stamp experience

Sorry to hear about that.. but please post restamping experience, I think it may help others also..


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Plastic Card received

Plastic card received yesterday in mail. My Passport was stamped in Nov 2001. Wifes card was received in May 2002. Called INS and talked to an IIO regarding this and gave him change of address during last week of June and the card was ordered on July 6th within a week. and the card was sent to new address. Talking to an IIO would help if you are waiting for your plastic card and more than 5 - 6 months has elapsed. Thanks


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Card received

Received card today on the mail for self. Then check AVM and surprisingly mine AVM is changed and mentioned that "Card has ordered on July 6".. Also, checked wife's LIN and AVM also changed, "Card ordered on July 10"

Also, we changed our address after we stamped our passport, we mail the AR-11 to inform our address changed.

I'll update the tracker later

Good luck to all of you...
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Tracker updated on 7/15/02

the tracker is updated now.. could someone continue the thread?



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Cards Received

I received my card from NSC on Friday 7/12 and my wife received hers on 7/15. All of this happened within a week of our first baby boy being born! What a week!

My details can be found on icgexxx's tracker.


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Thanks Rabbit for updating the tracker..

It's updated now.. can someone take over this??? :confused:

Icgex :)


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I dont know, how to deal with this text file.

Well, I came back on 12th Jul, 2002(POE) at Chicago. I am waiting for that card.

I dont know, how to download this .txt file, and how to enter data in and upload again.



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Hi vsshah

To download the file, right click on the Attachment and select "Save Target as ... " to your local machine.

Then, open it using Notepad and edit the detail

To upload, there is "Attach File" option below "Your Reply"

Thanks again


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Plastic card received

I have received my plastic card from NSC yesterday.
Here are my details :-
I-485 approved : 11th. Jul'01
PP stamped: Aug'01
Card ordered : 11th. Jul'02
Card rcvd: 16th. Jul'02.



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Added my info

Here's the updated text file with my info. My passport was stamped on 02/11/02 in Seattle and I'm still waiting.

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I am creating a new group for this

I think that would work better.
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Thanks Sampai & Admin for continuing

this thread... I sincerely wish all the waiters will get their card soon...


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NSC Green Card recieved

EB3/RD; 7/00, PP:8/01 , GC:7/02
AVM updated 3 days before that.
good luck o everybody

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recd. card from nsc

recd card yesterday. pp stamped feb '02 in minneapolis. awaiting wife's card. didn't check avm yet.

good luck to all waiting.

tracker file updated.