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    My wife was on a H4 visa(stamped on passport) with an expiry of June 12 , 2006. But in Dec 2005, she got a H1 visa which is valid till July 2007. Can she use the AVR process to re-enter US using her H1 approval (I-797) and the I-94 that she received along with it or does the status change from H4 to H1 is going to be a problem.

    Not a problem - she can use her new (valid) I-94, that came with the valid H1 (I-797) and her expired H4 visa for the AVR.
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    Need info on landing process using AVR

    Thanks Bigboy.

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    Driving to canada from the side of Ottawa

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a few urgent questions regarding canadian PR.It would be great if someone can help:

    1.We have mailed today our RPRF (to Buffalo Centre).How long does it take usually to get the PR documents after that so that we can go to Canada for PR stamping?

    2.We have to leave for India on 23rd Nov 06.Is it possible that we could recieve the PR docs before that?

    3.If we don't recieve any response then do we have to submit medical again after coming back from India?

    4.Can we drive to Canada from Ottawa side if we want to go on the base of our PR docs to get them stamped and attain the PR status?Has anyone been there through 81N?i.e, is there a port of entry near to Ottawa?

    (The reason of these questions being ,my husband has a 7th year extension appointment in Ottawa US consulate on 15th Nov. )

    (Pardon me if there is some terminological mistake in my post)

    Please ask questions if any of my point is not clear

    Thanks and Regards,

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    canda landing & return

    went to toronto via queen lewiston bridge -regular questions like the others said got all my paperwork on the border done -goods to follow list -this is a must as they will not charge duty & taxes on these arrivals
    on my return i came thru the rainbow bridge as i had spoken to an officer in that immigration office and he had confirmed about the avr rule and i did not want to take any chances
    no problem at the border the us official sent me to the 2nd floor office as he said we had to get finger printing don -i think it was a new officer -as the senior officer who spoke to us in the 2nd floor office said that we di not need anything and we were free to go
    -no stamping was done on the I-94 on either side
    home -scot free -no problem
    if any body needs to do now is the time -visa on passport -even if expired is a must and a valid I94
    thanks for all the support and questions answere -my only intention in putting this was as i gained moral support from all the post i read -i felt somebody may need this extra assurance

    thanks & good luck
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    Landing documents

    As part of landing documents, I received just a form for each of us. What are the additional things which should be carried?
    Along with landing documents, I received immunization record form for my child. Is it a must to be taken at the time of landing or not ? Thanks !
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    If you are planning to join your child in school in Canada, then the immunization form is must.
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    How to track where cards are lying

    I landed on 1st of Sep 2006 and came back in 2 days to USA. Now is there anyway I can track the status of my PR Card? I called up my friend whose address I used, he has not received anything yet? How can I track my PR and SIN cards?

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    Address NOT accepted for PR CARD

    Hi All,

    I did the landing process in the month of Sept but the canada immi officer was not accepted the c/o of address for PR Card to issue. He asked me to submit the address for PR Card when i move to canada permanently.

    How to submit the canada address in order to receive the PR Card?

    Please advice me. I really appreciate your help.

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    Need Help

    To day I got Canadian PR stamp on my passport and they mentioned I must land to Canada before Jan 15th 2007. I am on H1B 9th year extension. Recently my 140 approved through PERM and priority date of JAN 2006. My US visa stamp expired on my passport. Now I have valid one year H1B extension. Please advise me following questions.

    1. If I get Canadian PR (actual) with in 30 days, Can I come back to US with out US VISA? (stamping) (some one pointed revalidation at CANADA US Border)

    2. If I cross US Canada border (Niagara falls), Do I need to submit my I-94 cards? If yes, Can I get new I-94 cards while I am returing to US?

    3. I am Indian citizen and what are the chances to get US stamping at Canada. What questions they may ask?

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    What is SIN card? Do I have to apply it? Thanks.
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    1) It takes about 4-6 weeks to get actual PR card. You do not need to stay in Canada to receive that. When you land, give someone's address in canada where the cards can be mailed. Yes, you can come back without new stamp as long as you have new approval with you and you are entering within 30 days.
    2) When I landed from Peace bridge (Niagara) 10 days back, no body from canadian immigration asked me to give I-94. If they ask, tell them that you are going back. At US immigration ( while returning to US), officer took away my expired I-94 from the passport. He did not give me a new one. You must be having a new I-94 with your new approval anyhow.
  12. Gc Pain

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    Hello guys

    I thought of landing in 2/3 weeks through Niagara falls and come back same day to USA. I have following doubts.

    1. Do you guys know any SIN office(aroud TORONTO region) open on saturday in order to apply SIN? if not can I able to apply through mail in canada?
    2.My H1B and my wife's H4 visa on passport are expired. I and my wife have both H1B approvals till 2007 october with attached I-94 (my wife H4 converted to H1B). Does this cause any problems while coming back to usa?

    3. As a precautionary measure I am trying to take US consulate office (Toronto/montreal/ottowa) appointments but alwasy it says not available. Do you guys thing will it be ok to go and come back without US consulate appointment?(I do not have any plans to get visa stamped.)
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    SIN Card application offices are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM - 4 P.

    To apply for a Social Insurance Number by mail, you must mail your completed application form, identity document(s), and fee for replacement card (if applicable) to:

    Social Insurance Registration
    P.O. Box 7000
    Bathurst, New Brunswick
    E2A 4T1

    Your document(s) will be returned with your SIN card. If you send your application by registered mail, we will return your documentation by registered mail.
    Please note that we are not responsible for document(s) lost in transit.We suggest that you visit one of our office to complete an application form.

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    All gurus there

    First let me thanks to labor2002 for giving me answers for my previous post.

    I am travelling to toronto by car trhough Rainbow bridge in niagarafalls on December first. As I stated I have expired H1B stamp on passport and valid I797 with I94 till Oct 2007. with this I want to reenter USA through rainbow bridge. By doing so I am getting following doubts.

    1.) With valid I797and attached I94, will US officer at Rainbow bridge will issue new I94 by taking this?
    2.) Do I need to submit all H1B filling papers including LCA forms and other docs to US officer at rainbow bridge?
    3) Do you gusy have any links to AVR, why because I want to take print out of this and in case necessary I will show to US officer.
    4) Any new developments or any precautionary measures to take befroe landing in canada and reenter US with valid I797+I94 (expired H1B visa stamp), please advice?
  15. Thomas_Varghese

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  16. labor2002

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    See answers below.

    (1) Doesn't matter, all you need to be concerned about is that you have a valid I-94, if they want to take it when you ENTER back into the US, and issue a new one, it doesn't impact you, your status is still valid in the US and you possess a the newly issued valid I-94. If they opt to let you enter on your old I-94, thats fine as well, since its valid as long as your I-797 is valid. So, no need to be concerned about this. Important thing is NOT TO SURRENDER YOUR current and valid I-94 while entering Canada.

    (2) The short answer is no, but it is advisable to carry it with you to produce as evidence, just in case. Usually they will only verify your I-797, passport and I-94.

    (4) Just remember not to surrender your I-94 while ENTERING Canada, and carry your legal immigration docs. with you.

    Don't worry, you will be fine. Good luck.

  17. Gc Pain

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    Thanks labor2002

    "labor2002" you are great guy man. People like you helps this world a better place to live. Thanks once again buddy.
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    I wanted to know if it is possible to get H1B visa stamping for US and the canada landing process to be done at the same time. I am on my 8th year extension and labor is still taking time and wanted to know if it is safe to get these two things done at the same time or just to go by road. Please advise. :confused:

  19. srini88

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    I have done it before. I was on my 6th yr . No one can guarantee 100% success rate but if you have your documents in order you can do it. I flew into Toronto.
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    Need Advice Please


    We are planning to land in December, I have to use AVR,

    Q1. I have previous expired I-94s(3 of them) and current Valid I-94. Do I have to surrender Old expired I-94s to US immigration while returning back ? or can I keep them with me along with Valid I-94 ?

    Q2. Can I use the same Rainbow bridge in niagarafalls for landing to canada and comming back to USA on the same day ?

    Please advice me , thanks for your help.

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