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Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Tanvis, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Sh_Ad

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    I am planning to land in the coming weekend.
    Can soneone provide a sample goods to follow list.

  2. The7zen

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    PR Card Question

    I am landing in couple of wife's friend who was willing to share her address for the purpose of PR card is kinda little worried now, question is, will this create any problem for the person living in that address ?
    Does the PR comes in a registered mail and requires someone to sign for it ?
    Any info in this regard is greatly appreciated.

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    PPR without Instructions

    I've applied for PR early Sep 2005 and gone through IELTS, Medical, PCC and all that whatever was needed to keep it alive. Finally, I received a voice message (2 days back) from office of Canadian Consulate at Buffalo, NY stating that my application processing is done and they are sending me instructions in the email about PPR.

    An hour later, I've received an email for PPR that states some timelines (2 weeks) for me to send my Passports and Landing fee. It is referring to an attachment "Attached is our Landing Fee and passport request letter with instructions", which is missing in the email.

    I replied on email same day to send me an attachment again as I don't see any attachment. But no reply so far.

    My questions for Guru's or anybody who have gone through this:
    Is there place to locate this instructions/form on CIC website?
    Can someone please send me electronic version of the instructions/form?

    Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

  4. labor2002

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    All you need to do is

    (1) Send passports, valid for atleast 6 months, for the principal applicant and all dependents to the Canadian consulate, along with

    (2) Right of Permanent Residence Fees (Fee schedule available on CIC website) for principal applicant and all dependents over 21 years of age; (PROVIDED YOU HAVEN't PAID IT ALREADY)

    (3) 4 passport photographs for each applicant

    Just mail this 3 things to the Canadian Consulate and you are all set.

    Good luck.

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    Flying to Canada & AVR

    Hi gurus

    Please advice me, I am planning to land in Canada on the 8th Jan of 2007 by Air and come back to US after 3 days using AVR. I have an expired H1B visa stamp in my expired passport also i have a new passport valid for 9 years. I will be flying back, Can I use the AVR as I do not want apply for visa in Vancouver. any body with simlier experience

  6. bigboy00

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    Please advice me, I am planning to land in Canada on the 8th Jan of 2007 by Air and come back to US after 3 days using AVR. I have an expired H1B visa stamp in my expired passport also i have a new passport valid for 9 years. I will be flying back, Can I use the AVR as I do not want apply for visa in Vancouver. any body with simlier experience

    ---You can use AVR if you have a valid I-94 in addition to what you have described above and if you are not the citizen of any one of the countries that are not allowed to use the AVR. (Iran, Iraq, cube, etc...)
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    AVR info?

    Where can one find detailed information on the AVR???
  8. WhatALabor

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    Thank you

    Thank You BigBoy

    Yes I have a valid I-94 until Dec 31,2007 and I am not from any of those countries. I read conflicting posts about landing in a car and flying and using the avr only for landing with a car(basically through the land) etc. So do I not surrender the I-94 to the airline attendent, Is that waht you are telling?.

    Thank you for your valuable posts again

  9. Immi12345

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    Landing experience

    Hi all,

    I recently landed in Canada and came back to USA on the same day through peace bridge. I used AVR , no problem. I'll post my landing experience soon.

    Here I have a question,

    Do I have to mention this visit to cananda as "port of entry" in AR-11(change of address in USA) form ? there is no stamp in my Passport or no new I-94 issued while comming back to USA ? (just he checked Passport, valid I-94,H Visa papers and allow me to enter USA).

    Thanks for your advice.
  10. WhatALabor

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    The Avr Hell

    I landed in Canada on 8th of Jan, The landing was very smooth and was a very pleasent one.
    But coming back to US with AVR was hell.
    From the experience, I have a feeling that , IF YOU WANT TO USE AVR, THEN LAND IN A CAR.
    I was flying out of Vancouver and the US Immigration officer I first approached did not even knew that there is a provision for AVR, so he went in and consulted with his senior officer, came back , and said that It is OK to use AVR, and I was sent to another counter.
    The officer there, was adament that there is something wrong that I am trying to use AVR without applying for a visa , He was claiming that somthing fishy in, me landing as a immigrant in Canada while working in US. In short I had to explain from top to bottom how canadian immigration works and also what are the backlog problems we legal immigrants face and the hurdles in getting American green card, I was sent for interrogation again to make sure that I am consistant in my answers. IT WAS HELL; so it was almost 1 and 1/2 hours before I was granted permssion back to U.S. I anticipated this and cheked in almost 4 hours before departure so i did not have to miss my plane.

    My advice is If you are flying to Land as a immigrant it is better to make an appointment with the consulate and get a visa before you fly back rather than using the AVR. I was fortunate to get back.

    Good luck to all
  11. niceguy369

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    Can we land Canada using Train

    I am planning to land Canada using one of the public transportations (Train). Can some one share their landing experiences using Train? (Preferrable, Don't Use it or Okay to use it).

    Specifically I am planning to travel between Seattle -> Vancouver using train.

    Thanks in Advance.
  12. bigboy00

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    -- It seems you had a nasty immigration officer. But AVR is the same rule - whether it is a land crossing or the airport. Also, unfriendly immigration officers could be at the land crossing too..

    I had encountered an officer in Calgary, who did not know AVR. But his senior stepped in and rest was very smooth.

  13. GChelp123

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    Landing Questions

    I'm planning to land in the month of May 07, gurus please answer my following questions....

    1. What mode of transportation is advisable, by car or by air?
    2. Can I use AVR in either mode of transportation? My H1 visa in passport is expired but have valid I-797.
    3. If by car? should I take own car or rental car
    4. What Items I need to/can include in custom forms?

    Thanks in advance
  14. deepakantil

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    Permanent resident vs Student Visa

    Hi Guys...

    Need your input..

    I have applied for permanent resident and expecting a response / final response in next 7-8 months...
    I also have plans of studying MBA in canada.... If my PR status does not arrive and if i go on student visa to canada, will it affect my PR application....

    Please revert and what are the best options available

    Please do revert with your inputs..

  15. OnePenny

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    Do we need to have a PR card to apply for SIN ?
  16. Bidu

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    landing papers enough

    I never had PR card when I applied for SIN.
  17. srini88

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    You dont need your PR card since you can land, apply for your card and then go for SIN. You will definitely need your landing papers to prove you are a legal PR
  18. OnePenny

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    Thanks guys for the immediate reply.
    Pl let me know, does the following will work ?
    I am planning to drive from buffalo, NY thru' Rainbow or Peace bridge, go to the nearest (1 of the following) Service Canada Center, apply for SIN and come back to US.

    St. Catharines Service Canada Centre
    43 Church Street, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 5C7

    Welland Service Canada Centre
    250 Thorold Road West, Welland, Ontario, L3C 3W3

    Niagara Falls Service Canada Centre
    5853 Peer Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 1X4

    What do you guys think/suggest ?
  19. OnePenny

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    Gurus Pl let me know if this works!

    I am driving to Canada from Buffalo, NY though a bridge on Apr 10th by a rental car, use friend's address to post PR card, and then apply for SIN at a nearby Service Canada Center.

    Pl let me know if this works.
  20. OnePenny

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    I flew to buffalo on Tuesday (4/10/07) morning, landed thru' the Peace Bridge (rental car) - no issues - gave friend's address, said I will be living there for a while. The officer said I can use the (copy of the) landing doc to drive back and forth until I receive the card. Drove to Mississauga Service Center office, applied for SIN, no questions, no issues. Drove back to US the next day - no issues at the US border too (have Advance Parole). Nice trip.
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